School of Melchizedek

The School of Melchizedek will be established in York. It will offer many teachings and practices. The main ones will be:

  • Who are the Melchizedeks - reference books will be the Urantia Book and Bible and other sources as apropiate
  • Becoming a Melchizedek Light Priest/Priestess.
  • Advanced sacred geometry and numerology
  • Cosmology of the Multiverse
  • Melchizedek Covenant (revised)

The first reference in the Bible to Melchizedek is Genesis 14:18: “And Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and wine: and he was the priest of the most high God.” KJV.

At the last supper, Jesus offered bread and wine as the sacrifice. The Christ is of course an everlasting priest of the order of Melchizedek (see Hebrews 5:6)


The Melchizedek Covenant

A possible modern revision to the Melchizedek covenant given to Abraham all those years ago to update it to modern language would be:

1. I am living in a Quantum Virtual Reality created by the Deep Mystery of the Universal Father/Mother God-Source who lives within me and outside of me in Oneness with all creation

2. I accept the Salem covenant (Faith and faith alone) that My God-Source is Pure Love, consequently I do not need to do anything to win God's favour, all I need to do is Be harmless and Serve my God-Source in my full Divine Power absolutely, unconditionally and completely. I am Whole, I am Sovereign, I am Free.

3. I promise to obey the Will of my God-Source by cleaning up my life in accordance with the 9 keys or principles:

  1. Practice Hara or Centredness
  2. Purity (Body, Mind and Spirit)
  3. Do not kill or steal
  4. Do not commit adultery or sexual misconduct
  5. ?
  6. Love you neighbour and yourself equally
  7. Do not bear False Witness
  8. Prayer, contemplataion, study of scriptures and meditation
  9. Surrender to the Will of the Father (only attempt after completing earlier stages)

One Earth Nation

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