Pushing Hands

  • Four directions
  • Fu yang
  • Nine Castles
  • Seven Stars
  • Da Lu
  • Freestyle fixed step pushing hands

Hand Forms

  • Square form (holding postures from round form)
  • Round form

Weapon Forms

  • Sabre form
  • Sword form


  • Closing the door (pinning opponent's arms)
  • Grasping the bird's tail (absorbing a hook and replying with a straight punch)
  • Repulse monkey (leg sweep)
  • Brush knee (divert kick and throw opponent)
  • White Crane flaps its wings (hip throw)


  • Fly can't land (absorbing pushes)
  • Punching pads
  • Kicking pads


  • 12 Yin exercises
  • 12 Yang exercises
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