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Within Lieu, Without Lieu

E-mail sent by Member 1b5eeb2, Saturday, 8th August 2015 @ 3:40pm

Running behind on newsletter duty, wondering what if anything I could offer in lieu, the strains of George Harrison’s sitar floated to my aid, and a string of eye-watering puns and contrived allusions began to emerge from my mind and stream out across the universe… you’ll just have to imagine the moustachioed Liverpudlians and their fluorescent epaulettes…


It may not be possible to devote eight days a week to OxGrow, but tomorrow sees the customary horticultural mystery tour of Hogacre known colloquially as the OxGrow Sunday work party, from 1-5PM, and we sure could do with a little help from our friends, so come on down the short and occasionally winding Abingdon Road, enjoy at least one day in the life of the gardens, drink tea, eat the finest cakes this side of the railway tracks courtesy of the pavilion café, and return home feeling righteous - your haversacks bulging with produce, to boot…

Among the vital tasks are watering and weeding, for which all our green and growing friends will be inestimably grateful, while the remaining peas can be harvested and the plants pulled out, cabbages can also be harvested, turnips thinned, and the trellising for our energetic beans extended… In short, plenty to be getting on with, so come together, get back into the gardening groove, and make this corner of the world an even better place!


Peace and love and sun-drenched blessing,


Pete on behalf of everyone at OxGrow


PS Once we get in sight of Christmas, I foresee a revival for this theme, along the lines of Within Yule, Without Yule, even if the Chard ’n Peppers & Comely Artichokes may no longer be on hand… that’ll do for now, I reckon - less punnery next week, i promise...

Bits & Pizzas

E-mail sent by Member 1b5eeb2, Friday, 31st July 2015 @ 5:44pm

The advent of august at Hogacre means the onset of al fresco dining; after a gruelling (or leisurely, or bone idle) afternoon in the garden, David will be bringing dough and stoking up the pizza oven in readiness for a feast – with prizes on offer for the most innovative, inventive, and outrageous toppings concocted from OxGrow produce!
Pizza will start flowing from 4ish, but before then there are numerous tasks to get stuck into – watering and weeding are as necessary as ever; the runner beans are beginning to outstrip the sweetcorn with which they’ve been planted, and so construction of a trellis or similar structure is in order to keep them upright and reaching for the sun; there is trefoil to be planted among the corn, which should help prevent soil erosion, and – best of all – there are oodles of cabbages, peas, parsley, and courgettes to harvest and turn into sumptuous dishes (or pizza toppings!)
Come on down anytime from 1PM onwards on Sunday, make yourselves busy, reap the fruits of your labours, eat, eat, eat, and be merry!
Peace & love & blessings & bon appetit,
Pete on behalf of OxGrow

Making Hay (While the Sun Shines?)

E-mail sent by Member 1b5eeb2, Saturday, 25th July 2015 @ 12:06am

OK, so this Sunday is not forecast to be the most sun-drenched day of the summer, but whatever the weather, Hogacre will be the welcoming setting for our weekly work party, from 1-5 PM.

The meadows have been mown, and there are plans afoot for a haymaking detachment to get underway from 2 o’clock, rain permitting; meanwhile, there are tasks aplenty to be getting on with in the garden: watering is a major requirement at the moment, although the heavens may be taking care of that this weekend - as far as outside plants are concerned, anyway (the tomatoes and other denizens of the polytunnel will nevertheless be thankful for a drink administered by human hand and hose); weeding is another ongoing job, and there is also cutting back to be done, while we are hoping to sow more green manure crops with gloriously evocative names (trefoil, buckwheat, and fenugreek), sort compost, thin turnips, and prune gooseberry bushes.

As if these fulfilling labours aren’t enough to entice you down, there is an abundance of garlic, onions, cabbage, & courgettes, all crying out to be harvested and given a good home! What’s more, should the heavens (stay) open, the trusty café will provide shelter and scrumptious refreshments…

The sun may not get out of its pajamas this Sunday, but we hope you all will, and head down to Hogacre full of beans and industry… (and if you want to come in your pajamas, that’s also fine…)


Peace and blessings,


Pete, on behalf of OxGrow

As the days get shorter, so do the newsletters

E-mail sent by Member 1b5eeb2, Saturday, 18th July 2015 @ 11:20am

Please forgive and forget the strain of autumnal melancholy in the title – which is really only there to justify my tardiness in getting the newsletter out… We are still basking in high summer, with light and warmth in spades –and that means a thirsty garden at Hogacre, so watering is the name of the game tomorrow (and a fun game it is too). So come along any time from 1-5, ready to wield a watering can, and maybe do a little botanical and zoological exploration (bugs and beetles and moths and dragonflies are in their element at the moment, so the garden and the meadow are a treasure trove for any budding (or seasoned) entomologists), while the friendly confines of the café are conveniently placed for wetting your own whistle…
Longer – indeed, truly epic – newsletters shall begin to roll off the keyboards once again, as we approach the heady days of harvest…
Peace and love and luscious fruity summer blessings,
Pete, on behalf of OxGrow

From Garden to Plate, and Back Again

E-mail sent by Member 1b5eeb2, Friday, 10th July 2015 @ 3:14pm

The weekend is upon once again, and what a mouthwatering prospect it is too!  As the groundskeepers of the All-England Club break out their rollers, tweezers, combs and toothbrushes to manicure the Wimbledon lawns to within a hemidemisemicentimetre of perfection, the fruits and vegetables that have taken over the more dishevelled courts of Hogacre surge toward their own apogee, and over on the Cowley Road a veritable cornucopia of provender will pass on to a better place - with a little help from us all.

To translate: on Saturday, from 12-4PM our comrades at the Oxford Surplus Food Café will be throwing open the doors of the East Oxford Community Centre (on Princes Street, off the Cowley Road) for a second helping of sumptuous salvaged treats – if it is anything like the previous outing (and every indication is that it will be, and then some), then it promises to be a banquet for the ages, and not to be missed; come along, feast yourselves, contribute to food justice and waste reduction in the process, feel good about the world as a result, pay whatever you think is appropriate, and tell everyone you know!
Then on Sunday, Hogacre beckons – garden, café, and all, and the day’s labours (none of them too strenuous, but all of them vital and rewarding) will be followed by an informal Summer Social, brimming with tea and cake (and any other tidbits you care to bring along), where, between mouthfuls, we can ruminate on the past, present, & future of Oxgrow as the afternoon slips toward dusk…

So, if you can tear yourself away from Wimbledon (or if you’re desperate for a break from it), make a sortie into Oxford to grow and eat delicious things, make new friendships, renew old ties, feel happy, and make the world that little bit better…
Love, peace, liberté, egalité, & most of all bon appetit!

Bring the Carnival to Hogacre!

E-mail sent by Member 1b5eeb2, Saturday, 4th July 2015 @ 1:12pm

Hi Folks!

Tomorrow the sun will rise and shine on another glorious OxGrow Sunday - oh yes, and apparently there's also a little shindig taking place on the Cowley Road... the Carnival will doubtless be top of many people's to-do lists, and the cafe will be closed as a result, but do please also swing by Hogacre, and bring some of the festive summer spirit with you! It may be a work party, but it is also - and first and foremost - a party!

In that vein, next Sunday (12th) there will be an informal 'Summer Social' following the work session, where anyone and everyone can chew the fat (and cake), drink copious amounts of tea, and hobnob about the past, present, and future of OxGrow...we'd love to see lots of you there and hear a wide range of views...

Wednesday evening sessions are also continuing, and hopefully provide a relaxed alternative to the Sunday regimen; bring picnics and drinks and chill out in the garden as afternoon fades into dusk...
So, be it tomorrow, or any coming Sunday or Wednesday, come and garden and socialise and be happy!
Peace and love and carnivalesque benedictions from everyone at Hogacre

The Long and the Short of It

E-mail sent by Member 1b5eeb2, Saturday, 27th June 2015 @ 10:49am

Hello one & all! We are now officially one week into summer, and so here's a message as short as the days are long, to remind you all that as always we'll be having our Sunday work party tomorrow from 1-5 PM (or perhaps a little longer), with plenty of rewarding tasks to get stuck into, and the ever-welcoming cafe in our midst to provide for all your needs in the cake department.

So whether it's the work or the party side of the 'work party' equation that attracts you more, come one come all and enjoy an afternoon in the beautiful and thriving precincts of Hogacre Common!

Love and peace and blessings,

Pete & everyone at OxGrow

Upcoming events:

28th June (Sun): 12-6pm Biodiversity Day
4th October (Sun): 12-6pm Harvest Festival
18th October (Sun): 12-6pm Abundance Apple Festival



Solstices, Poultices, and Midsummer Daydreams

E-mail sent by Member 1b5eeb2, Thursday, 18th June 2015 @ 1:57pm

Hello one and all! Please ignore the titlel: the poultices are only there to (almost) rhyme with solstice – though if anyone has the desire and the expertise to concoct poultices, compresses, or other medications from the fruits of Hogacre, you are always welcome…

Half-rhymes aside, midsummer is upon us, so come down to Oxgrow and enjoy at least part of the longest day, before the nymphs and sprites and pixies come out to frolic in the shortest night and cast their spells on the sleepless spinach and potatoes; thistles and chamomile need to be teased out from among the young veg, and everything will be grateful for a long drink of water and some tidying. Meanwhile, the doors of the café on our lap beckon with the enticing smell of coffee and cake and delicious lunches – and precedent suggests that there will be a few tasty freebies on our very own outdoor table… On that note, there are oodles of beans and herbs simply crying out to be translated to mouthwatering culinary afterlives, so come and make the most of the bounty before the blackfly do the job for us!

Hogacre is looking utterly gorgeous at the moment, and, although we may have had an afterhours helping hand from our elfin comrades now and again, this is mostly the result of all the hard work and enthusiasm of the ever-expanding OxGrow community; perhaps this is a good moment, therefore, to say an enormous thankyou to every one of you, and wish a fond farewell to all those whose stints in Oxford have come to an end and are moving on to pastures and gardens new; haste ye back! As for anyone who’s been umming and ahhing about coming down, make this Sunday the day – it’s never too early or too late, and we love to see new faces!

Sunday also sees the culmination of Refugee Week (https://www.facebook.com/events/1622617037955594/) in partnership with Low Carbon Week Oxford), so make celebrating and enhancing community solidarity yet another reason to swing by!

Whether looking for fun in the sun or with serious horticultural business in mind, come one & come all for the last work party before the earth begins to tilt back south and the evenings start to shrink!

Love and peace and midsummer blessings

Upcoming events:

19th-21st June: Tandem Festival (at Hill End)

28th June (Sun): 12-6pm Biodiversity Day
4th October (Sun): 12-6pm Harvest Festival
18th October (Sun): 12-6pm Abundance Apple Festival



Newsletter's been down; but plants are on the up and up!

E-mail sent by Andonis Marden, Friday, 12th June 2015 @ 11:37am

Happy Friday, Folks!

Hope all's been well as Spring rounds out (I know, I know, there's hardly been any decent weather) and we welcome Summer (in just 9 days, if you can believe it!).

Sorry correspondence via email has been scant. As for many of you, end of University term and increasing workloads in the office have kept many of us OxGrow'ers off the newsletter. To rectify, a concise message loaded with exhilarating, fulifilling, etc. activities.

Aigh, coming up!:
Sunday the 14th, 1-5pm: OxGrow garden party! Part of Low Carbon Week, Oxford!
Wednesday the 17th, 5pm-sunset: Work session in the garden
Sunday 14th-Sunday 21st: Oxford's Refugee Week (schedule of events attached)
Sunday 21st, noon-5pm: Refugee Week celebrates a full week of community solidarity in the garden with OxGrow (https://www.facebook.com/events/1622617037955594/) (Again, in partnership with Low Carbon Week, Oxford!)

Hope these events are of interest to you. Would love to see some new faces down in the garden. Until then...

Ever committed to nourishing our community,


3 for 1!

E-mail sent by Andonis Marden, Friday, 22nd May 2015 @ 2:48pm

Afternoon all!

A quick note to share three things of interest:

1. A pizza party tonight (Friday). 

Will of Will's Deli, Vaults and Garden, Alpha Bar, the QEH Cafe, and presumably other places where great food is served, has extended a special invite to OxGrower's for an event he's hosting tonight. At 15 Woodstock Road (Will's Deli) there'll be free servings of seasonal pizza (beginning 6pm) and a conversation with Satish Kumar - an ecologist from Resurgance. 

2. Sunday Garden Party this Sunday in the garden! 
From 1-5pm. Come early for some grub prepared by the Hogacre Cafe.

3. Wednesday post-work garden therapy

From 5-8pm - for all of those interested in releasing a bit of stress and enjoying the soil in your hands while a halo illuminates your farmer soul at sunset. Wouldn't want to miss out on that!

See ya when you're feeling in the mood!
Ever committed to nourishing our community,


The Week Ahead

E-mail sent by Andonis Marden, Saturday, 9th May 2015 @ 12:44pm

Rain, wind, sun, and sleet!

We've had it all this week. 

Come enjoy more weather of some unpredictable variety tomorrow (Sunday) for another garden session from 1-5pm. ((We'll be joined in the garden by Oxford's LGBTQ Soc)) As was the case last week, the Hogacre Cafe will be up and running from noon. If the downpour/heatwave scared you off for the re-opening, give it another go tomorrow!

There will be Wednesday evening session this week as well for all who are interested in a bit of post-work relaxation. Come down from 5pm-sunset!

This Sunday and at next Wednesday's garden session (from 5pm-sundown) we'll be:
+Sow poached egg plants around gooseberries as they attract hoverflies which eat gooseberry sawflies
+Creating foundation for a new Forest Garden
+Introducing folks to our newly built worm composter
+Making a trellis where the peas have been planted
+De-constructing our falling-apart plastic bottle greenhouse
+Prepping the grounds for erecting our polytunnels
+Putting signs on the beds so we know what green sprout is what
+++And doing loads more sowing, watering, and weeding

Read on for other events of interest and an opportunity to represent OxGrow at Corpus Christi's Tortoise Fair! 

Ever committed to growing our community,


Hogacre campout (tonight!) and opening of the Cafe (Sunday)!

E-mail sent by Andonis Marden, Friday, 1st May 2015 @ 12:43pm

Happy May Day, All!

Get your rest in the next couple hours if you spent last night and this morning revelling in the chorus-soaked celebrations on this fine May day. Tonight, the celebrations continue at Hogacre! Join us on the Common from 7:30pm tonight (Friday) into the early morning of 2nd May (Saturday) for a springtime exploration of Hogacre's diverse flora and fauna. We will be running moth traps (a bright light to attract moths) overnight, followed by a walk around Hogacre to listen to (and try to identify) birds singing in the dawn chorus on Saturday morning. More details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/446868182160217/

On Sunday, we'll have an extended session in the garden - from noon until 5pm - to coincide with the re-opening of Hogacre Cafe. What a day! Come down early, grab a coffee/juice/Earl Grey + a mouth-watering homemade meal from Beth and Rose (our new cafe managers!) and welcome the flows of folks visting Hogacre for the first time. OxGrow is open to all - for a quick visit as customers drop off their food scraps in the compost or to learn a bit about what we do; or for the budding greenfinger who just needs a bit of encourangement to get involved long-term. We hope you enjoy and contribute to the energetic community space that'll be vibing on Sunday.

A quick note to ask that we respect the cafe kitchen space as Beth and Rose kick off this Sunday! Please don't walk through the kitchen as we normally would to avoid disrupting their flow (it's a small workspace!) and to avoid tarnishing the cafe's hygeine rating. If you need anything, just ask through the serving window. 

This Sunday and at next Wednesday's garden session (from 5pm-sundown) we'll be:
+Installing the solitary beehive
+Introducing folks to our newly built worm composter
+De-constructing our falling-apart plastic bottle greenhouse
+Prepping the grounds for erecting our polytunnels
+Putting signs on the beds so we know what green sprout is what
+++And doing loads more sowing, watering, and weeding

Looking forward to meeting new volunteers and visitors in the next days,
Ever committed to growing our community,


Oh, what a week it was (and will be)!

E-mail sent by Andonis Marden, Saturday, 25th April 2015 @ 10:57am

Spring has certainly sprung at OxGrow!

The garden is flourishing like no time in recent memory. We've loads of activity on and'd be happy for new folks to come along to our sun-soaked volunteer sessions to pick up some projects.

After a successfully productive and meditative inaugural Wednesday session, we're pleased to share that we'll have another gardening session next Wednesday beginning 5pm and ending when the sun goes down. Thinking about making a meal on our new outdoor stovetop - so do come along as we experiment!

Before that session, we have another scheduled for tomorrow (Sunday) from 1-5pm. Come down to partake in an array of activity including: 

+Installing a worm composting system

+Setting up a solitary bee hive

+Writing upcoming events on our newly erected 'welcome board' (pictured below - thanks to Meg and Luke for setting this up!)

+Introducing Joe, our recently appointed garden co-ordinator who brings loads of permaculture expertise and enthusiasm to our community space!

+Harvesting more veg for your kitchens. Brought leeks, purple sprouting, and mustard greens home this week - cooked up some tasty omlettes and pad thai

Hope you can join in the bounty sometime soon!

There are a load of exciting OxGrow-relevant announcments following this section of the email, including the launch of the food surplus cafe, today, from noon. Just a few last things before we sign off to say:

Marta, OxGrow treasurer extraordinaire, is in Leeds as we type, collecting £2,500 from the Think Bigger fund that we applied for and were awarded recently. Celebrations to follow as we fund the next big projects on our horizon.

To continue our winning streak, we were just awarded £150 worth of tools from Bulldog Tools Garden Club for submitting one of the best Big Dig photo sets in a nation-wide competition. Good 'un!

Last Saturday, Directors and Friends of Hogacre installed a new beehive and extracted honey. Stay tuned for updates on the next beekeeping session (or email us (mail@oxgrow.org) to express interest ahead of time).

That'll have to do for now. Enjoy the event registry below!

See you in the soil soon,
Your devoted OxGrow

The OxGrow moving team!

We're relaunching Wednesday Garden Parties!

E-mail sent by Andonis Marden, Saturday, 18th April 2015 @ 11:04am

You heard that right!

Beginning this coming Wednesday, the 22nd of April, OxGrow'll be up and running from 5pm until our weary bodies are ready to retire for the evening (usually around 8, just before sunset). As in the past, Wednesday sessions are valued in OxGrow because there is significantly more work that needs to be completed in the spring and summer months, and it also allows individuals/families/groups more flexibility to come to the gaden (i.e. it doesn't overlap with religious services and other activities on Sundays and takes place after most full- and part-time individuals' workdays are over). Come along!

We'll also continue running Sunday sessions. Join us in the garden tomorrow (Sunday 19th) beginning 1pm. We'll be: planting purple potatoes; labeling the heritage seeds we sowed last week; preparing to raise two polytunnels (all parts have arrived! please help carry bits over the bridge when you come down tomorrow (including all of the pallets)); more Harvest Patch planting (turnips and swedes); and many empty beds that we'd like YOU to take the lead on preparing and planting (others will, of course, maintain the beds down the line). If any of this strikes a chord and you'd like to participate, please come help transform the space into an even more beautiful, magical green plot. 

And a final note before we move onto the additional sections below:
 STUDENTS AT OXFORD UNI COLLEGES: do have a quick look around your college websites, have a word with someone in the Bursar's Office, or approach your JCR, M/GCR, SCR to see if there's any money laying around that could be allocated to OxGrow's continued development. We have a number of projects that we hope to fund (more raised beds, a new herb spiral, a wooden gazebo, perhaps a firepit and other experimental structures) that we'd like to get around to this season. Magdalen, St. John's, and other rich colleges have been great givers in the past...the more modest among them may still be generous as well. Let us know of any possibilities and if we can help in supporting any application, however (in)formal. Many thanks!

Hoping to tend the land with you sometime soon,
Your devoted OxGrow

It's the most wonderful time of the year (sunscreen season).

E-mail sent by Andonis Marden, Saturday, 11th April 2015 @ 1:38pm

Studies (and many caring parents) suggest you get 15 minutes of sun every day in order that your body produces a healthy amount of Vitamin D. OxGrow recommends three hours of responsible exposure once a week. Come to the garden tomorrow (Sunday) from 1-4pm with sunscreen in tow for a productive and fun day on Hogacre Common!

There'll be a bounty of baked goods, smattering of seeds, and trove of tools waiting for each of you. And if that's not enough to encourage you, consider the glowing review we received after submitting photos from our Big Dig to the project's national office [thanks to our guests from Coventry Community Garden for taking many of these shots]:

"Hi Andonis. What a stunning set of photos. Thank you so much for them. I’ve tried to just pick the best ones but there are just so many! Anyway, the Big Dig Flickr site will be proudly showing them off shortly...In the meantime, an Organic Gardening Voucher is heading your way for the most stunning set of photos ever submitted by a Big Dig project!
Best, Clare"

There ya have it. Hope to see ya soon!

Your green gurus,

"But how will they grow without us??"

E-mail sent by Andonis Marden, Saturday, 4th April 2015 @ 7:00pm

A question that many parents struggle with for years. At OxGrow, our philosophy is that you oughtta provide the basics (seeds in well-prepared and -tended soil) and let the hospitable British climate do the rest. 

This to say that OxGrow is taking something of a break tomorrow for Easter Sunday. In practice, Judy will be in the garden from 1pm if anyone would like to join for a minimalist session (i.e., no pavilion, open garage, or other filigree - just you, your hands, and the land). 

If not tomorrow, see you in the coming weeks for more rip-roaring seed sowing sessions.

Scattering wild flowers and abundance,
Team OxGrow


***Announcements follow, including the job posting. Applications due in 4 days on Wednesday 8th!***

We were made for tomorrow.

E-mail sent by Andonis Marden, Saturday, 28th March 2015 @ 2:02pm

Really. Daylight savings strikes again in 11 hours (at 1am on Sunday) and the clocks'll hop forward an hour to accommodate our agrarian lifestyles. 

In order to show our appreciation for the hard working people who mind the world's clocks (and to revel in the ever-brightening evening skies) we'll run an extra hour tomorrow (Sunday) from 1.00-5.00pm. Come along whenever you'd like. Word on the street is that some browning bananas'll be transformed into a tasty sweet bread for all y'all. (And there'll be 6 varieties of home-sprouted seeds for ya to sample.)

Until then, enjoy our photoset from last Sunday's very successful Big Dig (access here on FB: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.991953707488981&type=1) and have a look at the additional sections below (including, most importantly, our recently released Job Advert!).

Seed you very soon,
Team OxGrow

***OxGrow is hiring!***

E-mail sent by Andonis Marden, Friday, 27th March 2015 @ 10:33am

Dear Green-fingered Friends:

OxGrow is hiring! As you might've heard, we're on the look-out for a Community Garden Co-ordinator. Please find a detailed position description attached. Have a look if you're interested in applying or know someone who might be. Applications (comprised of a brief covering letter and CV) are due by Wednesday the 8th April to mail@oxgrow.org. Do be in contact in advance with any questions. We're very eager to find the right person for the job!

Please share this message far and wide with any who'd love to take on this position.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Team OxGrow

Have you heard?: The Big Dig is back!

E-mail sent by Andonis Marden, Saturday, 21st March 2015 @ 3:03pm

Tis that time of year, OxGrowers!

Our project will be featured in the nationwide initiative called the Big Dig tomorrow (Sunday) when we meet in the garden. The bunting's up, wild flower seeds are ready to go, and our snazzy DSLR camera is ready for some action. (If we send a set of photos deemed to be among the 5 best - which I'm sure we can manage :) - we'll receive a £150 voucher for new tools.) Come on down from 1-4pm in your best dungarees - we're ready for you.

Also, we'll be joined by four visitors from a community garden in Coventry. So be sure to give a warm welcome to these guests and any Oxfordshire newcomers.

Finally: Over the next couple of weeks we'll be circulating the following e-sign up sheet requesting that volunteers interested in participating in the facilitator rota add their details to this list so we can be in contact. Thereafter, we'll send around a Doodle poll to registered facilitators every month so that people can select Sunday work parties that they'd be happy to oversee. Sign up to be an OxGrow facilitator here (and be in contact if you need a bit more information):  http://tinyurl.com/OxGrowFacilitator

Hope to see many of you tomorrow (and tonight if you can make the first event listed in the attachments below!),
Your very loving green friends,
Team OxGrow

Plant an artichoke on the Ides of March

E-mail sent by Andonis Marden, Saturday, 14th March 2015 @ 3:21pm

Dearest readers:

You are cordially invited down to Hogacre Common tomorrow (Sunday sunny Sunday) to pop some Jerusalem- and globe-artichokes in our nutrient-rich soil. We'll be sowing more life into the Harvest Patch (have you seen the parsnips and carrots that've been planted already??) casting a more prosperous tone over Caesar's typically morbid deathday. Come down at any point from 1-4pm (maybe 5 if we're feeling particularly invigorated). 

Also, for any University students who've been waiting for a break in their schedules: We're pleased to share that OxGrow'll be up and running every Sunday of Easter Break. We look forward to welcoming some fresh faces to the garden!

Looking forward to seeding with you tomorrow!



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