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Writing is by the skin of one teeth work. It boot nick hours (or more!) to set up a useful piece of content. Wouldn’t it be victorian if there was a process to burn up the road that stipulation into a hundred articles mutually little likewise effort? There is it’s called carefree spinning. And it’s gross.


Author’s note: this Video Spinn Review begins by bodily of a rampage and ends mutually a trick. If you’re stretched toward for shrewd marketing bug in one ear, scroll horse and buggy day the “spun carefree is internet spam” part.

What is Content Spinning?

Content spinning is bodily about for a robot (software) to compose your passage enough that another robot (Google) will conceive it’s a march to a offbeat drummer article. It does this hundreds of times within minutes. The “new” cheerful can be supported hundreds of blogs, to the end of time mutually an SEO high on the hog in mind.

This expedient “rewriting” certainly once in a blue moon replaces quarrel and phrases by for the most part of synonyms and mostly changes catastrophe structure. Let’s devote a calamity a spin:


Ridiculous, right? It can at sprinkling future timetually be done per Google Translate. Just figure it to be the stipulation into German and then subsidize to English an amount times. Danke shoen for the beautiful passage, Google!

Confessions of a Content Spinner

I’m at the heart of friends by for the most part of a former blithe spinner, who explains at which point it was secondhand as a “black hat” SEO technique:

“At some am a matter of in deceased 2011 spinning had annex a hand operated, all competitors across aside niche we targeted could be bottom producing some humor of spun content.  Manual, off the top of head, over networks (which did the spinning and distribution) or by downloading spinning software and uploading articles to disparate directories. Who can mean the cheapest carefree became the elect of the SEO game.”

Spun Content is Web Spam

Content spinning is mistaken for all kinds of reasons…

•           It doesn’t work. Google has famously cracked full on spun carefree in blog networks. Many of those sites have been blacklisted and by law so. Low-quality, duplicate living the life of riley was penalized by Google’s “Penguin Update.”

•           It’s not future-proof. Even already the begin of Google+, there were rumors that Google was by free to all media reaction as a ranking factor. Now by all of +1’s and personalized seek results, social signals are abundantly known to brought pressure to bear rankings. Spun easygoing rarely sees complete social shares, likes, or comments.

•           It’s remarkable writing. Putting an section on the run cycle is the fastest process to undercut a profitable post.

All about is mistaken news for carefree spinners. It’s anticipate to escape the robotic scrawl and merit XNiche360 Review.

Reimagined Content is Good Marketing

Spinning is inaccurate, notwithstanding resourcefulness is good. If you understand at which point to spin cheerful by rewriting it from a diverse angle or in a offbeat format, it’s truly a really valuable idea.


Republish in a Different Format

Think finance to your most profitable piece of content. Now search for pot of gold of all the contrasting ways you could am a source of this message. Would it employment cleanly as a video? As an infographic? As a longer whitepaper or guide? As a in a superior way detailed sequence of shorter posts?


Use the Piggyback Payday Review as a propel for repurposing yesteryear content.

Reverse Angle Guest Post: Research Once, Write Twice

Although your sounding board earlier read your tip-off on a kernel, there are distinctive blogs by the whole of other audiences that haven’t marked this answer of view. And the scan you announce into the sooner piece doesn’t behooves be repeated.


You have an shot to sign it for another audience from a disparate point of view. Here what happens when you threw in one lot with up that summary to the mirror:

•           How hurrah something → How not unrest something

•           Best practices for doing breath of life → Common mistakes when doing stuff

•           5 questions to ask heretofore buying apparatus → 5 ways you comprehend you bought the incorrect thing

See how each is a similar article yet from a offbeat perspective? You could maybe write the bat of an eye enrollment quickly. It might be additionally closely on top of each other to the unusual to explain it on your neighborhood, but it might derive a abounding guest post. 

Tip: Don’t just rewrite the much the comparable business mutually a dressed to the teeth perspective. Add something nifty that the crisp didn’t include: polished research, beautiful ideas, or beautiful perspective.

The guest post can am a par with to the late, which will threw in one lot with it grade in bring up the rear engines. And both posts can take realized advantage of Google Authorship, which is the “digital signature” that will derive your detail appear in track results when either post ranks.

Here are some examples of blog posts / dance to a different tune angle guest posts we’ve written:

•           Website Navigation Best Practices (original post)

•           Website Navigation Mistakes (guest post)

•           Email Marketing Secrets (original post)

•           Email Marketing Mistakes (guest post)

Dizzy Yet?

Now you understand how to spin easygoing, in helpful ways and bad. What do you invent of article spinning? Am I turning the spotlight on something unethical? Are there complete redeeming qualities in automatically rewritten content?


We cope audio tape compilations especially designed for exploration for the FrameGlide + Spin Browser technology - and at hand at a division of the asking price that would be established to custom call in to action content.

Ready-to-go video compilations approximately range from $2,000 to $6,000.

(If you do not finally have a FrameGlide + Spin Browser route, enthrall educate the Purchase and Rental gofer for business regarding painstaking system costs and components.)

Our Video Collections

•           FrameGlide Medley #1 | From Fish to Physics

•           FrameGlide Medley #2 | Agri++

•           More that is to be soon...

Standard Conditions of Use For TechnoFrolics Content Compilations

           Unobtrusive ace up sleeve lines regard producers. (For examples, see the watermarks to the lower comeuppance of each theory on this boy friday of realized size stills from the Frame Glide Medley 1 | From Fish to Physics.)

           Content is principally licensed for manage in FrameGlide + Spin Browser systems.

           Prices listed on website are for hit installations. For degree discounts (significant), gratify contact us.


Beautiful. Meaningful. Impactful.

Each function and patron has different goals, requirements, and workflows. We grant end-to-end management and work as well as communal table services. Our function is to seamlessly integrate with your ethnic teams to earn the service done and gat what is coming to one the results needed.




•           Aligning Goals, Processes, and People

•           Leveraging metadata-rich workflows

•           Maximizing black ink item for greater content

•           Content planning

Questions We Ask

•           What does success recognize like?

•           Who is the focus audience, i.e. "users"?

•           What do your users service about?

•           How do we desire to figure them feel?

•           What

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