Danish OIKOS annual meeting 2014

Friday, 14th March 2014 at 10:30am - 5pm Saturday, 15th March

Location: Dalum Landbrugsskole

This event is in the past.

Programme: OIKOS Annual Meeting 2014

Friday 14/3

11.00: Welcome

Keynote 1: ca 11.15- 12.15

Nathan Sanders: Using manipulative experiments and macroecological models to understand biodiversity in a changing world


13.30. Session 1,  Chair: Bodil Ehlers

1. Panagiotis Sapountzis: Phylogenetic distribution, stability and function of attine ant gut microbiota

2. Saria Otani: Identifying the core microbial community in the gut of fungus-growing termites

3. Søren Faurby: Estimated loss in species, phylogenetic and functional diversity in mammals as a consequence of the Late Pleistocene and Holocene range collapses and extinctions

Break 10 min.

4. Thure Pavlo Hauser: A pathogen and an insect herbivore on a wild crucifer – what happens?

5. Gösta Nachman: Modelling Stable Flie populations with the aim to develop a control strategy

15.30 – 16: Coffee

16.00 Session 2: Flash Talks, Chair: Per Moestrup Jensen

1. Alba Rey de la Iglesia: Using genomics to resolve phylogenies within medically important Rhipicephalus ticks

2. David Nash: How do Maculinea butterflies maintain genetic diversity?

3. George Pacheco: Insights into the feral pigeon global community gained from population genomics

4. Ruth Fernandez: Exploring white-beaked and white-sided dolphin population structure through RAD-Seq


5. Tove Jørgensen: Plants, pathogens and diversity

6. Irene Lykke: The influence of ecological determinants on Erica tetralix in Danish wet heathlands

7: Tora Finderup Nielsen: Hybridization or not in herbaceous Salix species?


8. Søren Christensen: The greenhouse gas N2O; from the soil aggregate to the landscape

9. Ziyu Ma: Was adapting to cold climate a new fashion in evolution for North American forest trees?

10: Marie Dam: Climate change alters food web structure in a heathland soil


ca. 18. Dinner

After the dinner

19.30 Keynote 2.

Rasmus Ejrnæs: What on Earth is Ecospace?


Informal get-together - Beer, wine, music etc

Saturday 15/3


9.30 -10.30 Keynote 3. Ayco Tack: Spatial ecology of herbivore and pathogen communities

10.30 Coffee

10.45 Session 3, Chair: Thure Hauser

1. Hans Henrik Bruun: Climate-driven insect community change – it's driven by diet specialist

2. Swantje Enge: Invasion of a well-defended red alga by refuge-mediated competition

3. Bodil K. Ehlers: Importance of neighbor identity and intraspecific genetic variation for species co-existence


13.15: Session 4. Chair Hans Henrik Bruun

4. Lars Båstrup-Spohr: Charophytes of the Nordic Countries - Distribution and biodiversity of overlooked but important macroalgae


5. General assembly, OIKOS board election

Meetings - Business Meeting


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