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NCCC_GTS_2018.gifMartin Lewis106.7Kb30th Apr 2018
NCCC AGM Agenda 2017.docxa GroupSpaces user15.67Kb17th Nov 2017
Group image.jpgMartin Lewis80.56Kb6th Jun 2017
Group image.jpgMartin Lewis141.64Kb6th Jun 2017
Discount NCCC stock 160616.pdfa GroupSpaces user141.31Kb16th Jun 2016
Club dinner menu.docxa GroupSpaces user60.33Kb31st Dec 2015
Go Ride parental consent.docCameron Smalley57Kb3rd Nov 2014
Help Go Racing.txtJohn Michelbacher697 B24th Jun 2014
COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE.docxCameron Smalley41.79Kb2nd Jun 2014
NCCC Ride Leader May Junev0.3.xlsxMember 2172c0917.36Kb28th May 2014
NCCC Ride Leader May Junev0.2.xlsxMember 2172c0917.15Kb13th May 2014
NCCC Ride Leader May Junev0.2.xlsxMember 2172c0917.15Kb6th May 2014
NCCC Ride Leader May Junev0.1.xlsxMember 2172c0917.09Kb29th Apr 2014
welcome letter dates FSC.docxJohn Michelbacher184.93Kb25th Apr 2014
NCCC Ride Leader Mar Aprv0.7.xlsxMember 2172c0917.51Kb14th Apr 2014
Go Ride NCCC Fire College Poste.pdfJohn Michelbacher962.07Kb10th Apr 2014
NCCC Ride Leader Mar Aprv0.6.xlsxMember 2172c0917.5Kb8th Apr 2014
NCCC Ride Leader Mar Aprv0.6.xlsxMember 2172c0917.5Kb1st Apr 2014
NCCC Ride Leader Mar Aprv0.6.xlsxMember 2172c0917.5Kb25th Mar 2014
NCCC Ride Leader Mar Aprv0.5.xlsxMember 2172c0917.49Kb19th Mar 2014
welcome letter dates.rtfJohn Michelbacher6.34Mb10th Mar 2014
NCCC Ride Leader Mar Aprv0.3.xlsxMember 2172c0917.06Kb5th Mar 2014
NCCC Reliability Trial Flyer 2014.pdfJohn Gridley262.31Kb26th Feb 2014
NCCC Ride Leader Mar Aprv0.2.xlsxMember 2172c0916.9Kb26th Feb 2014
NCCC Ride Leader Dec Jan Febv0.7.xlsxMember 2172c0917.49Kb18th Feb 2014
NCCC Membership Form.xlsJohn Gridley116Kb18th Feb 2014
NCCC Ride Leader Dec Jan Febv0.7.xlsxMember 2172c0917.49Kb12th Feb 2014
NCCC Ride Leader Dec Jan Febv0.7.xlsxMember 2172c0917.47Kb5th Feb 2014
NCCC Membership Form (1).xlsJohn Gridley116Kb29th Jan 2014
NCCC Ride Leader Dec Jan Febv0.6.xlsxMember 2172c0917.49Kb28th Jan 2014
NCCC Ride Leader Dec Jan Febv0.6.xlsxMember 2172c0917.49Kb20th Jan 2014
NCCC Ride Leader Dec Jan Febv0.6.xlsxMember 2172c0917.49Kb15th Jan 2014
Private Function Carvery.docxJohn Gridley96.57Kb8th Jan 2014
NCCC Ride Leader Dec Jan Febv0.5.xlsxMember 2172c0916.29Kb7th Jan 2014
NCCC Ride Leader Dec Jan Febv0.5.xlsxMember 2172c0916.3Kb7th Jan 2014
NCCC Membership Form.xlsJohn Gridley116Kb7th Jan 2014
NCCC Ride Leader Dec Jan Febv0.4.xlsxMember 2172c0916.24Kb1st Jan 2014
NCCC Ride Leader Dec Jan Febv0.3.xlsxMember 2172c0916.18Kb23rd Dec 2013
NCCC Ride Leader Dec Jan Febv0.2.xlsxMember 2172c0916.12Kb16th Dec 2013
NCCC_Handbook 131211.docJohn Gridley294.5Kb16th Dec 2013
NCCC_Handbook 131211.pdfJohn Gridley184.73Kb16th Dec 2013
NCCC Ride Leader Dec Jan Febv0.1.xlsxMember 2172c0914.89Kb14th Dec 2013
NCCC Ride Leader Dec Jan Febv0.1.xlsxMember 2172c0914.88Kb14th Dec 2013
Consent Form v4.docxJohn Gridley16.01Kb28th Nov 2013
Cashbook and report for AGM (4).xlsxDavid Brown32.5Kb14th Nov 2013
Go Ride Club Handbook 2013.docxDavid Brown299.79Kb7th Nov 2013
Go Ride Group 1 recruitment IH.docDavid Brown115.5Kb5th Nov 2013
Go Ride Parental Consent Form.docxDavid Brown40.3Kb31st Oct 2013
NCCC Parental Consent Form v3.docxDavid Brown16.32Kb31st Oct 2013
Ride Leader Programme.docxDavid Brown13.69Kb26th Oct 2013
Fun run web page.docxDavid Brown32.72Kb24th Oct 2013
Trip Out to the Forest of Dean.docxJohn Michelbacher15.18Kb8th Oct 2013
NCCC Accounts.xlsDavid Brown40.5Kb30th Sep 2013
Fun Rides 7th September Risk Assessment.docxDavid Brown13.58Kb3rd Sep 2013
Ride leading SeptOct.xlsxDavid Brown10.51Kb28th Aug 2013
Fun Rides 24th August Risk Assessment.docxDavid Brown18.06Kb19th Aug 2013
NCCC Constitution first Draft.docxDavid Brown30.05Kb14th Aug 2013
Draft Minutes of August 2013 Committee Meeting.docDavid Brown46Kb8th Aug 2013
Report to August Committee meeting.xlsxDavid Brown14.67Kb6th Aug 2013
Committee Paper Youth Initiative 7th August.docxDavid Brown21.52Kb6th Aug 2013
Condicote Hinchwicke Ride Risk Assessment (3).docDavid Brown46.5Kb5th Aug 2013
Cotswold Lion Flier.pdfDavid Brown137.56Kb24th Jul 2013
Kingham Ride Risk Assessment.docDavid Brown48.5Kb22nd Jul 2013
Scotland isles.docxDiana Hutchinson1016.91Kb17th Jul 2013
Long Compton Ride Risk Assessment.docDavid Brown55.5Kb10th Jul 2013
Scotland isles.pdfCameron Smalley1.05Mb29th Jun 2013
Family Fun Runs.docDavid Brown28.5Kb21st Jun 2013
Progress since November 2012 towards a youth policy. Meeting Brief for 19th June.docDavid Brown33Kb18th Jun 2013
Second Draft NCCC 12-24month Strategy.docDavid Brown55Kb18th Jun 2013
Report on Actions DB 4th June2013.docDavid Brown26Kb4th Jun 2013
NCCC Poster1.pdfAndrew Bray461.01Kb30th Apr 2013
Ride allocations.xlsDavid Brown16.5Kb28th Apr 2013
flyer.pdfJohn Gridley193Kb18th Apr 2013
Club Rides Organisation.docDavid Brown31Kb4th Apr 2013
Rides.docDavid Brown53Kb4th Apr 2013
Dave Barter event A4 (2).pdfJohn Gridley6.65Mb2nd Apr 2013
Minutes of March 2013 Committee Meeting.docAndrew Bray44Kb23rd Mar 2013
Reliability Trial.gpxJohn Michelbacher460.71Kb9th Mar 2013
Reliability Tri.pltJohn Michelbacher508.94Kb9th Mar 2013
Reliability Tri.tcxJohn Michelbacher3.4Mb9th Mar 2013
Crash.pdfDavid Durow296.39Kb6th Mar 2013
BC South Meeting Minutes 070113.pdfJohn Gridley76.42Kb26th Feb 2013
2013 YOUTH PRE LIM SELECTION DETAILS~SOUTHBC.pdfJohn Gridley21.43Kb26th Feb 2013
Coaching.mhtDavid Durow1.56Mb8th Feb 2013
chedworth out mud.gpxJohn Michelbacher9.77Kb7th Feb 2013
chedworth back mud.gpxJohn Michelbacher5.01Kb7th Feb 2013
stow snowshill 21 mile mtb.gpxJohn Michelbacher16.67Kb30th Jan 2013
Riding & Getting Older.pdfPeter & Diana Murphy181.7Kb29th Oct 2012
TT 4.9.12 Finish Order.xlsPeter & Diana Murphy14.5Kb7th Sep 2012
Committee meeting minutes 10th Jan.docCameron Smalley40Kb24th Jan 2012

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