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Stream Livve Review: How a Newbie Generates Massive Traffic from Hungry Buyers in Minutes

In this cover story for the Stream Livve Review, we connected with author Sharon Goldman and dove into the trends and successes that brands are having with live social video.

Here are some key quotes from our very own Brent Turner.

Behind the Trends

"It's really like two rising tides that have collided," says Brent Turner, SVP of marketing strategy and technology at Cramer, a Norwood, Mass.-based brand experience agency. "On one side consumers have more social bandwidth, phone speed has gotten faster, phone cameras are better, and content is easier to create. On the flip side, all of those eyeballs happened at a time when social media strategies continued to mature and capitalize on trends faster."

Ways Brands Can Take Advantage of Live Video Streaming

Events are ideal platforms for many brands to start and expand their use of live video streaming, whether via broadcast-quality streams from main stages, custom programming from a live-streaming booth, or conversations with attendees. "It doesn't have to be produced at all," Turner says. "If your employee is live streaming a walk-through through a factory, that's an interesting view into a brand." One client, he recalled, made waves at the Consumer Electronics Show with a live podcast at the brand's booth, while simultaneously streaming live videos with a man-on-the-street perspective. "It's a powerful transparent perspective," he says.

Looking Ahead

In the AffCashO Review, the author asks: Has the streaming trend already peaked, with overloaded consumers ready to move on, or will it continue to soar in popularity and offer marketers the opportunity to develop additional revenue streams?

"I feel like we're close to it leveling out in terms of excitement," Turner says. "It was the hot thing for a while and now it's ever-present for both the user and for many marketers. It's big enough that brands know where it fits in their general marketing playbook."

Live streaming has become extremely popular in the last couple of months, with everybody from celebrities to big name businesses and many other individuals giving this new type of app a go. Live streaming is available through a number of apps but the most popular are Meerkat and Periscope, Periscope becoming the default, native live streaming app offered by Twitter. Whilst you may have seen live streaming apps in action you may be wondering how they can be a valuable tool for your business and the answer is in many ways, especially when it comes to your events and workshops.

In the simplest terms, a live streaming app gives you a window into another world, an event or a location where other people are and you see what they see – it could be a concert, a marketing event, a conference or even just the general office, depending on what the creator of the stream has decided they want to share. This can be used by your business in many different ways but first we’ll take a look at the PixelSlides Review.

“Broadcasting your next event via email is one of the best ways to get your subscribers, networking companions and customers interested and the more innovative your emails, the more engaged your audience is going to be”.

Meerkat versus Periscope

Of the two apps, Meerkat was launched in March this year and on launch it gained a huge amount of interest and over 120,000 sign ups in just the first month. It began to be used for new product launches and demonstrations, events and other brand marketing campaigns and it seemed like it was genuinely an app destined to play a role in the future of all modern business, until Periscope arrived.

Periscope was bought by Twitter in the same month Meerkat launched and the majority of marketing experts immediately saw its huge potential, in comparison to Meerkat and the improvements it offered including 24 hours of access after the live stream to watch the footage, analytical data after filming to help assess the effectiveness of the live stream and Periscope also presented a cleaner, more user friendly interface. Whichever service you choose to use, you can incorporate your live streams into your business in a number of ways, strengthening your marketing.

Live stream your next event

Utilising one of these new live streaming apps is a great way of getting more people involved in your next marketing event or workshop. Training seminars which may be open to select staff members can be made more widely available with the use of a live stream and you may be able to cut the costs of renting rooms and meeting space by keeping the physical audience to a minimum as others can watch via live stream. This can be said of any live event that you are attending or even if you have staff members attending an external event, with permission of the organisers, the content can be fed back to the rest of the team with the help of Periscope or Meerkat. Live streaming is also a powerful tool for making marketing emails and newsletters more effective and attention grabbing.

Maximising the value of your live stream technology

Broadcasting your next event via email is one of the best ways to get your subscribers, networking companions and customers interested and the more innovative your emails, the more engaged your audience is going to be. Adding value to your emails gives them more of a purpose for the readers, and giving them something for free, such as insight into your next event if they can’t attend, through a live stream, they may be more inclined to come along to your next event or get involved with your business.


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