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ZooWarrior Review: Crack the JVZoo Safe and profit Bigly

Are you considering getting involved with one of those global affiliate programs to start earning extra income on the internet? You might want to begin participating with JVZoo. JVZoo is another great legit affiliate program just like ZooWarrior Review.

Nevertheless, unlike Clickbank is well known for many affiliates and anyone can sign up to start marketing other vendor’s products or services instantly you can leverage online. On the other hand, JVZoo is just a little baby but you got to have patients in order to get approved in order to start marketing a specific product from a vendor.

Ways To Get Started with JVZoo

It is very easy to get started with JVZoo, you just need to sign up for an account as a affiliate in order to generate sales and make commissions.

There isn’t any necessary requirements but the only thing you are required to do is to integrate your account with your Paypal account is all you need in order to make money with JVZoo. Detail:

When you are integrating the 2 accounts all together that allows the JVZoo system to get access to your Paypal funds immediately just in case there is a unsatisfied customer who is putting a request to receive a refund later on. JVZoo tends to accepts members anywhere globally with internet access.

After you signed up as a member with JVZoo, you can begin marketing some of their digital products that are found on their market place website. However, you still got to wait for the vendor of a specific product in order to get an approval to your account in good standing.

There will be times it may take a few days longer than usual before your account is finally approved from the vendor or the seller may refuse to approve your account that rarely happens.

In addition, some of the sellers may have a requirement to provide them some proof of previous sales that you made on various affiliate programs in the market place.

There are some vendors that may have their accounts in a certain way, any affiliates who wants to get a request for an approval is usually instantly approved by the system on autopilot. Nevertheless, not all products you want to start promoting will require you to wait in order to get approved.

After your account is approved, you have the ability to start marketing that specific product. There are a few vendors may require you to start utilizing particular methods of marketing and not others.

How Do You Get Paid with JVZoo?

All commissions are usually done through Paypal. The vendors pay their affiliates directly to their Paypal accounts. Some pay immediately as soon as a sale is generated, others may requires affiliates to wait up to 45 days in order to get paid.

Pros and Cons JVZoo Review Marketplace


Payments are made through one of the well known popular payment processors on the internet - Paypal.

There is no strict requirements or rules necessary to sign up an affiliate account. It only takes a few minutes of your time to become a member with JVZoo.

They accept members globally

High commission payouts that are ranging anywhere from 50-75%


You will have to wait in order for your account to be approved in order to start marketing a specific product

Smaller marketplace and there isn’t many varieties of products to choose from like Clickbank

There are some vendors don’t pay their affiliates on time. You might have to wait up to 45 days in order to get paid.


If you are open to begin searching for different options that is a alternative marketplace or another way to start increasing your earnings as an affiliate. JVZoo is definitely a great site I recommend you should register with.

Nevertheless, you are willing to be patient in order to wait for your account to get approved to start marketing a specific product and sometimes, you may never get approved at all.

After reading this blog post on how to make money with JVZoo, you might end up being skeptical or feeling hopeless, especially if you are just starting out in affiliate marketing.

If you are just getting started or you are new to affiliate marketing, in my honest opinion it would be more comfortable for you to get started with alternative affiliate programs such as Clickbank, where you don’t need to wait to get approved from a seller in order to start marketing a specific program.

Honestly, there isn’t really anything bad or wrong with JVZoo but you can always sign up and other similar affiliate programs online later on when you are ready. After you have the confidence to start establishing yourself as an expert in affiliate marketing and it will not be a problem for you to get approved.

This is just my two cents from this JVZoo review on my blog!

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