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  • 5 Tips To Create Easily Searchable Law Firm Website FAQ Pages

5 Tips To Create Easily Searchable Law Firm Website FAQ Pages

Does your attorney website provide clear answers to your audience? This will sound like a rhetorical question to you. However, once you go through this post discussing the tips to create easily searchable law firm website FAQ pages, you will understand what we are getting at. People searching for lawyers are usually looking for solutions to legal problems. Before they decide to hire an attorney, they want to ensure that the professional possesses the necessary expertise required for resolving their issue. Their main objective of visiting your interface is to ascertain your proficiency in the specified practice area. The frequently asked questions (FAQ) page provides the audience with useful information besides providing proof of your professional expertise. FAQ pages play a vital role in effective online marketing for attorneys by informing potential clients and projecting a trustworthy image of your firm. Here are a few actionable suggestions that will help you create powerful and easily discoverable FAQ sections.

1. Research Your Niche To Identify Relevant Questions

In order to create an effective FAQ page, you need to identify a set of relevant questions to answer. You must ensure that your audience is interested in finding the replies to the queries before including them in the section. Research your niche to know the major pain points faced by your potential clients. There is no point in providing solutions that no one is interested in. Talk to the target audience as well as your peers to know the basic information that they want. Moreover, you must know about the latest trending topics in your practice area. This will help you prepare a set of pertinent questions with high search volume.

2. Provide Clear And Concise Answers In An Easy To Understand Way

It is natural for lawyers to provide detailed information on an issue but an FAQ page is not the place to provide exhaustive content. You will have to include clear and concise answers to all questions in an uncomplicated manner. Make sure that an exact question is posed and the corresponding reply is to the point. Another important point to remember is to use only as much legal jargon as is necessary. Your audience may not be aware of all the legal terms and their inclusion can make it difficult for them to understand the content. Try to explain the topics through relatable examples so that they can comprehend your point easily.

3. Optimize The Content With Relevant Keywords 

You cannot create searchable law firm website FAQ pages without optimizing their content with relevant keywords. In the absence of optimized material, your page will not appear in related searches. This will be harmful to your website as well as your practice since you will lose out on an opportunity to increase traffic and score more leads. Including the terms and phrases used by people while conducting searches related to your category will help your FAQ page to get in front of relevant audiences. 

4. Create An Intuitive Navigation Scheme Around The Page

It is not necessary that people will land directly on the FAQ page. They will reach your website through various other locations. It is essential that they can easily find their way to the section. You must create an intuitive navigation scheme so that visitors can reach the page without any trouble. Make sure the link to the page is clearly visible with other key links at the top of the page. Many websites include the main navigation links in the footer also. In case, you use such a layout then you must adopt the same approach also. Moreover, you must also include relevant links in the answers that connect people to other locations of the interface containing detailed information. This will ensure a good user experience for visitors.

5. Use Creative Ways To Answer Questions  

There is no rule that says that replies need to be provided only in text-based content. One of the best ways to enhance the quality of your answers is to provide them in a variety of content formats. In case, you need to put in some comparative statistics, instead of using plain text, provide the details through a graph or chart. This will visually explain the topic to the audience and it will also be easier for them to understand than a plainly written reply. You can also use images and other pictorial representations if they are relevant to the question. It will also be a good idea to include videos where you are speaking the solution. People also tend to remember visual-based content more than write-ups. Being innovative while composing your replies will also create your image as that of a client-friendly professional who goes the extra mile to help them.


Creating searchable law firm website FAQ pages can help you in building a valuable asset that boosts traffic as well as improves conversion. Use analytics tools to track the performance of your page and make the necessary changes to improve its efficacy.

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