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Saturday, 22nd October 2016 (all day)

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20161022 Anthropology Notes for the American People Hillary Clinton Donal Trump

...When Americans go to the polls to vote, it is not to make America Great again to impose its Will on others. They will go to vote to make America Great again to work with all others to make the Earth a better place for all...


...One Earth Nation...

20161022 Anthropology Notes for the American People Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump

- many months ago, i had suggested to President Obama to have Homeland

Security lock up Donald Trump for his Nazi like comments; his flippant

attitude on all matters, and his ignorance and arrogance on domestic and

world issues.

- i wish that with all his confidence, he had surrounded himself with good

advisers; that he had taken stock of the reality of a One Earth Nation, that he

would have educated himself in anthropology. He may be a good

businessman; but i give him a zero in human relations 100. Donald Trump

may try again in four years; he is still young!

- many months ago, i had suggested to Mrs. Clinton to be careful about abuse

of power with respect to domestic and foreign policy; both driven by the

influence of Christian Evangelism and AIPAC.

- Mr. And Mrs. Clinton have done very well for themselves having forged

alliances with many on their journey. Before it is too late, they must reflect

upon human ethic not only with reference to the US of A, but also for the

World. All the power and wealth that they have amassed and will continue to

do, how will they use it. i.e. they must reflect on both the means and ends.

- to the American People I say the following before they go to vote.

- the current polarization was inevitable; since ww2, each successive

American government has had total disregard for anything that was and is not

American. The American government imposed its will all over the earth;

there may have been relative peace, but it was deceptive. There have been

two driving forces, the main one being the greed for natural resources to

continue to be the most powerful nation and the imposition of its Christian

Evangelical Democratic Ideology. The main driving force actually uses the

second one to realize the greed of the filthy rich individuals and corporations.

The reality of the situation today is very different.

- A nuclear confrontation will destroy all the people and the earth.

- The earth has become very small and is becoming more and more fragile.

- All of us know that any changes to the environment will cause immense

hardships to all the people and resources.

- Any attempt by any one country to go into isolation will fail; we are more

inter connected and dependent upon each other than any time in the history of

the world.

- we know that any problem on earth affects us all whether it be economic,

political, natural etc.

- Thus it is high time that we must learn to accept each other, learn to live

with each other, and solve common problems with common solutions. It is

high time that we brought down physical walls, barriers, imaginary walls,

unrealistic walls, psychological walls and move towards a One Earth Nation

- A One Earth Nation with one secular constitution for all areas, zones for all

peoples; where people are free to practice their culture, traditions, faith;

where people are free to move from one zone to the next, where people will

accept each other with a common ethic, a cosmopolitan ethic

- Under a One Earth Nation there will be no need for wars, no need for

weapons of mass destruction. All resources will be applied to solve the

environmental needs, poverty, malnutrition, education, health improving the

quality of life.

- the American People must accept that Globalization is here to stay; the next

step from globalization will be a One Earth Nation. This is a long process

requiring a NEW MINDSET through education. The sooner the American

People realize the importance of this NEW MINDSET there is hope for all of


- there will never ever be any one power that will rule the World again. All

American people must face this reality. Once the American People accept this

reality, their own expectations will change accordingly

- American must also face the reality of Pluralism and Diversity; that all

humanity has a common origin, that all Faiths lead to the same Creator, and

that no matter what colour the skin is, the colour of the blood is always Red!

- Americans must learn to accept the other; must be inclusive, tolerant.

Americans must start thinking global, beyond the their own country; working

together with others to bring unity, peace and harmony all over Earth. And

they must do this with a new Education Curriculum from K-post univeristy

©NurmuhammedIssa 20161022 AnthropologyNotes for American People HillaryClinton DonaldTrump

into the workplace. Only then will Americans acquire a NEW MINDSET.

- When Americans go to the polls to vote, it is not to make America Great

Again to impose its Will on others. They will go to vote to make America

Great Again to work with all others to make the Earth a better place for all.

They will ensure that there is food not only for Americans but for the whole

world; that there are jobs not only for Americans, but for the all the peoples

of the world; that there is a quality of life not only for Americans but for all

the people of the world. i.e. Americans will better not only themselves but

also all the peoples of the world.

- it is high time that all Americans and all the peoples of the world used their

Faiths to do good for all others under One Secular Law and make progress,

rather than having each Faith impose its will own others and create ill will,

conflict and war.

- Canada, Russia, USA, India, China, Germany, France, Britain and all other

countries of the world are in a potential position to use their power, wealth,

knowledge, resources to do good not only in their own countries but also in

developing countries. A One Earth Nation through a New Education

Curriculum is the only way to bring about a NEW MINDSET for future

Peace, Harmony on Earth.

Thank you
Haider Nurmuhammed <>


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