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YouTube is a great platform to promote your brand, and drive traffic to your personal website. The challenge is to get people actually moving from your videos to your website. Find out VidRankXpress Review.

Linking your YouTube videos and channel to your website

Strategically positioning your links in your videos and channel will help encourage people to click on them. The idea here is to place each of your website links in the spots where the audience is most likely to check them. Consider the function of each link you include to better determine the most appropriate location for it.

Your video descriptions is a popular spot to place links since it is where viewers look when they want to know more after watching your video. Place your link near the beginning of your description, preferably on the first line.

Energy drink manufacturer Red Bull does this to take its audience to more related content on its website.

Another place where you can display links is in the channel header. This is a good spot to link to your homepage, as it is the most prominent section of your channel and makes for great branding. GoPro uses this strategy to direct traffic from its channel to its main page.

You can also use the banner to highlight site links that are relevant to specific campaigns.

To add a link to your channel banner:

1.    Click the pencil icon at the top of your header image.

2.    Go to the Edit Links section and add your link

3.    Change the anchor text to suit the link.

Once you have set up your channel banner links, people can click on it to visit your pages.

YouTube traffic from links within videos

Linking to your website from within your videos is an effective way to quickly drive YouTube traffic to it. YouTube Cards are going to be your ally for this purpose, particularly the Link card.

To use YouTube Cards, you need to have your site associated with your channel. Once you have your channel associated and the Card set up, don’t link it to your homepage. Instead, link to the page relevant to your video.

Toy manufacturer Lego does this to bring users directly to its product and promotional pages. Here’s Instant Web Design Clients Review:  

·       Make sure that the Card’s title and call to action give viewers a clear idea of where it leads to.

·       Time the on-screen appearance of your cards appropriately to better draw the attention of viewers.

·       If it relates to a specific section of your video, have the Card appear right at the start of that section and let it stay a few seconds after that segment.

·       In case of general links, let the card appear near the end of your video.

The more specific the link is the more useful it will be to your viewers.

Linking in the comments section

The comment section is another good place to post your website links in. Use it to respond to viewer questions and inquiries and direct them to the pages where they can find answers. You can do this for both your own videos, and other videos that you will be commenting on.

Be careful when posting links in the comment section of the other videos. Excessive posting of links can get you tagged as a spammer and penalized. Also, provide helpful commentary to accompany these links. People need information on where the link will lead before they will click it.

Getting people to click your links

Once you have your links spread throughout your channel, you still need to get the audience to click them. Provide a good lead into the link by giving a short explanation of where the link lands to and what the viewers are getting. You can do this with both visual and auditory calls to action. This will encourage them to check the links for further information.

You can also create these lead-ins from within your videos. Actively mention the links that are included in the video. You can also use directional cues to guide viewers to where the links are on the video page. Trevor Noah does both to direct viewer attention to the links on the end cards of his YouTube videos.

Your lead-in should also include a strong call to action. Instead of simply telling viewers to click, your CTAs should contain the exact action you want your audience to take when going to the link. They are more likely to click if they have a clear idea of what they need to do next. Trevor didn’t just say to click the link, he said to click it and watch full videos!

Drive YouTube traffic with better branding

You need good branding to stay on the mind of those who find you. Here are some tactics to improve your branding:

·       Make your channel’s branding match with that of your website. That association will convince your viewers that they will get the same brand experience that they got from your channel and reward them for clicking.

·       Building your channel’s social proof also helps make it and your videos more recognizable. Use our YouTube Subscribers Service to provide a boost to your channel’s social proof. When people start seeing your subscriber numbers growing, they will be curious about your channel. Once you get them invested, you have a greater chance of getting them to click your links.

·       Optimizing your videos also helps in making them and your links more visible in the search engines. Use the keywords that relate to both your videos and website links to ensure that both appear in the search results. When incorporating keywords into your video and channel text, make sure that the latter blends well into the former. This will prevent your text from looking spammy.

Best of all, people will not necessarily click on a link to your website the first time they come across you. It may be the second time, the third time, or the 10th time. Each connection is another opportunity to show your brand, and for them to learn about you until they click on your links.

Spreading your videos and links

When posting your YouTube videos on other social media sites, don’t just drop the link as it is. Provide a short introductory text that will help your audience understand what the video is all about. Build excitement on social media over your video content by creating teaser clips and images prior to its release, like this Restaurant Business In A Box Review.

This will get more people tuning in by the time you post the actual video.

Getting the audience to share your videos

Encouraging your audience to share your YouTube videos on social media also increase its reach and make your links more visible. One way to convince viewers to do that is by giving them a clear idea of what they can get from the action. In most cases, this would be the chance to impress their peers with the new information they get from your content.

Check out this new video from Motogeist! I love this band.

Ultimately, you want your YouTube audience to become brand ambassadors who will promote your videos and links on their own. Bear in mind that this isn’t just about creating great video content for them. Actively engage them to build rapport and cultivate brand loyalty.

Getting help in promoting your videos and links

Trying to drive more YouTube traffic to your website on your own can be a challenge. By collaborating with other YouTube creators, you can get additional help in promoting your videos and links. When reaching out to potential collaborators, consider the following:

·       Compatibility: The content that you and your collaborator come up with should complement both your YouTube channels. This will help you better reach out to their audience, and vice versa.

·       Idea: Come up with collaboration ideas that will work for both of your audiences. Work together to further improve what you have.

·       Offer: To further convince your would-be collaborator to team up with you, give them a clear picture of what they can gain.

By taking these factors into account, you can make your collaborations more effective in promoting videos and the associated links to each other’s audiences.


Enlisting the right influencers can also help bring your YouTube videos and links to a larger audience. You can find them on every social media channel, just research who else your audience looks up to.

When reaching out to influencers for promotions, consider how your video content and website would be of value to them. Give them a clear idea of what your YouTube channel and website can bring to their audience. This will better convince these influencers to take up your offer.

Attract more traffic to your website with Youtube

With its large user base, YouTube can be a major source of traffic to your website. Get more people moving from your videos to your pages by:

·       Linking your channel to your site: Position your website links in the right spots within your channel. Ensure that each link you put serves a specific purpose to better draw traffic.

·       Giving people a good reason to click: Use your YouTube videos to give your viewers enough information on what they can get from visiting the included links.

·       Maximizing your reach: Take advantage of social media channels to increase the reach of your videos and links. Encourage your audience to also share your video content with others to draw the attention of more people.

Follow these reminders and you can effectively drive tons of YouTube traffic to your site and increase potential sales.

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