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What's SEO?

SEO in 2017 is a technological, analytical and creative process to increase the visibility of a site in search motors. Its main function is to operate a vehicle more goes to to a niche site that convert into sales.

The free SEO tips you will continue reading this page can help you create an effective SEO friendly website yourself.

I've over 15 years experience making websites ranking in Google. If you want optimisation services - see my SEO Revolution PLR Review or small company seo services.

An Introduction

This article is a beginner's guide to effective white head wear SEO.

I deliberately stay away from techniques that could be 'grey head wear', as what's gray today is often 'dark-colored head wear' tomorrow, so far as Google can be involved.

No one-page guide can explore this complicated topic completely. What you'll read here are answers to questions I had formed once i was getting started in this field.

The 'Guidelines.'

Google insists site owners stick to their 'guidelines' and seeks to praise sites with high-quality content and impressive 'white head wear' internet marketing techniques with high search positions.

Conversely, it must also penalise websites that have the ability to rank in Yahoo by breaking these guidelines.

These rules aren't 'laws and regulations', but 'recommendations', for position in Google; lay out by Google. You must take note, however, that some ways of ranking in Yahoo are, in reality, outlawed. Hacking, for occasion, is unlawful in the united kingdom and US.

You could choose to check out and follow these rules, flex them or dismiss them - all with different degrees of success (and degrees of retribution, from Google's web spam team).

White hats take action by the 'guidelines'; dark-colored hats disregard the 'guidelines'.

Everything you read in this specific article is correctly within the laws and regulations and also within the rules and can help you raise the traffic to your site through organic and natural, or natural search engine pages (SERPs).


There are a great number of explanations of SEO (spelled Search engine optimization in the united kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, or search engine marketing in america and Canada) but organic and natural SEO in 2017 is mainly about getting free traffic from Yahoo, typically the most popular search engine on the planet (and almost the sole game around in the united kingdom):


The skill of web SEO is based on focusing on how people seek out things and understanding which kind of results Google would like to (or will) screen to its users. It's about placing lots of things together to consider opportunity.

An excellent optimiser comes with an knowledge of how engines like google create their natural SERPs to gratify users' navigational, informational and transactionalkeyword questions.

Risk Management

A good internet search engine professional has a good knowledge of the short-term and long-term hazards involved with optimising rankings browsing engines, and a knowledge of the sort of content and sites Google (especially) Really wants to come back in its natural SERPs.

The purpose of any plan is more awareness in search machines and this will be a simple process if it weren't for the countless pitfalls.

There are guidelines to be adopted or ignored, dangers to take, increases to make, and fights to be earned or lost.

Free Traffic

A Pile View spokesman once called the internet search engine 'kingmakers', and that is no lie.

Ranking saturated in Google is quite VALUABLE - it's effectively 'free advertising' on the best advertising space on the planet.

Traffic from Google natural entries continues to be the most effective organic and natural traffic to a site on the planet, and it can make or break an internet business.

The point out of play, in 2017, is the fact you can STILL generate highly targeted leads, free of charge, just by bettering your website and optimising your articles to be as relevant as easy for a buyer looking for your enterprise, service or product.

Obviously, there's lots of competition now with the free traffic - even from Yahoo (!) in a few niche categories.  

You shouldn't contend with Google. You need to concentrate on contending with your competition.

The Process

The procedure can be practised, efficiently, in a bedroom or a place of work, but they have traditionally always included understanding many skills as they arose including diverse marketing solutions including however, not limited by:

-           Website design

-           Accessibility

-           Usability

-           Consumer experience

-           Website development

-           PHP, HTML, CSS, etc.

-           Server management

-           Site management

-           Copywriting

-           Spreadsheets

-           Backlink analysis

-           Keyword research

-           Social press promotion

-           Software development

-           Analytics and data analysis

-           Information architecture

-           Research

-           Log Analysis

-           Looking at Yahoo all night on end

It requires a whole lot, in 2017, to ranking on merit a full page in Yahoo in competitive niche categories.

User Experience

The big keep Google is striking every webmaster with (at this time, and then for the near future) is the 'QUALITY Consumer EXPERIENCE' stick.

If you be prepared to rank in Yahoo in 2017, you'd better have an excellent offering, not structured totally on manipulation, or old college tactics.

Is really a visit to your website a good customer experience?

If not - beware manual 'Quality Raters' and be careful the Yahoo Panda/Site Qualityalgorithms that want to get poor consumer experience because of its users.

Google bringing up the 'quality club', 12 months on time, ensures an increased quality level in online marketing generally speaking (above the low-quality we've seen during the last years).

Success online includes investment in top quality on-page content, website structures, usability, alteration to optimisation balance, and advertising.

Unless you take that road, you will discover yourself chased down by Google's algorithms sooner or later in the year ahead.

This 'what is SEO' guide (which whole website) is not about churn and lose type of Yahoo SEO (called webspam to Yahoo) as that is too dangerous to deploy on a genuine business website in 2017.

Online Marketing

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