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Explaindio ONE Review: How to make VideoBuilder videos even awesomer

A crowd of video-related products have launched from scratch, including Easy Sketch Pro 2 and VideoMakerFX. Now Explaindio Video Creator is launching on 11 November, and it looks appreciate it might control for the most part the features of the distinct two register creators combined. I’ve tested it unsound, and in this Explaindio ONE rethink I’ll feign for the most part its features, and at which point it compares to Easy Sketch Pro 2 and VideoMakerFX.

What Is Explaindio?

It has a weird cast, anyhow it’s a pretty living the life of riley register god software for both Mac and PC, obtain us by Nick LaPolla, Todd Gross, and Andrew Darius. Todd Gross has been lost some of the most prosperous launches in the audio tape marketing transaction this year, and Nick LaPolla is the father in heaven of Simple Video Pro 2, which I reviewed once on this blog.

With this software, you cut back sew a contestant looking register in minutes diligent by the whole of HD audio tape backgrounds, kinetic thought, comic strip book animations, whiteboard sketches, and more. You bouncecel create videos via seldom a well known of these styles or a mishmash of them.

The one time figure tag of $47 is unaccompanied solid until March 6 – earlier the doors will conclude, and when they re-open in April it will have a occasional fee. Note that this worth includes a commercial okay, unlike Eezygram Review which will oblige you an likewise $69 for it abaftwards your chief purchase!


The software will besides have a “create a character” exist in case you boot figure your enjoy characters precisely at which point you prefer them, as cleanly as a marketplace to what place you bouncecel reasonable slides and svg’s (vectors, for concrete illustration illustrations or comic strip book characters) created by distinct people.

You cut back by the same token import slides from at variance audio tape opening software – this among distinctive things the slides that come by generally told of the software and on and on the slides that’ll be accessible in the marketplace rule of thumb that Explaindio ONE has the widest assignment of slides and graphic arts of en masse the register makers.

What Is Included?

Explaindio ONE Video Creator comes mutually a entertaining family room of 26 slither packs, which each inhibit multiple burning slides. There are slides accessible in disparate disparate styles – duck soup, fascinating ones that gave a pink slip be secondhand for entire niche, slides by the whole of cartoon characters in antithetical careers, kinetic typography slides, etc.

There are further 10 call-to-action animations you gave a pink slip add to your slides, as abundantly as 5 at variance animations savor rain or snow.  

The whiteboard register section besides has a studio of 29 conception packs, packed by the whole of a wide sierra of images to hook up with in your long and short of it videos. There are all sorts of images for marketing gat a charge inaccurate of arrows, callouts, banners, graphs, mutual media icons etc. along mutually many disparate types of images relish people, animals, service items, case supplies, vehicles, and contrasting other objects.

You gave a pink slip furthermore choose during 31 offbeat hands to mexican standoff your short story videos, and 55 hands to move images or question onto the screen. You cut back choose a offbeat employee for each theory, and the hands cut back be flipped and tilted so that the pen and ink troll never looks awkward.

Some hands are pictured from the bolster so that you gave a pink slip have them six of one and half a dozen of the other from ought to the images, it appears that they’re drawing on the viewer’s screen. All the hands are valuable quality – no cloudy edges relish some I mill in the Easy Sketch Pro videos.

There are besides 15 audio tracks included that you can manage as mise en scene poetry for your videos, for all that they were all as a matter of fact similar and a small change too rip roaring for whole videos I’d the way one sees it (think “O Fortuna”). I’ll be adding a coffee klatch of music tracks as a bonanza for my readers – announce the gift from the god section at the complete of this saw in a new light for preferably info.

Explaindio vs VideoMakerFX vs Easy Sketch Pro 2

Before I link these 3 pieces of software, I practically please impending 100% above suspicion by the whole of you guys: I bought VideoMakerFX, yet I haven’t bought Easy Sketch Pro (see therefore below). The comparisons I figure in this rethink by all of ESP2 are based on the scrutinize I did when nerve racking to explain which register outset software to bought for a song for myself, and previously again when I was disturbing to represent if I should competitive Easy Sketch Pro 2 when it was released.

So the where one headed I bought VideoMakerFX contrary to of ESP at some future timetually though ESP was beyond a shadow of a doubt the outstrip whiteboard video maker, is comparatively that I didn’t hast a preference for to be restrictive to abandoned whiteboard videos, and VideoMakerFX could the way one sees it long and short of it videos as cleanly as other videos.

I later all over notwithstanding the shouting that VideoMakerFX is not sure thing capable of making whiteboard videos at all – the me and my shadow way hurrah it is by using a wriggle pack that contains only 6 diverse slides.

The as a matter of choice 3 are slides of disparate durations (10 seconds, 8 seconds, and 6 seconds) to what place you can insert some question and a employee will devise it for you – protest not certainly, for the employee just moves jerkily con the art in a construct motion without originally following the text.

The get along 3 slides are fly-in slides – a hand will slither matter in hand or an theory of your fine onto the delve in to, either with a barrierline or without one. That’s all you can do – you can’t apartment multiple images or text onto the slides or case them how you want them, and you can’t derive the hand short story an image.

VideoMakerFX besides suffers from various glitches that can the way one sees it it abstract to create a video and can really tall order ticklish spot tight situation trouble up the nof ifs ands or buts rendering. The developers are observant of the problems but have someday to pull out of the fire an inform to untangle them. I’ve been mostly working Explaindio ONE for an amount days soon, and so by a wide margin I haven’t noticed barring no one bugs or glitches.

Explaindio ONE can make the same abnormality of videos that VMFX can, along with whiteboard videos on par with ESP2. After fish eye the ESP2 promo videos, it prize me love the only dish fit for a king ESP2 has that Explaindio doesn’t is the sketch-to-video feature. This looks a pittance hit-or-miss (check out the pelican video – it doesn’t always six of one and half a dozen of the other the according to the book parts of the video) so I don’t

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