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Affiliazon DFY Juicers Edition Review in detail

This is a brand new custom made website that will be sold only once built on the WordPress platform targeting the juicer niche monetized through The website targets the following Keyword: Affiliazon DFY Juicers Edition Review

Website Features & Included Bonus

Premium Plugins Installed

  • Easy WP SEO Plugin (Value $47)
  • WP Zon Builder Amazon Posting Tool (Value $99)
  • BackUpBuddy Premium Backup Plugin (Value $99)
  • Zon Discount Finder (Value $27)


Other Important & Useful Plugins

  • AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget Plugin “Helps your visitor promote your site!”
  • All In One SEO Plugin “Out-of-the-box SEO for your WordPress blog”
  • Akismet Plugin “Akismet is quite possibly the best way in the world to protect your blog from comment and trackback spam”
  • Google XML Site Maps Plugin “This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and to better index your blog”
  • Pretty Link Lite Plugin “Shrink, track and share any URL on the Internet from your WordPress website!”
  • StatPress Reloaded Plugin “Improved real time stats for your blog”

And some others that make this website perform as smooth and efficient as possible for your visitor and potential customers


Website Security

Several configured plugins are installed on this website to help secure the site against potential hackers and intruders for extra protection and peace of mind.



Included Theme

This site will be running on the Genesis Framework (Value $79.95) with the fully responsive Magazine child theme (Value $24.95) The Genesis Framework allows you to quickly and easily build incredible websites with WordPress and is rated to be one of the top themes available by many successful website owners and bloggers.



1 Full Year Of Free Website Hosting

I Also include with this website 1 year of free hosting on one of my  reseller accounts (Value $86) this eliminates the need for website transfers and confusion.

After your website is complete you will be sent all the website login details so you can immediately have access to your new site without delay.



Custom Web Graphics

This site will also include some beautiful custom graphics (Value $97) such as:

  • A professional unique detailed custom logo made for this particular site only
  • Custom front page graphics to make the site look detailed and professional

Domain Name Included

This website includes the domain name with your purchase (Value $13) with a free push to your account

Some Other Great Features Included

  • Site setup for the user in mind to be able to search for products by different factors such as color,make,ratings & brands,etc to name a few
  • Deal Of The Week section where you can add the best selling item in your niche for that week
  • A custom search system setup to add additional search functions than the standard wordpress search that increases visitors experience on the site.
  • All the necessary important & legal pages setup,privacy policy,disclaimer,contact us,about us,terms of use Amazon affiliate disclaimer set up on the bottom of the site and in the disclaimer page to comply with Amazons terms.
  • Custom WP Zon builder template designed by us to differentiate your site from others.
  • Website setup with a Blog category so you can continually add fresh content to your site which is crucial for maintaining decent search engine rankings.


This website also comes with a setup Facebook page, with graphics setup to help increase your social presence.


Top of Form  


After you purchase a site, you will be redirected to a Thank You page explaining the information I will need from you to prepare the site for final delivery.

NOTE: Don’t just copy people’s review and just post then on your blog. Write 100% unique articles is a great way to rank on Google.

In your review, explain why readers should buy the product from A

mazon, the benefits, state the pros and coins of the product. If the product has negative review, let the readers know about it and direct them to Amazon where to can find more reviews.

Most people always ask question about the words count for affiliate review. This matter, of course, you can’t just write 300 words and expect people to see you as authority in your niche. Your review should be able to convince people about the product.

My idea number count start from 1200 above, but preferably, 1500 at least.

Click here to learn mores on how to write Amazon product review

Types Of Content To Post

Since we are dealing with Amazon niche site to promote physical product, it is a good to come up with type of content people we love to read. Post that are very information and solve visitors problem. When people are reading your blog post and find solution to their problem, they will willingly ready to buy any product you recommend to them.

I talked about it when I was explaining how to perform keyword research. People are looking for best product of the year, and the only way to find out is to look for review of such product through Google. Here are the example of blog post that can increase conversion.

·       Best of product + year e.g best iphone 2017

·       Top product + year e.g Top 5 Omega juicer 2017, Top rated omega juicer

·       Using price + year eg. Best android phone under $100 2017, best Iphone under $50

·       Comparison post e.g Product A Vs Product B

·       Example: Omega J8006 Vs Omega J8006

·       Omega J8006 Vs Omega J8004 Vs Omega J8005

You can also use comparison table to compare more than 5 products.

 Another way to get more traffic and double sales is to create a blog under categories and write articles related to the product you are promoting. If you are promoting juicers, you can write blog post such as

How to use Omega juicer to produce juice without losing its bioactive nutrient.

How juice can help you lose weight etc, and recommend best juicer to them.

 How To Add Amazon Product Links

Now that the review of the product is ready, before it goes live on your blog, you need to add link to the post to get sales when people buy through your link’

Adding Amazon affiliate link may be time consuming, thanks to the Easy Azom plugin that make the job simple. This help to quickly go to Amazon and find the product, include image, CTA to the post and more.

How to add Amazon affiliate product to the blog post Using Easy azon plugin

If you have install the plugin, go to the new blog post and locate the plugin at the top, click on it.

It will bring a new page where to enter the product keyword or ASIN number of the product, and click search. You can select the country but the default is United State.

From the image above are the list of juicers for the search JUICERS. At the left hand side, there is text link, Image link, CTA link and info link.

You can easily add text link that contains your Amazon affiliate link, add image of the product with affiliate link, also CTA link, i.e buy bottom etc.

Users get access to their tutorial to learn how to use the plugin. Affiliate will be able to make commission from any countries such as US, CANADA, UK and all other countries.

How To Add Amazon Affiliate Link Manually

Adding link to the post manually make take a little time but it is not so difficult. Here is how to add Amazon affiliate link to the product review.

Sign in into the Amazon affiliate account at  and locate the search bar.

In the space where you see keyword or ASIN/ISBN, type the keyword or the ASIN number of the product. For example, I typed Omega j8006 juicer in the space as a keyword, then click go.



It bring out the Omega J8006 juicer and other omega juicers like 8008, J8004 etc. Next, look at the right hand side where you see GET LINK in yellow colour.

Since we want to get affiliate link for Omega J8006 juicer which is the first on the list. Click on small arrow pointing down beside get link.

 It will bring pop up that contain Amazon affiliate link with ID. You can now copy the link or shot it by clicking on shorten URL with

To copy the code, click on Highlight HTML and copy it. If you want to customize the link, this can be done by clicking on GET LINK. This will lead to another page where you can customize your affiliate link and choose either Image only, text and Image or text only.

Amazon make it possible to change the title colour, background colour and price colour. After finish the customization, copy the copy and place it on site.

NOTE: I strongly advice to make all affiliate links non follow. If you are using EasyAzon, it will take care of everything.

By now, the niche site is live and ready for promotion. Without promotion, now body will see the site no matter how quality content you have on it. It is very easy to build a niche blog but it require a lot of effort to get it rank on Google and other search engines.

How To Promote Amazon Niche Site

There are various ways to promote niche site and get a better result. Below are ways to promote Amazon niche site and get more sales.

SEO:This is one of the best ways to get targeted traffic from search engines especially Google. It may require more effort but the reward is always amazing if done properly without try to game search engines.

If you want to know how SEO work, then ready to learn both on-page SEO and off page SEO. Off age SEO is a way to build backlinks to site to rank on Google.

On-page SEO is a way of optimizing web pages in order to rank higher and get more targeted traffic in search engines. It refers to both the content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimized while off-page SEO is refers to links and other external signals.

WordPress Plugin for SEO

Yoast SEO plugins is my prefer plugin and all in one SEO plugin. You can download the here:

Yoast SEO plugin

Learn how to configure it here

All in one SEO Pack

Which one do I prefer? This is a big question but my answer is Yoast SEO and I’m recommended it.

Other plugin that need to

There are more things to learn about SEO, below are the best place where you can learn about on-page and off—page SEO.

On-Page SEO: Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page by backlinko

19 Advanced SEO Techniques That’ll Double Your Search Traffic by Niel patel

Backlinko: SEO Training and Link Building Strategies

There are many other place to learn more about SEO but the above resource are great if you are new to SEO.

Using Social Media

Social signal is among the factors Google consider to rank website. Creating social profile for your niche site is a must and it has a lot of benefits. Here are few social media profile you can create for niche site;

·       Facebook Page

·       Pinterest business account

·       Twitter

·       Google Plus

·       Linkedlin

Make sure you add your website into the URL of each of the social media profile.

Create Facebook page for the niche site and promote it to get people to like the page. Most people are also using Facebook ads to get more like but I don’t recommend spending money to get people to like your page.

Find related Facebook groups and start telling people about the site. Most niche marketer are making thousands of dollar by creating Facebook page and group.

Pinterest is my favorite and I’m getting a lot of free traffic from it. If you don’t have pinterest account, you can create one today. You will need Pinterest business account to get the best result, or convert your personal account into business account.

Click here to create pinterest business account

Pinterest is the best social media where you can get thousands of free traffic to your site without spending dime.If you have not been using it, start today and you will thank me later.

Click here to learn more about pinterest traffic.

How to promote Amazon niche site Using Video

Video is a very powerful way to get thousands of traffic for free, and it is not even expensive. This can be done without spend any money.

There are two ways to use Video: Use it to promote your niche site or promote Amazon affiliate product directly.

You can add affiliate link into the description of the video.The best place is to add it at beginning of the description where people to see it, or add website URL to direct people to the site where they can read more about the product.

Most internet marketer are now making uses of YouTube to drive traffic to their site and to promote affiliate products.

Click here to learn more about YouTube video marketing

Yes, almost done, starting from what is Amazon affiliate program, how to find product, create a niche site and website promotion.

Wrapping Up

Creating Amazon affiliate niche site to make money online require more effort but the reward is great. It may take some times to get result or to make thousands of dollar, so don’t be discourage if result is not instant. You should try to build a solid online business that can generate passive income for years instead of seen it as a way to quickly make money.

After the site is live, the most important thing is creating quality content and build quality backinks, this is very crucial and determine the success of the website.

I hope this article help you on how to make money with amazon affiliate program.Amazon affiliate marketing is an easy to to male steady income online if you promote high demand products .I will be written more about making money with amazon associate affiliate programin the future,so always check back.

Here are places where to outsource content:

In case you have any question about amazon affiliate program, don’t hesitate to let me know from the comment.

Thanks for taken time to read this blog post, to your success.

Recommended Tools &Materials

·       Ultimate Azon theme:Best Amazon affiliate theme

·       Easy Azon plugin : Easy Azon make it easy to quickly Add Amazon Affiliate Links to your wordpress Posts & Pages. You can search from within wordpress for any products to add and Insert affiliate links, Image affiliate Links even the product info block in a matter of second.

·       Namecheap -To register domain

·       Bluehost-Best web hosting

·       Hostgator-Great web hosting

·       Long Tail Pro keyword: One of the best keyword tools.

·       Semruch keyword tool:Another great keyword tool for SEO experts.

Want to Buy ready made Amazon affiliate niche sites?

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