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Interactr 2.0 Review - Turn ANY Video Into An Automated Profit Machine

I read Interactr 2.0 Review just lately about the availableness heuristic. From the psychological shortcut that triggers us to choose immediate (aka: available) information over different solutions that have a little bit much longer to think about.

Those that can break through the supply heuristic will be the innovators in their field. It's this "anything can be done" mentality that led Henry Ford to create cars somewhat than think of ways to make horses faster.

This reasoning can be employed to anything. Take vdeo sales marketing, for example. Videos give brands outstanding results - the type they can not get with other content. But the condition is, everyone understands that right now. To identify yourself, you will need to adopt it one step further.

Enter: Interactive Training video.

What's interactive video?

Quite simply, interactive videos are videos that your audience can connect to. Which means that rather than your video recording taking viewers on the linear trip - where in fact the only options are play, miss, and pause - your video tutorial will have many different pathways that users can get around at their choosing.

This new "active" way to take pleasure from videos can make your brand more memorable and help you be competitive for attention within an ever-crowded marketplace.

According to a recently available Wyzowl study, only 24% of marketers interviewed have used interactive training video, but of the, 92% said it was a powerful tool! So it is clear that the first adopters of interactive training video are pleased with the results.


Plenty of reasons! To begin with, interactive video can be an extremely diverse medium, so that it is simply perfect for any business.

Here are simply a couple of methods for you to use interactive video recording: (You will see The Paper Project Review)

Create a tale


Ideal for: giving a synopsis of your brand, service or product

Storyline videos give audiences the energy to choose their own excursion, and they are also a terrific way to display your product within an engaging manner.

Sell products


Ideal for: online stores

Users can go through the item in this video recording to be studied straight to something page to produce a purchase.

Demo software


Ideal for: software with a number of tools

This video provides complete summary of the top features of the Dayre app, so that users can get the most out of these experience.

Tailor content


Ideal for: increasing end user engagement

This video tutorial is exquisite for companies that focus on several different types of customers who've different questions that require to be responded.

Gamify a quiz


Ideal for: collecting data

This gamified interactive training video challenges visitors' managerial skills with a great multiple choice quiz.

There is merely one limit as it pertains to interactive training video: your creativity!

And how about mobile, you ask?

Mobile is obviously important in the vdeo sales marketing world. A recently available Socialy Pro Review discovered that video recording accounted for 55% of mobile traffic in 2015. With this thought, it's estimated that by 2020, over 75% of global mobile data traffic will be video content.

But don't stress:

Virtually all interactive videos are manufactured with HTML5 and use built-in reactive design to aid playback in every HTML5-supporting web browsers and devices, irrespective of screen size.

How interactive video recording works

As with any leading edge technology, it requires a while to really get your brain around how interactive training video works. The ultimate way to become acquainted with it on a simple level is to check out YouTube to check out their "Annotations" tool.

Word: This tool can not work on mobile, therefore i wouldn't recommend this for business use. It's just a good way to obtain a taste of the technology behind interactive videos.

To begin with, get on YouTube and choose the training video you want to make interactive. Following that, struck the "End Display screen & Annotations" icon: 


You can automatically be studied to the "End Screen" tabs, so ensure you choose "Annotations" and you're ready to make your training video interactive!

Select a framework and then click "Add Annotation". You will see a drop-down menu with options to choose from. On the market, many of these annotations are known as "hotspots". They are the clickable elements in your training video - the parts which make it interactive.


After adding your annotation, you will need to web page link it up to some other video. That is so that whenever users go through the hotspot, they can be taken to another video recording and can keep on their interactive quest:


YouTube Annotations is free, and it's really great to experiment with. But, when i stated before, it won't focus on mobile; looked after won't provide you with the smooth feel of the video tutorial instances we've seen up to now in this specific article.

To make a truly interactive video tutorial, you will need to partner with a software solution. There are several great businesses out there that you could work with:

-            Eko Studio

-            Rapt Media

-            WIREWAX

... to mention a few. The downsides with these options are that they have a tendency to focus on a subscription-fee basis which can position the interactive video recording out of grab businesses with smaller costs.

For a far more accessible interactive training video solution, you should speak to Wyzowl. We create our customers' training video content from scrape - the script, the storyboard, the computer animation, and, of course, all the interactive elements! And we demand a straightforward one-off fee.

The benefits associated with interactive video

1. Turning Passive Audiences into Dynamic Ones

One of the key reasons vdeo sales marketing has snowballed in attractiveness lately is due to how interesting it is compared to other marketing mediums. The blend of moving images, acoustics, and, oftentimes, a story, is a lot more interesting when compared to a static advertising. But, with that said, the take action of watching a normal video is unaggressive.

Interactive video recording is active.

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