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Tomorrow: OxGrow work party and planning session!

E-mail sent by Andonis Marden, Saturday, 22nd November 2014 @ 12:42pm

Happy Saturday, Folks!

A quick reminder that tomorrow, Sunday the 21st, we'll get our hands dirty from noon-4:00pm and'll close off the day with a monthly meeting from 4-5pm. Join us in the pavilion over a cup of tea and biscuits to get updates on upcoming projects, to provide input on garden design, and sign up to get more involved in the running of OxGrow.

ALSO, we're in the process of putting together a large OxGrow calendar for the year. If you have any particularly exceptional photos, (e.g., OxGrow Gothic)
 please respond to this email address and share! 

Looking forward to seeing all of you who make it down tomorrow, rain or shine.

With growing affection,
Team OxGrow


Pictures of greens enclosed. Will cure any trace of 5th Week Blues.

E-mail sent by Andonis Marden, Saturday, 15th November 2014 @ 10:33am

Guten morgen, Garden Gurus. 

Thank you to everyone who showed up for last Sunday's Pumpkin Festival! We send an extra serving of appreciation to Good Food Oxford, Hubbub, and Food Justice who educated, entertained, and satiated us with warm grub (not the insect variety) after a hard day's work. Hope you all enjoyed yourselves and picked up a new set of skills.

A quick reminder that we'll be meeting in the garden tomorrow, Sunday the 16th, from noon-5pm. Come along whenever you're ready (though there are rumours swirling that there'll be a loaf of banana bread early on...). As always, all are welcome (including the completely and almost-completely inexperienced among us! + friends + any readers who've just not made it down yet but are feeling a tad spontaneous). Feel free to call if you need any assistance with directions or other curiosities: 07935 812 466

The following Sunday the 21st we'll get our hands dirty from noon-4:00pm and'll close off the day with the first of our resurrected monthly meetings from 4-5pm. Join us in the pavilion over a cup of tea and biscuits to get updates on upcoming projects, to provide input on garden design, and sign up to get more involved in the running of OxGrow.

And a load of pictures (below), as promised :)

Enjoy the week, and have a look at the following sections for additional activities of interest.

Worm wishes,
Team OxGrow



OxGrow's Pumpkin Festival!

E-mail sent by Andonis Marden, Friday, 7th November 2014 @ 6:54pm

Good evening, OxGrowers!

We've another exciting week ahead. 

This Sunday the 7th, OxGrow is hosting the final event of the Pumpkin Festival. Local Master Composters will be joining us in the garden with any pumpkin remains from the week-long Festival that can’t be eaten. We’ve built 7 compost bays that are waiting to be filled with the perfect ratio of nitrogen and carbon (a.k.a. greens & browns). Come learn the intricate chemistry involved. We’re also building bug hotels, selling off Abundance Oxford’s grafte
d apple trees (to loving parents), and whipping together a huge feast with Food Justice! 

The schedule is as follows:

12:00-5:00pm – OxGrow Work Party, including the composting skill share
4:00-5:00pm – Cooking in the pavilion with FoodJustice and OxGrow

5:00-6:30pm – Feasting in the meadow around a bonfire

Check the Facebook event page for more info: events/297273473795735/

Additionally, tomorrow (Saturday the 6th)
, the folks who brought you Tandem are arranging the penultimate pumkin celebration at the OVADA
 warehouse in Botley. Have a look at the Facebook event for a full range of activities: https://www.facebook.com/events/508520942617571/

As per usual, we've a selection of photos from this past week's activities in the garden on our webpage. Enjoy!:


Your Greenfingered Gardening Friends



The Week Ahead (OxGrow Edition)

E-mail sent by Andonis Marden, Friday, 31st October 2014 @ 5:30pm

Happy Halloween, OxGrowers!

There's a very exciting week of green activities in Oxford coming up - check out the details at the bottom of the newsletter.

Activities at OxGrow include:

A work session this Sunday the 2nd of November from noon until sundown. We'll be doing more prep for the winter season, turning once verdant and bountiful patches into this: 

Three days later we'll have our FINAL Wednesday session of the year (5th November)! Come down at any point from 2pm until sundown (around 5pm). We'll be finishing off painting of the apple tree signs, among other activities.

Lastly, next Sunday the 9th OxGrow is staging a huge sha-bang (proper spelling?)! We're hosting the final event of Good Food Oxford's Pumpkin Festival. Master Composters will be joining us in the garden with a huge load of leftover pumpkins that we'll be setting to rest. We've 7 compost bays that are waiting to be filled with the perfect ratio of nitrogen and carbon (a.k.a. greens & browns). Come learn the intricate chemistry involved. We're also building bug hotels, selling off Abundance Oxford's grafted apple trees (to loving parents), and whipping together a huge feast with Food Justice

As with every other session, all folks are welcome and can join at any point along the way for however long you'd like. Bring a friend. Bring a pie. And shoot any questions you might have to this email address in the meantime. 

Enjoy the latest round of photos from last Sunday's work party here. ("Like" our page while you're there to keep abreast of all OxGrow news.)

Until Sunday, best earthy wishes,

Team OxGrow

Dr. Greenwich Strikes Back

E-mail sent by Andonis Marden, Friday, 24th October 2014 @ 2:21pm

Week 2: Braving the Dark
(Full disclosure: the following banner photo is meant to entice you to come to OxGrow.
It isn't intended to illustrate the title of this week's newsletter.)


Afternoon, sun loving friends.

It's that glorious time of year: the all-knowing clock masters at Greenwich's Laboratory have ordered us obedient agronomists to turn our clocks back one hour on Sunday at 2am. And we will follow orders! While that means we'll have less daylight in the evenings, we don't actually need to pull out our headlamps for at least another two weeks - so rejoice! And enjoy (semi-)bright sessions at OxGrow while the getting's good. (For a deeper understanding/appreciation of daylight savings, please study this 4:20 segment (do your funnybone a favor and watch at least the first two minutes): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvpbW7JRu0Q) )

We'll be in the garden this Sunday the 26th October from noon–5pm. All folks are welcome. Arrive at any time. And stay as long as you'd like. No questions asked. (Well, maybe a few, but just for the sake of conversation, etc.)

Our Wednesday session will also run on the 29th from 3pm–sundown with sign painting in the pavilion, a lil bit o baking, loads of tea drinking, and a riotous debate over whether subsequent Wednesday sessions ought to begin at 2pm (in order to maxmize light hours). As ever, all are welcome.

We hope to see some new, old, and somewhere-in-between faces this week!
Until then, enjoy a new photo album from last Sunday's tasty apple festival. Pictures courtesy of Jade Neville - many thanks!

Warmest Wishes,

Team OxGrow

A small batch of volunteers who made Apple Day happen!


Back to the land!: a sigh of relief at the end of 1st Week

E-mail sent by Andonis Marden, Friday, 17th October 2014 @ 7:06pm

Good evening, OxGrowers!

Brace yourselves for another week of green-themed activity at Hogacre. We've a host of tasks and celebrations to get to. Before looking forward, several quick words of appreciation: (A) to the 400+ Harvest Festival attendees who ate loads of soup and roast veg, serenaded audiences young and old, and assisted in a multitude of festival-y errands earlier this month - photos now available on Facebook courtesy of resident gardener-photographer, Anne Maduzia!; (B) the 45+ new OxGrowers who came out for last Sunday's Welcome Day to pick piles of parsnips, build behemoth raised beds, and make marrow mbread (some of our favorite scenes at the bottom, the rest on our homepage); (C) Wednesday's rain warriors who braved the storm to plant garlic (!) and helped plan more events for wet days in the future.

Onward to this week's events:

I. A much-delayed notice that tonight at the Hogacre Pavilion (adjacent OxGrow) from 7-10pm, OxCo-Op and Food Justice are making a delicious meal to celebrate their first week back on the town. Both have received INCREDIBLE levels of support and interest from incoming students. Pour a bit more on if you can make a spontaneous trip down for a home cooked meal!

II. Abundance's much awaited APPLE DAY strikes this Sunday (the 19th) from 12:00-5:30pm at Hogacre. OxGrow will operate in conjunction these festivities as we help slice, dice, bob, hob, and chutney a glut(ney) of apples. Bring any spare apples along and turn into your very own "[Your name] Apple Juice". Register your interest here! (There are getting to be too many FB links in this email, I know...)

3. OxGrow will be open again this Wednesday the 22nd from 3pm until sunset. We'll be joined by our friends from Asylum Welcome. Come along at any time if in need of a break from the books, for however long you'd like.

Lastly, a re-link for directions to OxGrow & Hogacre Common, should the soon-to-be-initiated among you need: http://tinyurl.com/FindingOxGrow

Looking forward to a very active week ahead!
Through thistles and brambles (that's not very poetic, is it?),
Team OxGrow


Welcome to OxGrow!

E-mail sent by Andonis Marden, Friday, 10th October 2014 @ 7:19pm

Digging Into Term (and other horrific plays on words)


Dear Freshers, returning students, and long-standing OxGrowers:

Welcome to the new academic year! It was a pleasure to meet many of you at Freshers' Fair and the Harvest Festival over the past week. We're looking forward to introducing all 300+ new members (!) to Oxford's "best kept secret" as soon as you're ready (...still tracking down the source for that quotation...). The coming months are chock-full of activity that anyone can take part in – from the garden newbie to the sage greenfinger. To begin:

This Sunday the 12th, we're hosting a Garden Induction Day for all new OxGrowers, rain or shine (we're an intrepid bunch and we also have a (atmospherically) warm pavillion to shelter in if the weather gets rough). Come along at any time from 12 noon-4pm. The afternoon will feature:

- Tours of OxGrow and the larger Hogacre Common;
- Planting loads of seeds to grow over winter;
- Building a HUGE raised bed from recycled wood;
- Painting signs and a children's picnic table;
- Carrying compost over the railway track;
- Teas and food in the pavillion cafe (bring along baked goods or a dish to share if you have time to prepare - or we can cook from scratch in the kitchen);
- And, if the weather permits, we'll end with a bonfire in the meadow.

Here are directions to get to OxGrow (15 minutes by foot, 6.25 minutes by bike):

1. From the middle of town at Carfax Tower (at Cornmarket and High Streets), go south on the Abingdon Road and turn into White House Road where you see the Folly Bridge Inn (second right after the bridge over the river)
2. Go down the road ~200 metres to the bend where you'll see Grandpont Nursery. Take the tree-covered track straight in front of you past SOAP (the South Oxford Adventure Playground).
3. Cross the railway bridge, turn right and you’ve found us!

And here's a more detailed Google Map: http://tinyurl.com/FindingOxGrow
Call Andonis if you need a hand with directions: 07935 812 466

Don't worry if you can't make it this Sunday. There is plenty more in store (including a session on 15th Wednesday from 3pm until sundown) and you can always drop in without notice. Diarise the following OxGrow events (especially Abundance's Apple Day on Sunday 19th October (2nd Week) and Good Food Oxford's Pumpkin Rescue Festival on 9th November (5th Week)!):

That's all for now, folks. If you get eager in the meantime, have a breeze through our Facebook photosfriend us, and spread the good-growing word!

Until Sunday,
Team OxGrow

Hogacre Common's 4th Annual Harvest Festival: 5th Sunday 11am-5pm

E-mail sent by Andonis Marden, Wednesday, 1st October 2014 @ 10:49am

Clear your schedules - it's harvesting season!

Good morning OxGrowers!

What a whirlwind of a week it's been. We extend HUGE thanks for all of those who contributed to OxGrow's wildly successful Big Dig (55+ volunteers!, wowza); the Abundance "forage and make session" (18 of us!); and the regular work parties (with a special shout out to Lauren who helped us make 6 trips across the train tracks in order to deliver LOADS of compost for all those new raised beds). More details, pictures, gratitude to be found below. 

It's a bit late notice, but adult clients from Asylum Welcome will come down to the garden today (Wednesday) beginning 3:00pm. We'll be harvesting veg together until sundown. Do join at any point if you can!

On to the big announcement! (Brace yourself. (In case you didn't read the subject line of this email...)): 

Hogacre Common + OxGrow are throwing the renowned community-run Harvest Festival this SUNDAY 5th September from 11am-5pm.

Some details:
RSVP on FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/838325286208617/
Register here to volunteer at some point during the event (one hour, two? Your help is critical!): http://tinyurl.com/HarvstFestVulntrRecruitment
Promotional poster (please share!):

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in the coming days. 

Until then, two additional news items to pique your interest (details in the sections below):

1. Hogacre launches adult education courses
2. OxGrow's Week in Pictures


Put on your Sunday best: the Big Dig is in 4 days!

E-mail sent by Andonis Marden, Wednesday, 17th September 2014 @ 2:02pm

Introducing: the Big Dig
Happening for a limited time (10am-6pm, Sun. 21st September) at OxGrow
Big spirit, big projects, big muscles (and smaller muscles) - all welcome!

Good afternoon earthly friends,

((Before we get carried away with the exciting news, a quick word to remind that we'll be having a work party tonight (Wednesday) from 4pm-sunset. This is a critical one, folks! We'll be prepping to make sure that we're all ready for the following:))

We are very very excited to invite you all down to OxGrow for the most momentuous work party of the year! The Big Dig will be taking place this Sunday the 21st from 10am until 6pm, to be followed by an open ended (...well, within reason) fire pit accompanied by a bring and share. We have many projects in store for the day, including:

    – Building compost bays (and learning how they work);
    – Painting 65+ signs (and familiarising you with the produce grown in the garden);
    – Constructing 6-8 raised bed frames and deciding as a group how we'll position them;
    – Deconstructing the dirt igloo!;
    – Assembling a bike-powered water pump (mechanics welcome);
    – Loads of children-friendly activities including scarecrow building; and...
    – An astonishing repurposing of the plastic bottle greenhouse that you'll have to see to believe!

All materials provided. No experience (or past visits to the garden) necessary. Just bring enthusiasm, work clothes, and, if inclined, a dish/baked good/an apple collection from Granny's prized tree for the bring and share at the end of the day. AND: Bring a friend!!

Email us (mail@oxgrow.org) or call Andonis (07935 812 466) if you have any questions or would like to help in any specific projects. We're very glad for people to help us lead the way.

Looking forward to growing the space with you very soon. Until then, some photos and additional information for your enjoyment.

Ever dirty,
Team OxGrow

The new OxGrow guestbook is unveiled at the Purple Party

Franky and Min tend the golden beetroot and deep red carrots in the Global Garden patch

Ida puts the finishing touches on OxGrow's newest member


"OxGrow's Monster". (Has anyone ever seen a more frightening veg?? Send your pics!)

De-haying OxGrow's meadow.

Madeleine and Andonis present OxGrow at Asylum Welcome's (very successful!) AGM

The wildflower bed at its peak. 


News worthy of BBC's front page.

E-mail sent by Andonis Marden, Tuesday, 2nd September 2014 @ 1:33pm

*WARNING*: You will need 5 minutes to digest this
very dense (exciting) newsletter!

Afternoon, OxGrowers!

Thanks to consistent efforts from volunteers (record numbers this season!) and a healthy dose of sun, the garden is burgeoning with an abundance of veg (and freshly groomed, weed-free mounds of turf that we'll be putting to use soon). See the pristine photos below.

OxGrow co-ordinators are sat at their computers, ears to their phones setting up a range of activities for everyone. Open your diaries, greenfingered friends, and mark the following:

Wednesday 3rd September, 5pm*-sunset: Work Party (*now beginning one hour earlier to address sunlight shortages in the late summer evening)
Sunday 7th September, 1-4pm: Work Party

And these big events! (all at OxGrow/Hogacre):

Much, much more news below! Have a look. Do take a momebt to reply to this email with any thoughts, questions, or suggestions for continued expansion and dynamism! We love hearing from ya. Contents as follows:

*. OxGrow Wish List!
1. Garage cleanout (and Madeleines' (that's right, two Madeleines) first attempts at an OxGrow selfie)
2. Storytelling with Robert
3. Dispatch from community gardens in the North 
4. Abundance courgette skill share at OxGrow
5. Invitation to Feeding the Gaps forum
6. Other related events
7. Appeal for Volunteers for the Big Dig (21st September)

Before that, a brief intermission for some gorgeous scenes:

OxGrow's first (semi) aerial photo. Thanks for Gabriel for holding the ladder:

The first annual "Tear down that wall! (of nettle)" tearing down:

A healthy bunch of gardeners - plenty more room at the table:


Spring cleaning in late summer! (And other notable activities)

E-mail sent by Andonis Marden, Friday, 22nd August 2014 @ 9:38am

Rise and shine, OxGrowers!

A quick delivery of (fun) dates for your consideration. There's been lots of activity down at the garden in the past weeks and the calendar of events (attached below and to be updated regularly) is chock full through October. This week:

Tomorrow (Saturday), beginning 11am: Garage Cleanout

For those of you who get a buzz from clearing out the old, organising the remaining, and taking stock of possessions. There will be baked goods, sandwiches, and other snacks. Anticipated duration: 3-4 hours. 

Sunday, 1-4pm: Harvest Work Party

A typically meditative day in the garden, with lots of harvesting in store, some basic lessons in composting, and collecting of comfry to make our tomatoes grow big, strong, and (beetroot)red. 

Wednesday, 5pm-sunset: Work Party + Abundance Skill Share!

Jak from Abundance is conjuring some recipes to put our corgette/marrow/pumpkin/squash glut to good use. All members of the community welcome to contribute to the pizza-chutney-soup-stir fry meal! There ought to be plenty of leftovers for participants to take home.

And a quick glance at events to diarise for the near future (attached below).

Happy Bank Holiday weekend, all.
We hope to see you tending the soil soon.
-Your OxGrow Collective

Madeleine EP collects some wonky veg.

A groups of locals make their way to the garden for last Wednesday's 'kraut-making session. We'll divy it up during the Harvest Festival (see date on the picture above!); until then, it's fermenting in the pavillion. 

Sauerkraut making skill share!

E-mail sent by Andonis Marden, Friday, 8th August 2014 @ 11:52am

Fermenting's in our future

Good afternoon loyal OxGrowers,

We've an exciting week ahead. OxGrow will have it's regular sessions this Sunday (1-4pm - arrive early and enjoy a cup of tea and local grub at the Hogacre Cafe's "Oxford Teapot") and Wednesday (6pm-sunset). We'll be headed full force into we
eding, watering, and harvesting beds brimming with beans, carrots, peas, and cabbages. We'll also need to plant salad leaves for late summer/autumn.

At the same time that we're gardening on 13th Wednesday, our good friend Joe Jennings will be running a sauerkraut workshop using freshly picked cabbages from the Harvest Patch. You're welcome to bring along any supplementary ingredients that you'd like to experiment with/that cabbage that's been sitting on your counter for the past week, as well as jars to preserve - however, we'll provide all of the essentials.   

Looking forward to seeing you soon. Don't forget to pick some blackberries on the path as you make your way to the garden!

Your trusty dirt digging friends. 

New faces down at the garden to take part in the massive beetroot harvest!

Dhruva: OxGrow's proud new father. 

OxGrower Andonis preserves the image of the cabbage in watercolor before it's turned to kraut.

The Enormous Beetroot

E-mail sent by Madeleine Ellis-Petersen, Saturday, 2nd August 2014 @ 2:43pm

Dear Oxgrowers

The beetroot saga continues! Tomorrow, at Oxgrow, from 1-4PM. Come and join the madness!

Also, check out below for a JOB ABOUT PUMPKINS from Good Food Oxford!

Team Oxgrow

Ceremonial Harvest on Sunday!

E-mail sent by Andonis Marden, Saturday, 26th July 2014 @ 10:50am

Liberation of the GIANT beetroot

Dear OxGrowers:
You're invited to the uprooting of OxGrow's record-breaking beetroot.
Where: The Harvest Patch, Row 5, OxGrow
When: Tomorrow, 27 July 2014
Why: If we don't do it now, it'll go to seed and won't be a pleasant eat.

*Don't forget to take photos to share on Facebook and Twitter*

Light snacks and tea provided. 

Team OxGrow

N.B. Please find a message and request from a fellow OxGrower attached below. ALSO! We will have another garden party on Wednesday 30th July from 6pm-sunset. Until tomorrow, some photos of last week's sessions:

Freshly sown wild flower varieties. 

Dhruva waters the revived, welcoming wild flower patch. 

Min and Judy collect peas. 

1. Beetroot recap 2. Digital garden debut 3. Work parties!

E-mail sent by Andonis Marden, Friday, 18th July 2014 @ 10:06am

Momentum's building!

Dear established and emerging gardeners,

We're glad to have been joined by 18 beetroot ethusiasts on Wednesday night. Abundance Oxford and friends brewed many a tasty treat (photos below; recipes attached). Thanks for the company and skill-sharing. We look forward to seeing many of you back in the garden.

In order to keep pace with the bountiful and varied produce in the garden, we've created a map of the crops growing at OxGrow. Thanks to Damion Young and his online programme, Allotmentor, we've been able to electronicise this map for wider dissemination. Check it out ('Satellite' mode is our favourite; the Diary function is also interesting) and let us know what you think (click image):

As usual, we'll have another work party this Sunday 20th July from 1:00-4:00pm. Stick around afterwards if you'd like to hear and/or contribute ideas about upcoming events in the space. (If you look at the electronic map, you'll see we have a lot of cabbage and squash to put to use.) We'll also meet on Wednesday 23rd July from 6:00pm-sundown. We'll close the workday with a cup of tea over another hypnotic sunset. OxGrow will provide teas, biscuits, and trail mix--feel free to try out your latest tiffin recipe, berry crumble, cracker & dip combo, etc. on volunteers. I'm sure they'll be glad to sample :)

Until the weekend,
Team OxGrow wishes ya the best.

Dot and Dom coordinate the beetroot chopping table

Participants and their valued beetroot conconctions (relish, soup, stewed stalks, Indian curry fusions...). From left to right: Jak, David, Min, Dom, Dot, Nico, Merlin, Kelsi, and Owen.

Oh what a night. (<-- Classic tune to escort you onto your next email.)

Garden party tomorrow (Sunday)!

E-mail sent by Andonis Marden, Saturday, 12th July 2014 @ 6:11pm

T minus 20 hours until we reunite at OxGrow!

Good afternoon, OxGrowers.

We'll reconvene in the garden tomorrow beginning 1pm. We've lots of work ahead to build momentum and keep those veggies growing. We'll be joined by a group of the University's Truman Scholars who will help as we continue to: [1] map out the plants that we're growing in various beds (the electronic version will be ready to launch next week); [2] manicure the plots (weeding, mowing, and watering); and [3] harvest a load of veg to take home and enjoy.

We'll also be preparing for a beetroot pickling workshop that will take place this coming Wednesday 16th at 6pm, generously led by Dot, Becky, and other members of Abudance Oxford. They advise that you'll want to bring along an apron/clothes that you don't mind tie-dying red, medium/large jars to preserve your creation, and any ingerdients that you might be interested in experimenting with (we'll provide all of the essentials). NB, the session will run in parallel to our regular OxGrow activities that evening - you're welcome to participate in both. 

A quick maintenance note for students: If your university email address is set to expire soon and you'd like to remain in contact with OxGrow, please re-register your permanent email account here. 

Looking forward to seeing those of you who are able to make it down. Enjoy some photos from last Wednesday's beautiful session in the garden!

Best wishes,
Your OxGrow team

Volunteers brainstorm potential projects for the coming weeks. (Photo cred: Madeleine Ballard)

Min saves the day, fixing the shredded lawn mower cord. 

Judy and Owen tend a patch of leafy greens. 

A beautiful sundown signifies the end of the work day. 

Garden party this Wednesday evening beginning 6pm

E-mail sent by Andonis Marden, Tuesday, 8th July 2014 @ 1:02pm

OxGrow session this Wednesday, 6pm-sundown

Dear All, 

Just a quick note to say that we will be in the garden this Wednesday from 6pm onward.
We'll be [1] maintaining the Harvest Patch - led by Judy, [2] fixing the lawn mower and taming the grass - led by Andonis, [3] putting together a (soon-to-be online accessible) diagram of the garden, charting what's growing where, [4] and planning a few events in the coming weeks (e.g., beet pickling workshop, composting workshop, a gazebo raising, and more). 

We also plan to harvest some fruit and veg to send home with volunteers, incuding: 
Peas, onions, strawberries, kolrabi, beetroot, mint, thyme and other herbs, and mixed greens. Help us put it all to good use! 

Looking forward to seeing some of you down there. As usual - please do bring a friend and let us know if you have any ideas for expanding OxGrow's engagement with the wider Oxford community. I'll leave you with a couple of pictures from last Sunday's session (attached below). 

All the best,
Team OxGrow

Franky, Jack, Claudia, and Becky harvesting greens, 6 July. 

Madeleine prepares the soil to plant squash, 6 July.

Special OxGrow hours this Sunday!

E-mail sent by Andonis Marden, Friday, 4th July 2014 @ 2:24pm

Happy end of the week to you all!

Great thanks for all of those that came down to the garden this Wednesday. We're making forward progress to a healthy and bountiful garden (picture below). 

As ever, we will have another session this Sunday but at earlier hours! Dhruva, Judy, Andonis and others will be in the garden beginning 10am in order that we can head to the Cowley Road Carnival in the early afternoon. So if you're up for it, come get your hands dirty in the morning and twist-and-shout in the afternoon to the tune of live performances throughout East Oxford.

As OxGrow is resource strapped (financially, anyways), we're introducing a "Wish List" to newsletters for new/used material items and services that would benefit our collective work. Should you be able to help out–as either a gift or a loan– we'd be greatly appreciative. Reply to this email address (mail@oxgrow.org) if you have any leads. 

Wish List: 
1. Rolls of plastic (compostable!?) produce bags to pack up veg for volunteers at the end of the day
2. A petrol grass strimmer
3. A sythe or some other type of blade to cut back thistles 
4. A long (20+ metre) hose
5. A medium-large blackboard or whiteboard
6. Service: An OxGrow'er has offered to donate his used, dissembled poly tunnel. It's all ours if we're able to pick it up from Abingdon. Is anyone able to lend their vehicle for the day and drive out with us to pick up?

That'll do it for now. We hope to see many of you (whether you've gardened before or not) on Sunday at 10am. Bring a friend and a mug for a cup of tea!
All the best,
Team OxGrow

N.B. We'll also be active next Wednesday 9 July from 6pm-sundown, if you're able xx


Mixed greens ready to be harvested. 2 July 2014


Oxgrow meeting- Wednesday 2nd June, 6PM

E-mail sent by Madeleine Ellis-Petersen, Monday, 30th June 2014 @ 7:13am

Morning folks!

We'll be having an Oxgrow meeting down in the garden on Wednesday at 6PM. All are welcome! Bring ideas, enthusiasm and feedback on how the garden has been working this year. And, if you can't make it, email any thoughts/ suggestions/ comments to mail@oxgrow.org.

See ya there,


Hollaaa: Fame in the garden

E-mail sent by Madeleine Ellis-Petersen, Saturday, 28th June 2014 @ 1:36pm

Wowza. What a week Oxgrow has had! Check out the press coverage of the garden here and here. Awesome writing from Doireann!

The crops are growing, and the garden is thriving. Come along to a work party to share in the bounty (ohmydayzz we have so much salad).

We need to meet! And soon! Please fill in your timing preferences on the

Other than that, check out the notices below, and then come on down to Oxgrow for super big fun adventure. 


Have a fun and
fruity week



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