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Engage Shops Review: 800 Million Buyers Waiting To Shop With YOU

Learning how to make money on Instagram is easy.

So easy in fact, there are 19 year olds making over 6 figures per year from it..

You don’t need a college degree. You don’t need any background experience. And the way I am going to teach you in today’s tutorial, you are going to find out how you can make an absolute killing on Instagram without that many followers.

Find out the top 3 ways on how to make $100 per day on Instagram in today’s video.

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The Low Down on How You Can Make Money on Instagram

Since you don’t have millions of followers like Selena Gomez, nor do you have Kim Kardashian’s butt, you need to find a way to make more money per person that visits your Instagram profile.

Because of their millions of followers, companies are willing to pay these social media influencers thousands of dollars to promote their products for them.

But us normal people don’t have that kind of audience.

So what can we do instead to increase the money coming in?

Its simple..

Sell your own product.

But for many of you just beginning, you don’t have the luxury of creating a product right away.

So here is what you can do instead.

Step 1: Finding the Right Product

I wanted to see just how much money I could make with Instagram. So I did a little experiment. I wanted to see just how fast it would take me to make $1000 from it.

The idea was to sell a product.

But there was no way in hell that I wanted to manage customer service or ship the products out myself. So the only options I had where:

If you see in the video I was able to find the right affiliate offers by looking at Xinemax Review. I ended up finding some good ones in a weird particular niche shown in the tutorial.

Step 2: Building the Instagram Page

Before I could reach out to influencers with more followers than me, I needed to first build up my credibility.

So I had my virtual assistant manually upload 3 videos a day to the account in the niche that I chose as well as placing relevant hashtags.

What are hashtags?

Think about them as keywords that people on Instagram use to find an account that has something that they would be of interest to them.

For every single video, we entered in the comments as much hashtags relating to the niche as possible.

We kept this up until the page had around 1000 followers.

Step 3: Reach out to Influencers

Once you have 1000 followers on your Instagram page, the next thing you want to do is to reach out to other Instagram pages in the same niche.

Make sure you look for pages that have around 50,000 to 100,000 followers when starting off.

Private message them or send them an email asking them their price for a “shout out.”

A shout out will be you providing them with an image or a video promoting your product. And they will post it on their page for an hour to up to a whole day.

Try shooting to spend around $50 to $100.

Don’t try spending any more until you get used to bargaining with these influencers.

Once you find a couple of good Instagram accounts that are willing to do business with you, have them shout you out one at a time so you can find out which accounts have the highest conversion rate for your product.

Repeat this until you make so much money that you feel obliged to FedEx me a burrito for your gratitude.

And make sure you watch the entire video tutorial for the full low down on Affiliate Promo Mastery Review

Your fellow freedom fighter,

Mike Vestil

P.S. for anyone that wants to get mentored by me and join the online community of elite entrepreneurs, make sure you join the Internet Lifestyle Academy now!

n terms of time investment, this tactic requires the most by far.

However, this can also net you the biggest returns.

Here’s the basic process that you’ll follow for this tactic.

1.     Open an online store (e.g. sell clothing on Zazzle, sell products on Shopify or on Etsy)

2.     Create an Instagram account that’s built around your niche

3.     Feature your products on your Instagram account

4.     Earn money

Here’s what I love about the Internet.

It has created an immense amount of opportunities for those who are clever enough to use the right resources to their advantage.

For instance, there are on-demand printing companies like Zazzle that allow you to design and sell your own clothing, hats, bags, stickers, etc. with absolutely no investment and zero overhead costs.

You can then use other free resources like social media to promote your products and create a nice side hustle for yourself.

In fact, I’ve heard of multiple people earning five figures a month from this type of business model.

An awesome example

I would like to show you one specific Instagram page that’s completely killing it.

It’s called Doug the Pug.

As the name implies, it’s all about the life of one of the Internet’s coolest and cuddliest pugs, Doug.

This page chronicles Doug’s life and takes followers along on his adventures.

As of June 2017, Doug the Pug had 2.7 million followers.

Doug has his own book entitled Doug the Pug: King of Pop Culture, which is pretty impressive considering that he can’t actually write.

There’s also the Doug the Pug Official Store, which contains shirts, hats, mugs, plush dolls, and more.

He even does appearances all around the country.

In other words, Doug’s owner has created a massive brand.

And guess what?

It’s all basically centered around their Instagram page.

With 2.7 million followers, you can bet that they’re driving plenty of high-quality traffic to the store and consequently getting paid handsomely for it.

I personally think that this is a brilliant example of how Instagram can be used to build a brand from scratch.

I also think that Doug the Pug is definitely a template you could use to launch your own brand and sell from your online store.

Just use your creativity and come up with an interesting angle that will get people excited and eager to invest in your brand.

There’s no doubt that there is a significant time investment involved, but it can pay dividends if you’re able to establish a large and loyal audience.

The best part is all of the different ways you can monetize your brand later on.

Don’t start an online store without this…

What’s one critical aspect of a business transaction?


Unless you share a genuine connection with your audience, you’ll find it challenging to persuade them to buy from you. Here are a few tips to build a strong bond.

1. Walk in your customer’s shoes  As a brand, you want to post content that helps your audience connect with you. Airbnb does a great job at portraying travel and meeting new people on their Instagram. They also share interesting trivia with their pictures. It makes their account interesting and more human.

As an online store, you can display your products in Instagram posts.

Madewell, for example, does a fantastic job with this.

Take them behind the scenes – Put a face on your brand. Get people to know you and your brand. If you can show how you create your products, even better. People value honest and authentic content. That’s why this behind the scenes Instagram picture went viral.

Get your users creating content  There’s no bigger endorsement than your audience crafting content on your behalf. Adobe has a powerful set of graphic design tools and its Instagram feed shows that its customers put them to good use. Adobe does user-generated content the right way.

Overall, tell a compelling visual story – Stay consistent with your posting schedule and create an interesting theme around your content. If you keep at it, then your audience will fall in love with you.

Set up a shop on Instagram – Since Instagram is mobile, the customer journey to buy your product can get real complicated. So why not set up your own shop on the platform and convert your audience into loyal shoppers?

A couple of apps you can consider for turning Instagram into a shoppable platform are Soldsie and Yotpo.

Case Study: Making money from Instagram by opening a clothing company

Wolf Millionaire student grew his account votrends to 54k followers in 4 months and then went on to starting a clothing company.

They started with promoting products by other multiple brands on their Instagram account. And to launch their clothing line, they started by testing the response to 3 custom T-shirts. To increase the engagement, they even launched a giveaway.

I recommend checking out the complete breakdown of how votrends is rocking their account in the video below.

How to make money on Instagram if you have an existing product

If you already own a store and want to extend your online presence to make money off Instagram, then the game is easier. You need to rely on your loyal customers to serve as your brand advocates. Because user-generated content leads to gaining immediate trust.
You can even create a user-generated gallery on your website that will serve as a powerful visual social proof. Yotpo offer the feature as a 
photo carousel.

You can also sell your digital products on Instagram.

Have you heard of Timothy Sykes?

He’s an expert at penny stocks and made millions investing in them.

Initially, he saw Instagram as a waste of time for his business. Eventually he ended up making $500k from the platform and getting attention by major media publications like Business Insider and for his outrageous Instagram posts (like the one below).

I’ve had great success with making money from Instagram by selling my training package (my existing product). I break down the complete process here.

Instagram Money Tactic #5 – Become an Instagram marketing consultant

Do you know how I grew my first blog Pronet Advertising?
By consistently 
getting on the first page of Digg.

I would have loved to use search engines, but as you know it takes time to find great results quickly when it comes to  ranking for competitive keywords. In their analysis of 2 million keywords, Ahrefs found that only 22% of pages currently ranking in top 10 are less than an year old.

Social media is the go-to way to publicize your brand, especially if you’re a startup looking for an exponential growth. Businesses already know the importance of social media and want to integrate it in their marketing.

What’s shocking is that 49% of businesses don’t have a formal strategy in place, even though businesses spend the most on the tactic.

Struggling businesses present a terrific opportunity for you. If you know the social media ropes, then you can help brands climb quickly and command hefty sums.

Obviously, you can’t rely on Digg like me (it isn’t even relevant anymore). But Instagram is the platform of 2017 with the highest engagement rates and fastest growth since being launched.

And what’s interesting is that there aren’t any dedicated consultant sites that appear in Google results for the term “Instagram marketing consultant.” There are just a few relevant results including my blog post and an Upwork listing. This probably indicates that the market isn’t as competitive.

So how much money can you make as a consultant?

I looked for Instagram marketing freelancers on Upwork and found consultants were making in the range of $16/hour to $75/hour. With experience and expertise, I am sure you can touch the upper end of that range.

Here is a simple 3-step process to make money through Instagram:

Are you new to the world of social media and Instagram?

Then you’ll need to establish your credibility and understand the Instagram marketing funnel.

That doesn’t mean getting hundreds and thousands of followers.

If you consistently follow the steps I mentioned in the “How to build a sizeable Instagram following” section, then you’re good to go. But you have to put  in the work to get the results.

Bryan Harris boils down the process in 3 steps.

In this case, you’re through with the first step – you’re offering Instagram marketing to businesses. Now, you need to identify prospects willing to hire you and create a sales pitch.

Here’s the personalized pitch that Devesh sent to Brian Dean. He included an 8-minute video and explained how he can help Backlinko.

The result?
Deven earned a $10,000 contract with Backlinko.

If you can prepare a compelling Instagram marketing pitch for prospects, then you can also expect to close similar deals.

Instead of emailing, you have the option to reach out to businesses on Instagram itself through direct messages.

Here’s how to build a sustainable consultation business

If you’re in it for the long-term, then I recommend you follow the additional steps below for future-proofing your business.

1. Carefully decide your target market and start to market yourself on Instagram using the tactics we discussed in the “…sizeable Instagram following…” section. Building relationships with the influencers in your niche can change everything for you.

2. Build a portfolio of commendable work. Start with offering free help to local businesses and NGOs with their Instagram presence.

3. Track the amount of time you’re spending on various tasks (even when working for free) using apps like RescueTime, and create a process of how you’ll work with new consultant business customers.

·         There must be clear, concise, and regular communication with your clients

·         Use a simple dashboard with a few metrics to indicate the progress of their social media accounts. Even a simple spreadsheet can serve as a great tool. Here are 15 useful templates.

4. Market your services by writing guest posts. I’ve written extensively about how guest posting can increase your brand’s exposure and lead to a slew of inbound client requests. Brandon Seymour doubled his revenue as a consultant through a single guest post.

Optional (but highly recommended): Publish content on your blog regularly. If you write content on subjects that are of interest to your target audience, then it helps your site’s SEO. It helps your prospects find you and builds a brand asset that powers up your authority.

When consulting, remember client to client referrals are the best way to grow your business. So impress your clients and build a great relationship with them (you’ll increase your rates to hundreds of dollars per hour eventually).

How will you measure the success of your Instagram marketing?

You’ll need to mutually agree on the key metrics with your client that determines the ROI of your Instagram marketing. Here are a few you can rely on:

1. Growth in social following – Though the quality of followers is important, quantitative growth of social accounts shows the rate at which your client’s community is growing. Ideally, you should express the metric in a percentage and it shouldn’t decline.

For instance: Twitter is said to be dying  a slow death because its growth rate continues to decline.

2. Engagement – The best way to gauge if your audience is liking the content you’re sending out. Find out how often your audience is liking, commenting, and sharing your posts.

The per-follower interaction rate (organic) on Instagram is highest when compared against other social media, but it’s slowing down with increased competition.

3. Revenue – Instagram has opened shopping on its platform. But even if you don’t use the feature, you can measure the indirect revenue resulting from your marketing efforts.

For example: Foundr magazine grew their Instagram following to 110,000 followers in 5 months, and they collected emails from their bio link – they estimated six figures in revenue from the platform that year.

4. Referral traffic from social media – Since Instagram only allows clickable links in the bio, measuring the referral traffic can be tricky. But Caitlin Brehm shows how you can perform magic with a Google Campaign URL and track your referrals.

5. Performance of ads – If you’re running paid ads for your client to increase the visibility of their posts, then you need to separate your paid reach from organic.

Before we move on to the next Instagram money tactic, I have some more bonus stuff for you.

Here are 4 apps that will streamline social media account management for your clients:

1. Freshbooks – It’s a super cool tool to invoice your clients, track your time, send follow-ups, and organize your expenses. It’s recommended by successful entrepreneurs like Pat Flynn.

2. ConvertKit – If you direct Instagram users to your landing page, then you’ll need a tool for collecting emails, sending newsletters, and building a relationship with prospects. ConvertKit is an affordable solution with powerful features.

3. Cyfe – Want to track the impact of social media on the business? Cyfe creates a dashboard where you can monitor all necessary business data with beautiful visualizations. You can invite your clients to see the progress in real-time and even send automated weekly reports.

4. Later – If you need to consistently login to Instagram to send updates, then you’ll waste a lot of time. Later allows you to plan and schedule your content calendar conveniently.

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