Places for Halal Food

Halal food is surprisingly easy to come by in Oxford. The main sources for most of the halal food in Oxford are situated on Cowley Road, which has a variety of takeaways, restaurants and halal meat vendors all conveniently placed on one long road. Amongst the most popular are the following:

City Centre

Ricardo's: Situated in the covered market. Only the chicken is halal, but there are plenty of good options. Ask for the "Abdul" as an introduction to what they can offer!

Alternative Tuck Shop (ATS): Situated in the corner of Holywell Street and Mansfield Road. A favourite for most people due to fast service and excellent choice. Again, only chicken is halal here.

High Street

Oxford Rendez-vous: Morrocan style cuisine; chicken tagines, couscous etc. Good quality, reasonably priced, and the owner is a good friend to the OUISoc!


The Standard: An Indian / South Asian restaurant, located at 117 Walton Street.

Cowley Road

Tahmid Food Stores: Typical Asian food store. Has a familiar feel (if you have ever been to a Muslim butchers before!), and has well priced meat, rice and other staples.

Maroc Deli: A slightly different butchers, with a more pleasing look to their presentation. Run by (you guessed it) Moroccans, it contains a few extra things missing from Tahmid; amongst other things, Merguez (delicious North African sausage) and a variety of Mediterranean style foods (a nod to the French influence).

Nandos: A classic. Be advised, this is the only halal Nandos in Oxford

Chicken Cottage: Another favourite, especially amongst the Cockney contingent.

KFC: As far as we know, the only halal KFC in Oxford.

Kebab Kid: A local, halal takeaway franchise. A lot on offer, mostly well priced. Very popular after boys football!

Mirch Masala: A good Indian restaurant, nicely priced. Offers an all you can eat option on Sundays.

First Floor: An all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant. More expensive than most, but offers Indian, Thai and Chinese food to a very good standard.

Cafe Nour: Lebanese style cuisine. Fairly expensive, but they do a decent chicken shawarma.

Aziz: Another good quality Indian restaurant.

Bodrum: An Oxford institution. Turkish cuisine, with fantastic kebabs and grills, and very generous portions at reasonable prices.

Oxford University Islamic Society

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