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Video Titan X Review – Making Video Marketing Professional to Profit

Promoting your startup, you already know how crucial video marketing is, as text and images don’t cut it anymore. No doubt that video is the dominant form of content grabbing an audience’s attention today. Just to make sure that you’re spending time in Video Titan X Review, there are top seven ways to experiment with video marketing for the sake of your startup growth.

1) Become ‘How-To’ guru with Quora Video in 2018

With the introduction of native video answers, Quora helps startups engage the audience and demonstrate their business as a solution to issues real people struggle with.

2) Insta-stories and Snap-stories? That isn’t enough today

Besides well-known platforms that provide the stories feature (Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp), now even Youtube and Medium are following this hot trend, adding stories to their platforms. Explore LetSlotio Review in 2018 in order to conquer the social channels that aren’t crowded yet.

3) Dominate in social feeds with live streaming

Social media platforms are constantly giving more and more importance to live videos, pushing them to the top of the newsfeed. Make use of this trend and start with live streaming ASAP:

·       Announce a new product, feature or partnership coming up

·       Show behind-the-scenes company’s life in a real-time

·       Hold live co-streaming with industry-related influencers to attract their followers

4) Video marketing plus customer support? Hell to the yes!

Create series of simple FAQ videos and use them to respond to your audience and support tickets. No need to mention that you can enrich your site, social accounts and YouTube channel with these videos.

Being a startup focused on customer success, here at Chanty we’ve tried many platforms for producing personal videos. Here’s a list of noteworthy ones:

·       Soapbox

·       Recordit

·       Bonjoro

·       Animoto

5) VR, AR, 360-degree videos and everything in between

The industry of virtual and augmented reality is still developing, however, you can start thinking about how VR and AR could work for your startup marketing. In 2018 there will be more platforms like Amazon Sumerianand ARkit by Apple, that will allow you to create a branded immersive reality. The things VR and AR can do today are:

·       Creating branded AR photo filters

·       Producing stunning commercials

·       Integrating an immersive education into brand experiences

·       Offering immersive experience for product promotion with ability to test how your future products fit in ‘real-life’ environment

6) User-generated content (UGC) is king

Prospects are likely to be more interested in hearing the insights of real customers than the clever sales pitches. That’s why having a current user featured in DigiiBiz Review:

·       Building trust, engagement, and loyalty

·       Nurturing the space of creativity and fun around a company

·       Maximizing ROI almost at no cost

7) Don’t worry about going viral. Start creating granular targeted video content instead

Produce highly targeted video messaging based on the exact persona, their pain points, and interests. The strategy of granular targeting will be much more profitable in terms of sales than attempting to engage everyone, even if it’s an audience of 20 prospects.

Video marketing already dominates promotions when it comes to grabbing your audience attention. It won’t take long for engaging and immersive experience to become the future of startup marketing.

There’s no time like the present to start using RSS Traffic Rocket 2.0 Review:

1.    Make use of the new Quora Video feature

2.    Don’t overlook established and newborn story-based social platforms

3.    Be on top of social newsfeed with live streaming

4.    Combine video marketing and customer support

5.    Keep an eye on the industry of immersive reality

6.    Motivate your users to generate content

7.    Focus on granular targeting

8.    Back in the mid-1960s, social critic Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase “the medium is the message” when talking about video. And it’s even more true today! Rather than just being a container for your marketing content, video is a way of communicating a culture, an attitude, a style. As an entrepreneur, you probably already know that video boosts business. If you’re not aware of this yet, you really need to add video to your website and your messaging ASAP. But where do you start?


10. Sign up now for the Video First Conference on November 30th, at the Zebrastraat in Ghent, and learn everything you need to know. It’s a whole day devoted to all things Video Strategy! Inspiring international speakers and trailblazing video marketing experts will talk about using video to boost business growth and strengthen brand content. Here are some of the valuable brain nuggets you’ll come away with:


12.              #1 Your company needs a video marketing culture

13. Companies all over Europe now use video every day for multiple purposes. Internal and external communication, training, marketing, recruitment…the list goes on. If you can think of it, you can use it. The Sales Lion is an example of a company that’s helping integrate video into the corporate environment.

14. Or take a look at our blog post Video is HR’s secret weapon! We’ll bet you never thought of all the ways that video can help take your company’s HR efforts to the next level — candidate search and recruitment, employer branding, onboarding, even employee communications. It’s pretty impressive and helps explain why more and more companies are hiring Chief Video Officers.


16.              #2 Video is not meant for just content marketing, but can — and should — be used by all company departments to optimize touch points


18. Sure, you can use video for marketing. But why stop there? Video is as informative, immediate and persuasive wherever it’s used. Innovative, proactive companies are utilizing it in ALL departments - from sales, to marketing, to finance and even legal.

19. Think of all the instances in your company where personal connections need to be made or strengthened, information needs to be shared or decisions need to be made.

20. In HR, for example, video is a perfect medium to find and engage new talent. When McDonald's recently wanted to hire 2,000 new students, they turned to the power of video to extend the reach of their recruitment and onboarding process.

21. And let’s not forget about the content marketing part. Content marketing usually accounts for 20% of video marketing strategy; until recently 10% of that 20% was video. But guess what? That 10% has now become a whopping 90%!


23.              #3 Marketers need to start from a “video first” perspective 

24. What’s the point of a marketing plan? That’s a no-brainer — to develop and implement strategies to drive more awareness and to boost conversions. Video plays a vital role in all stages of the customer journey. It has proven successful and gets watched more often than other content formats. It’s also proven to get the best conversion.

25. So marketers, it’s up to you to compose your marketing plan from a “video first” perspective. Just starting with a plan and randomly adding video as an option won’t work anymore. One of the valuable lessons you’ll take away from the Video First Conference is that it’s time to update the way you draw up your marketing plans. Video needs to be part of almost all touch points, right from the get-go.


27.              #4 The right tools will help you get started with video

28. Getting started with video doesn’t have to be hard or scary. As a company, you can do much of it yourself. For basic video production, tools like Moovly, Soapbox, Wistia and of course YouTube are there to make it easier for you to implement video in your company.

29. As you get comfortable with video, you will probably find more and more uses for it. Or, you’ll want to try more complex projects. At that point, you may want to free up your own people and turn the work over to someone else.


31.              #5 It’s more than just creating a video

32. Anybody can create a decent video, but planning your video campaign is something else. Compare it with building a website: everyone can create one, but a website that converts is not an easy game.

33. And secondly, let’s not forget about data! Google knows what is shown in your video. For example, if a customer searches for ‘Ferrari’, Google will show all the Ferrari related videos without the keyword having to be mentioned in the title. At Video First Conference, we will tell you what metrics you need to prove the effectiveness of video to your manager.


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