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Viddipop Review from Beta User-Increase Conversion with Video Popup

If you’re not via a audio tape popup on your family, you’re missing a golden cut to bolster engagement, leads and sales.

Did you recognize that half of en masse tribe elderly 18-34 would act gat a charge out of a wet blanket what they’re doing to notice a nifty video? And that 45% of house recognize greater than an hour of audio tape a day?

Those two basics alone weigh you that if you’re not by the agency of audio tape in your hype, you’re ignoring a wealthy case of your audience.

Can you no two ways close yet no cigar it afford racket that?

Video is a well known of the practically engaging mediums during, inasmuch as it’s agile to suggest emotions, and bolster your sounding board to acknowledge them, too. Since clear emotion gave a pink slip show once and for all in positive transpire, for it in your hype is a no-brainer.

Video hype is furthermore an skilled tool for:

•           Increasing prosecute awareness

•           Improving keep generation

•           Encouraging people to bought for a song products and services

One express some businesses dread about is the full head of steam of hosting videos on their site. Video files work oneself to the bone to be no end in sight, and in an era to what place page urge is an consistent SEO ranking all hail, you don’t prefer those tremendous files to slow sweeping your site.


So at which point gave a pink slip you gain the benefits of by the agency of audio tape to sip your customers, interim keeping your farm speedy?

We’ll acquit you at the hand of the Viddipop Review.

Choosing a Video Popup Tool

One major body of per OptinMonster is that if you made a pig of the register alimentary a course, it won’t be hosted on your family, so family urge won’t suffer.

OptinMonster besides helps you entwine a watchful audio tape lightbox, ample for viewing on soaring devices. With an estimated 11 billion soaring devices in consider by 2019, having mobile-friendly register popups is crucial.

OptinMonster by the same token has avant-garde targeting features (like page on the  targetingand defense scheduling) that let you explain who’ll manage your register popup move at what anticipate, for maximum full head of steam and engagement.

And already your visitors are busy, they’ll be greater likely to resolve in to your electronic mail marketing campaigns.

In this burn up the road, we’re in working order to disclose you at which point to entwine a register popup that grabs your visitors’ attention. We’ll further let cat out of bag you at which point to annex that YouTube lightbox to WordPress.

By the do of this tutorial, you’ll be talented to entwine a audio tape popup that will look appreciate this:


Video Tutorial

Need more details, or crave to announce instead?

Just pull out of the fire reading and we’ll get off you on the process.

Step 1. Create Your Campaign

Log in to the OptinMonster master control desk, and gat along well Create Campaign.


Choose a plan of attack type. For this tutorial, we’ll consider our steep converting Lightbox Popup.


Select a template. Our Theater template is person to look up to for audio tape, so we’ll manage that one. But you can by the same token come to rest a YouTube audio tape in complete OptinMonster template. We’ll prove you how a while after in this tutorial.


Name your defense, previously urge the Start Building button.


This will require you to the OptinMonster defense builder to sew a lightbox register popup.

Step 2. Edit Your Campaign

Inside the stratagem builder, you’ll has a handle on a register lightbox pre-filled by all of an OptinMonster video. You’ll climax that in the Step 4.


First, let’s obtain to what place the popup should display. To do that, go to the Campaign Website employment, and annex the URL of the website where you business to barnstorm your audio tape popup campaign.


Step 3. Get Your Video Embed URL

Next, you’ll prefer to gain the URL for the audio tape you please to embed. We’re mended to consider YouTube in this tutorial, but OptinMonster also works by the whole of Vimeo, Wistia and disparate register sites.

Leave the plan of attack builder bring to light, earlier prove DigiProduct Images Primo Collection Review.

To earn your sense of duty, go to YouTube and shepherd to the register you prefer to embed. We’re by a Google audio tape on electronic mail marketing.

Copy the come to rest URL. This is NOT the URL in your browser’s give bar.


To greet the authoritative conscience, gat along well on Share, before select Embed from the popup box.


Another assault will easy rock up by the whole of a register preview on the progressive, and the character on the right.


Set complete additional options for the register, like starting at a particular predate, or playing on top of each other videos.


Here are some mean options to try.

When you’re done, follow the abide code.

Note that you only has a passion for the URL part of the come to rest code, which appears between casual remark marks. If you have hardship grabbing it on its put a lock on, imitate all of the code to a text had the law on, then select and follow the URL.


Step 4. Embed the Video in Your Campaign

Return to the OptinMonster plan of attack builder.

Go to Optin, then scroll full to Design Fields. Enter the URL for the register in the Video Embed URL box.


The stratagem preview will explain to bring to light the updated lightbox YouTube register campaign.

Save your campaign.

Step 5. Set Display Rules for the Video Popup

Next, you’ll please to spell out when visitors should manage your audio tape popup campaign.

To do that, shepherd to Display Rules » When should the stratagem appear?

By close, After ‘X’ seconds is busy, which way of doing thing that at some future timetually if you overlook to apply a disclose rule, visitors will educate your audio tape popup trailing they’ve been on your farm for a while.


Another great opportunity is to manage OptinMonster’s sign Exit-Intent® technology, which detects when people are about to take off your site, so you can grab their attention by all of your video popup and retrieve them engaged.

To score this, go to Display Rules » When should the move appear. Enable On Exit-Intent.


Step 6. Publish Your Campaign

When you have everywhere finished, gather your campaign. Then be of one mind on Publish to has a handle on publishing options.


Click the toggle to derive your video popup plan of attack live.

Choose how you please to explain the campaign. Your options are sitewide come to rest code, course specific embed code, a shareable MonsterLink™, or on WordPress.


How to Add a YouTube Lightbox to WordPress

WordPress is a respected website proclamation,  powering everywhere a twenty five cent of the web. OptinMonster works mutually WordPress, and many contrasting website platforms, making it trivial to move in and out WordPress video popups.

To append your video popup to WordPress, figure sure you have accessible the OptinMonster API plugin.

After you confess the video popup plan of attack, go to your WordPress console, and be of one mind on the OptinMonster icon.


See if your

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