The plan for the first few years of One Earth Nation is:

1. Attract citizens

After the RV process is complete and funds have been received, the plan is to start attracting citizens. This stage will use Marketing, Videos, Adverts, SEO, etc.

2. When there are 100 full citizens

When 100 Full citizens (including brothers and sisters of One Earth Nation and Advanced Initiates), an online meeting will be held to discuss the next steps, which could include regular monthly payments to Full Citizens.

3. Citizen's assembly (Magna Carta v2.0)

The next stage is planning and holding a Citizen's assembly to formerly record the views of all the citizens that attend. The assembly is likely to be held in or near York. The format will be similar to the meeting that generated the magna carta. 

4. Enact agreed resolutions from Citizen's assembly

Depending on the outcome of the assembly, One Earth Nation may apply to the King/Queen of the United kingdom, to secede and establish a free nation state.

The next stages after One Earth Nation becomes a free state depends on the resolutions of the citizens. One specific proposal that will be for One Earth Nation to become a signatory of the European Convention of Human Rights 


One Earth Nation will have a management team consisting of the chairman, secretary and treasurer (to be recruited) and others as appropriate. There will be a council of Elders which will act as a supervisory board.

It is intended that the decision making process will be based on sociocracy, which is a very modern method of collaborative governance.

One Earth Nation

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