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Reactor Review: This guy makes 100/day by getting “Reactions”

It isn’t new. You’ve certainly heard people talking about it, and if you haven’t, then you’ve certainly seen some recent example of this very spontaneous way of publicizing yourself.


In social media, information is power. During the 24 hours of the day, news and new things are being published constantly. Therefore, companies that want to take advantage of an opening have to pay close attention and be ready to react if the opportunity presents itself.


You have to be first. This is a race, the law of the fastest. With all the companies that are active on social media, you have to make yourself stand out. If the move turns out well, you can be on the lips of everyone and, best of all, be in blogs, like ours.

Of course, you also have to plan things. But this is like those plans you might not have even thought of,  but which sometimes turn out best because they are improvised on the spot. There’s a reason why this is called reaction marketing: you have to take action in real time and be part of all the conversations. You have to take advantage of the moment and events in order to be able to react when the opportunity arises: You definitely have to be a brand in real timeReactor Review.


One of the actions-reactions that best exemplifies this type of publicity was done by Oreo, during the Super Bowl event. It happened a few years ago, specifically in 2013, but it will go down in history as one of the actions which showed the most ingenuity on social media.


The Super Bowl is different because advertisers put everything they have into it. They produce their most expensive, most spectacular, and most creative spots during the Super Bowl, due to the expectations in the U.S. and among its millions of viewers. For sure you’ll record ads like “The Force” by Volkswagen in 2011, or “The Hard Way” by Budweiser this year.


In 2013, the team from Oreo took advantage of a power outage during the Super Bowl event  to launch something very creative on Twitter. The outage lasted 34 minutes, long enough to think about what to do when faced with this opportunity since the entire world was talking about it and venting their frustration on Twitter. Their copy said “Power out? No Problem”, with an image where you could see a cookie shining brightly on a dark background. In the legend it said, “You can still dunk in the dark”.  


With a simple PLR Bundle Deals Volume 1 Review, it was one of the most mentioned brands during the Super Bowl because of the intelligent and clever way they took advantage of the power outage in real time.

Another more recent example is the one by Ikea and “Game of Thrones”. A short time ago, an interview was published with the wardrobe designer for the series, in which they said that the modest origins of the clothes they used came from the carpets at IKEA. The company took advantage of the opening and created an instruction manual so that you too could join the Night Guard and not be cold!

Another one which is less well known outside the U.S., perhaps because of the kind of company, is the The Tube Funnel Review, a fast food restaurant chain in the United States. During the Grammy’s, they took advantage of the sartorial garb which artist Pharrell was wearing to ask him to give them back their hat, since there was a clear similarity between their logo and the hat he was wearing.

As a final example, we have the case of KITKAT and Apple. During the rumors about the I-Phone 6 Plus which said you could fold the phone, the KITKAT brand of chocolate candy took advantage of them to launch this message: “We don’t fold.  We break”. The copy was a perfect play on words with their slogan “Have a break”.

When ever I publish my monthly Income report, you could see the maximum revenue which I generate is via Aff. marketing. Even in my earlier article on How I make money with ShoutMeLoud, I mentioned about some of the top affiliate program which I use.

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·       What is Affiliate marketing and FAQ

I started promoting those products which I purchased from WarriorForum, and promoted because it’s useful for others too. Do remember, most of products on Warrior forum are meant for internet marketer, Bloggers, SEO, Webmasters, so if you are on any other niche like health, finance, there is no point of becoming an affiliate .

WarriorPlus : One stop place to become Warrior forum Affiliate

Warrior plus is a helper site for Warriorforum which will let you become a Warrior forum Affiliate and you can do more than becoming an affiliate. If you wish to sell your own product on Warriorforum, Warriorplus will let you quickly manage your WSO’s, partner with other JV’s and add an affiliate program to your WSO’s.

Though, for now, lets stick to topic and get started with making money by selling other products on Warriorforum. Once you register at Warriorplus, you can see all the WSO’s listing from current to past, and you can also browse the affiliate marketplace directly from here. Under get offers page, you can see the list of Warrior forum product which are available for affiliates, and with one click you can apply to become an affiliate with individual product.

Though do remember, you need to request for becoming an affiliate for individual product and it’s on the discretion of WSO owner to approve or reject your application. Though, I never seen any issues with approval of becoming an affiliate.  Below, you can see how much I earned by recommending one product:

Though, before you promote any product, I highly recommend you to buy it and use it for your own good. I purchased almost 8 WSO’s in last 4 months and I promoted only 2, because I realize rest 6 are not so useful or may cause issue in future. For example, Pinterest pin attribution plugin, which let me add Pinterest button to all uploaded image (Current to old image), was a good idea but it added a lot into loading time and made small images look ugly. So, despite of buying and using it for a week, I never promoted it. My point here is, there are thousands of WSO’s out there on warrioforum and instead of being a greedy affiliate, promote only those products which are useful and will be helpful for many.

You can learn more about FAQ regarding becoming an affiliate using Warrior plus here. As I mentioned above, this affiliate program is useful for certain niche and if you are looking for affiliate products for other niche, I recommend you to try CJShareaSale, Clickbank.

Things to remember before Promoting Warrior forum Product:

Most of the product on Warrior fourm will be listed with most appealing product landing page and don’t let it fool you. Go through all the comments and see what users are talking about it. Ignore the first few comments, as most of the time they are just to increase the rating of WSO and I had one bad experience with it, when I bought some case study related to penguin update.

·       Read all the FAQ’s and if you are promoting a product via Blog post, always use Videos, because that will give better understanding of the product.

·       Look out for unique and useful WSO’s and make sure you buy it before you recommend to your readers. This will not only build trust but you will increase your chance of earning  more in future.

·       Promote TOP WSO’s as they are already popular and trusted.

·       Most of Warrior forum affiliate comes with expiry date and many sellers offer 1-2 yr or life time support, and believe it very few of them keep their promises up. So, keep that in mind.

·       Maintain an Email list, this will help you instantly notify your subscriber about latest hot selling WSO product.

That’s it and now you are ready to become an affiliate with Warrior forum via Warrior plus, go ahead and make some huge bucks. If you are looking forward to become affiliate with other products which I promote, read following posts:

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Do let me know how’s your experience as Warrior forum Affiliate so far and any special technique you are using to promote WSO products?

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