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Veg*n Potluck + Film Screening TONIGHT!

E-mail sent by Nessa Carson, Sunday, 6th November 2011 @ 10:03am

Hi everyone!  

This event is TONIGHT!  I'm soo sorry I haven't sent this email before now; I've been ridiculously ill these last few days! *dramatic sniffle* But this event is going to be amazing - vegan noms brought by you guys, a discussion on meat-based, vegetarian and vegan diets and a film screening of PLANEAT - all to celebrate World Vegan Month which is this month!  

It's a free event, but donations would be lovely to cover the cost of the film license.  

The text from the Facebook event is below... and if you want to click 'attending', it's here:

A lot of people have expressed their interest in this, so get down there!  It's going to be epic.  

7pm, Sunday 6th November
Oxford Hub, upstairs from the Turl St Kitchen, 16-17 Turl St


Oxford Vegans, Oxford Hub Food Justice, Oxford Brookes Veg*n Society and Oxford Student Vegetarian Society present an evening of food and fun to celebrate World Vegan Month! 

The idea: everyone brings a lovely vegetarian/vegan dish to share for everyone to enjoy. Then there is a film screening of PLANEAT and discussion about meat consumption/vegetarian/vegan diets. 

Bring all your veg*n or meat eating friends! Meat eaters need not feel lonely as Food Justice isn't a vegetarian group. 

Film synopsis: PLANEAT is the story of three men's life-long search for a diet which is good for our health, good for the environment and good for the future of the planet. With an additional cast of pioneering chefs and some of the best cooking you have ever seen, the scientists and doctors in the film present a convincing case for the West to re-examine its love affair with meat and dairy. The film features the ground-breaking work of Dr. T Colin Campbell in China exploring the link between diet and disease, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn's use of diet to treat heart disease patients, and Professor Gidon Eshel's investigations into how our food choices contribute to global warming, land use and oceanic deadzones.
With the help of some innovative farmers and chefs, PLANEAT shows how the problems we face today can be solved, without simply resorting to a diet of lentils and lettuce leaves.
*ripped shamelessly from the creators' website*

To view the trailer, visit

This is a free event, but donations are very welcome to cover the cost of the film license... suggested donation of £2.

It's not too late to sign up for OU freshers' fair!

E-mail sent by Nessa Carson, Tuesday, 4th October 2011 @ 9:56pm

Just think of all the freebies you could bag!  The fair runs from 10 till 17:30 on Wednesday and Thursday, and 10 till 16:00 on Friday.  You can do as much or as little as you want!  Email me through the website if you're interested.  

Vegan love, 
Nessa xx

Oxford Uni freshers' fair details

E-mail sent by Nessa Carson, Sunday, 2nd October 2011 @ 11:50am

Hi guys!

Well, the student union has finally decided to tell us the times for setting up, although they've neglected to name us as three separate groups on the programme as they said we would - this doesn't matter too much though because I don't think anyone looks at that.  

Setting up time is 10:00 till 11:00 on Tuesday to get everything ready for the fair!  Holly, hopefully you can still come with a lovely green tablecloth for us? =] 

Anyone who fancies a bit of a fun tiems (and obviously freebie-grabbing) with us, VERO and OSVS on Wednesday/Thursday/Friday is very welcome to!  Could you reply to this email just so I know how many people and what times you're available?  Then I can send you all the details of what's happening.  That'd be really helpful!  

Vegan love and excitement!
Nessa x

Meeting tonight!

E-mail sent by Nessa Carson, Saturday, 1st October 2011 @ 5:44pm

Hey guys, 

I'm sure you don't need it, but just a last minute reminder that there is a meeting tonight in the Gardeners Arms on Plantation Rd at 1930!  Fun fun fun times.  

Vegan love, 

PS: Still no word about what time we can set up for freshers' fair on the Tuesday.  Very annoying...

Meeting, and Freshers' Fair!

E-mail sent by Nessa Carson, Tuesday, 27th September 2011 @ 1:10pm

Hi everyone, 

How about we have a general meeting on Saturday evening (1st October) at 1930 in the Gardeners Arms, Plantation Rd, Jericho?  We can include stuff about Oxford Uni Freshers' Fair if most people there are interested, or if not then do that separately.  I'll just remind you that the freshers' fair is between 1000 and 1800 on Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th October, and between 1000 and 1600 on Friday 7th.  You can do as much or as little as you want, but I promise it'll be a fun time!  Setting up is some time on Tuesday, and they haven't told us when yet (seriously...), but it'd be great if as many people who are volunteering as possible could come on the Tuesday so we can all get in tune with what's going on!  So basically it's us, Oxford Student Vegetarian Society and VERO, who have kindly paid for us, so it'd be a good opportunity to get to know more people too. :)

If you're interested in volunteering for the freshers' fair, just reply to this email or directly to me at brbcoffee [at] gmail [dot] com, indicating your availability.  Feel free to say you can only do a couple of hours here or there, anything helps!  

Interest in the barbecue has dwindled massively, probably as a result of the iffy weather we've been having, but I'm up for anything fun anyone has suggestions for.  Yay, let's do it! :)

Nessa xx

BBQ and Freshers' Fair

E-mail sent by Nessa Carson, Thursday, 8th September 2011 @ 3:11am

Hi everyone!  

If you're wondering how we got on at the barbecue in the rain, fear not - we took account of the weather and spent a lovely afternoon in the pub instead.  Some of us still have food left (admittedly I ate my Doritos), so although lots of people couldn't do last weekend and I can't do this weekend, I still think it's worth doing again - here's another Doodle poll; just indicate your availability. I think we might as well just go for it as the pub alternative isn't a bad way to spend an afternoon anyway!  

On a less tasty note, apparently (two emails and about seven weeks later) we're not allowed to distribute free food at Oxford Uni Freshers' Fair.  They're checking to see whether we could give out noms at the exit, but this would be fast and busy, and we'd have to buy business cards and attach them to each one - I don't think this is practical. :( Sorry Kelly, it was an awesome job to get those free Nakd samples on the cards!  
There will be 10,000 visitors to Freshers' Fair over the three days: this sounds like a LOT to me.  We have a table next to and in conjunction with VERO (who has kindly funded all this) and Oxford Student Vegetarian Society.  All we need are sign-up sheets and more sign-up sheets (I'll sort these), a tablecloth (does anyone have a green tablecloth we can borrow?  Or it doesn't have to be green!  Anything which roughly matches with a beige and brown banner.) and things to make it more homely - use your imagination, the more eclectic the better!  I can't wait to show you the banner, it has an owl on it, so it's obviously awesome.   

It's a bit early to plan too much, but freshers' fair is between 1000 and 1800 on Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th October, and between 1000 and 1600 on Friday 7th.  Setting up is at an unconfirmed time on Tuesday 4th.  We can only have two people in at a time (regulations...), but it doesn't matter too much if there isn't anyone at some points.  I'll be there most of the time.  In any case, we also have OSVS and VERO around!  

This is the second time I typed this after I lost the first one when the site logged me out for no reason on posting... hope I've remembered everything!  

Nessa xx


E-mail sent by Nessa Carson, Friday, 26th August 2011 @ 8:54pm

Hi everyone!  

The forecast is good and out of the few responses I've had most are positive; I hope more of you can come for what is obviously going to make your weekend the most epic it could be.  I'm sorry to have cancelled last week and then have the weather turn out all right!  Never mind - let's follow the same plan - meet at 13:00 outside the Gardeners Arms on Plantation Rd tomorrow and we can walk to Port Meadow together.   Bring vegan noms, I'll bring lots, everyone bring some fun with them.  Let's go!  

If you're new, don't be shy!  We are a lovely bunch, I promise.  

Vegan love and excitement, 
Nessa xxx


E-mail sent by Nessa Carson, Saturday, 20th August 2011 @ 3:17pm

Hi guys, 

As the weather is poor and forecast for this evening is poor, I guess we should do as we said and cancel plans for a barbecue tonight.  Next Saturday will have amazing weather and we will be able to do it then for sure!  Who wants soggy food anyway.  

BBQ now next week, same old plans I guess.  I edited the Doodle poll to include next weekend's options (tomorrow seems not to be great for a lot of people): would be very kind of you to say when you can come here:; if you can't edit what you've already said then you can just add yourself in as a new person.  

Slightly gutted, 
Nessa xx

What I meant WAS...

E-mail sent by Nessa Carson, Friday, 19th August 2011 @ 8:30am

I have no concept of time!  Yesterday's tomorrow, ie today, isn't the same as Saturday as some of you noticed... confused?  

Barbecue is Saturday at 1700, NOT today!  

Sorry to confuse you all!  Oops
Nessa xx

Oxford Vegans Barbecue!

E-mail sent by Nessa Carson, Thursday, 18th August 2011 @ 9:37pm

The poll came back unanimously that everyone can make it tomorrow at 1700, so who am I to argue?!  This is going to be the most fun BBQ Port Meadow has ever had - guaranteed.  Bring vegan noms if you like, I'll bring plenty (and a disposable barbecue, um, anyone know anywhere in town you can get em?!).  Btw I hope some gent (presumably) is happy to set things on fire and get it all working and stuff!

I think just so we all know where we're going, we should meet outside the nearby Gardeners Arms on Plantation Rd (map) at 1700.  That's a vegetarian pub that does great vegan food and vegan beer, for those who don't know - we could always end up there later on or if it starts raining.  

If the weather is as dreadful as it was today, response wasn't great for the Sunday (perhaps because that day clashes with London Vegan Festival), so I reckon we should wait till next Saturday.  I will email you all by 1530 on Saturday to confirm or deny for sure, with respect to the weather!  

Going to be epically veganly fun! 

Nessa xx
[methionine57 at gmail dot com]


E-mail sent by Nessa Carson, Wednesday, 13th July 2011 @ 3:21pm

Last meeting was fun and included three new members: more of this would be great!  We decided that having a summer BBQ would be awesome: I have included a Doodle poll here, so if you could indicate your availability that would be fab!  

It's quite a way away yet; I decided to be selfish and wait till I'm next in Oxford anyway, and besides August should show better weather than right now, yeah?!  If the weather's terrible we can always reschedule, particularly from the earlier times on this poll. :) I think we should all bring lovely BBQ-able noms!  I'm going to see if we can use the standalone BBQs at Lady Margaret Hall in OX2, as it's a really nice venue by the river with trees shading the area and we wouldn't have to use our own.  If not, Port Meadow it is!

And I appreciate that the 21st is London Vegan Festival!  If this is a massive problem perhaps we should choose a different weekend. :)

Hurray for vegan!
Nessa xx

Iiiiiit's SUMMER!

E-mail sent by Nessa Carson, Tuesday, 28th June 2011 @ 10:53am

Hi guys!  

SORRY the mailing list has been a bit dead for a while.  My exams are over now and I could definitely do with celebrating a little Oxford Vegans styl-ee; hope you'll join me!  Believe it or not, things have been going on behind the scenes, and basically Oxford Student Vegetarian Society (OSVS) and VERO want to collaborate more with us next (academic) year, which I can only see as a good thing!  We also have a place at Oxford Uni Freshers' Fair, funded extremely kindly by VERO, and I've asked about Brookes Freshers' Fair too.  
We also have plans in the design shed for events coming up, including a film screening of Planeat with OxVeg, which should be really positive!  

Some of you guys have been firing exciting ideas at me - such as a vegan potluck food event?!  Sounds amazing!  If you think of something that would make Oxford Vegans more exciting to you, send it my way at  

I reckon we should have a meeting on how about Thursday 7th July at 19:30 at the Gardeners Arms - several topics up for discussion on new! and exciting! things that I'll email you all closer to the time - this email's already a bit information-heavy.  If you can't make that date/time let me know and I'll see what I can do about it.  

Remember you can get a discount of 1/3 off the full price of anything from, including the VEG1 dietary supplement, by emailing me with your order - has to be done by email as they haven't fixed up any way to do it directly through the website yet.  

Also I've had a request from a guy called Tezcan Cakel, who is doing his MSc dissertation on veganism and is asking our help to fill in a quick questionnaire for his research here:  It takes about 10-15 minutes and any vegan over 18 who lives in the UK is eligible to contribute.  

Much vegan love & see you on Thursday the 7th!  



E-mail sent by Nessa Carson, Monday, 2nd May 2011 @ 8:32am

Hi guys, 

Just a reminder that your favourite vegan group is meeting at 19:30 tonight in the Royal Blenheim pub, St Ebbe's St!  See you there for a fun-filled, productive time.  


Oh yeah...!

E-mail sent by Nessa Carson, Monday, 25th April 2011 @ 11:09am

Oh yeah, that meeting?  Let's have it at the Royal Blenheim again, on St Ebbe's St.  

Sorry for spamming your inboxes!  What a scatterbrain. :)

Nessa x

Bake sale POSTPONED!

E-mail sent by Nessa Carson, Monday, 25th April 2011 @ 11:00am

Okay, hi guys.  Unfortunately I have to tell you that I haven't been able to find a venue for our bake sale in Oxford.  It's a lot more difficult round here than it is up north, I have to say!  Unless anyone has any bright ideas we'll have to consider this postponed for a date when we can actually do it.  Sad face.  Also didn't get a response from the animal sanctuary from telling them we'd like to raise some money, not even a 'yay'.  

So if you know of any venues, that would also be useful.  The best I could find was one month's notice at the entrances to the University Parks(!), or three month's notice for in town by the Westgate or on Cornmarket.  

I think it'd be better if we waited till let's say next Monday, 2nd May at 19:30 till our next meeting, as a lot of people showed they were unavailable at the start of this week.  Let's all be there so we can make this negative into a positive... or other hippyish saying of your choice.  

:) Nessa xxx


E-mail sent by Nessa Carson, Monday, 28th March 2011 @ 10:31pm

Next big thing: The Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale!  It's been suggested that we raise money for Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary, so unless anyone has any objections let's go with that... it's annoying that the Google group still isn't going as it should, but I think we should do it on Wednesday 27th or Thursday 28th April, and these are within the official bake sale dates.  If anyone has any particular preference, agreement or disagreement, just email me!  I haven't asked the council yet.... I'll get onto that right now.  Hopefully they'll let us...!   I'm really excited to get baking; if you want any ideas they're all over Google; have a search and there are millions of Internet vegan recipes out there. :)

Our demonstration on Friday was a great success!  The public were hugely supportive and a lot of the adults going to the circus were more on our side than the circus's: a lot weren't aware before they got there that animals would be involved either.  Many people assume that wild animals are banned in circuses, but they're not yet - they're getting towards putting it to Parliament in the very near future.  94% of the public support the ban on wild animals in circuses, so it should be a positive result, but it may be worth writing to your MP to show them your views.  I'll post my letteron the Google group once I've written it.  If you are interested in more protests, has info on or is organising a number.  

Let's have a big exciting lovely meeting some time just before the big bake sale too.  I'll see if I can find a new place to make it even more exciting! Doodle poll (only two dates) here:

Lots of vegan love, 

All right guys, time to be excited!

E-mail sent by Nessa Carson, Friday, 25th March 2011 @ 8:14am

THIS EVENING is our first Oxford Vegans demonstration!  (Skip to next paragraph if you don't want to be involved.)  We meet this afternoon at 15:45 outside the Cape of Good Hope, just over Magdalen Bridge away from the city centre (1 Iffley Road).  It then takes 20-30 mins to walk riight down St Clements to the actual place in South Park, depending on where the circus is, so you could equally meet us there if you want.  We'll be setting up right outside where everyone's coming in, and Kelly has awesome placards and leaflets for us.  We have to look like we're having fun (which we will be!) so that everyone knows it's actually awesome to support animal rights. :)
Also if anyone has a good camera they could bring that would be immense!  We have one camera anyway, but just in case. 

Well we're not just an activist group, we're also a let's have a chat and be nice vegans group.  Two things: 1. since the Google group still isn't working as it should, I'll just highlight Emma's post about saving money on vital wheat gluten for making seitan etc. here: click 'reply to author' if you're interested as replying to all doesn't deliver the message, sorry. 

2. I've received a couple of exciting offers in my inbox lately.  The first is Lupine Adventure vegan walking holidays: that's £550 for these week-long holidays, all inclusive, lots of info on the website, a discount of £100.  Let me know if any of you are interested! 
Secondly, a 15% discount at  They sell every type of vegan supplement you can think of, including the Vegan Society's VEG1: again email me if you want to buy anything, I have to have it sent to me and can then give you the products at a meeting.  Although remember I can also get 25% off at the Vegan Society website, so depending on shipping costs that could be cheaper. 

Look out for plans for the big bake sale in the next email very soon! 

Vegan love,
Nessa xxx

Not much notice, but MEETING!

E-mail sent by Nessa Carson, Monday, 21st March 2011 @ 11:36am

Hi everyone!  At the last meeting, awesome new member Kelly pointed us in the direction of Zippo's Circus, which is an animal circus that's coming to Oxford this week.  A few facts and figures: in 2010 a survey showed that 94% of the British public are against wild animals appearing in circuses - although the Zippo's manager argues that he is using horses and that's different apparently.  A ban on the use of wild animals in circuses is currently being considered by the Government - although again, just 'wild' animals, which is probably why they're using horses only in this particular show.  I went to a circus with tigers and elephants when I was about 6 and even at that age I didn't enjoy it much: it was smelly and dirty and even then when I was supposed to enjoy it it was obvious that the animals looked bored and hopeless.  

So basically what we're doing is holding a fairly small, legal demonstration outside the circus on Friday night.  We can give out leaflets and tell people exactly why we don't support this and prefer non-animal circuses, which I'm sure are more fun to attend anyway!  Captive Animals are being of great help and may be able to reach other people who want to help us on the day too.  

If you don't want to come, no need!  I think we should hold a meeting the evening before, Thursday at 19:30, and we can have both a general meeting and prepare for the Friday.  Let's try the Gardeners Arms again, for want of anywhere else.  

Friday circus shows are at 17:00 and 19:30 in South Park.  Let's reach out to the people going and show them that there are better forms of entertainment. :) So, Thursday meeting 19:30 Gardeners Arms, and Friday evening demonstration at South Park.  

Nessa xxx

PS: if anyone thinks they can fix the Google group to make it work, give me a bell and I'll make you admin! 

Meeting on THURSDAY!

E-mail sent by Nessa Carson, Tuesday, 8th March 2011 @ 12:26pm

The Doodle poll was fairly conclusive: it's a shame some people can't come but our next meeting is on Thursday evening at 19:30 in the Royal Blenheim, St Ebbe's Street.  Promise it will be fun!  

Alex, the secretary of Oxford Student Vegetarian Society (OSVS) has asked me to publicise this, which some of you might be interested in (you don't have to be a student to go!): 
16:00 Thursday: talk entitled "The Health and Environmental Impact of Meat Consumption", by Dr Peter Scarborough who is a senior researcher at the Oxford Department of Public Health.  The talk is in the Seminar room East at Mansfield College, Mansfield Road; here is the flyer if you fancy going; it sounds interesting if only I didn't have so much revision to do!!

Vegan love, 
Nessa x

Next meeting!

E-mail sent by Nessa Carson, Saturday, 5th March 2011 @ 11:29am

It's bound to be just as exciting as the first - come along whether you came that time or not!  Let's meet in the Royal Blenheim, as people seemed to like that idea.  

Doodle poll is HERE: I've put three dates; vote before Tuesday for your vote to count!  Please put down any dates you can manage.  If you want to mess about with times, email me - methionine57 [@] gmail [dot] com.  We're suggesting Tuesday/Thursday/Friday next week.  Plan is probably talk about the bake sale in April, work out some more of what we want to do, and have a good chat!!  I also have received some offers that might give you money off products, more details/decisions on it at the meeting.  I'll leave that as a cliffhanger till then!  

In other news, I'm not sure the Google group is working as I intended it to... the one I was in before emails everyone out when a discussion is posted, but I didn't get an email from Emma's post [ if you missed it too] - will have a mess and see if I can fix it; if not I'll call in a nerd to help!  

Anyway, let's choose a date on the Doodle poll and we're ready to go for our next uber-exciting Oxford Vegans meeting!
Vegan love, 


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