Be More Tech Savvy in 5 Simple Steps

Monday, 2nd October 2017 at 1am - 1:30am Wednesday, 4th October

Location: USA

This event is in the past.

We live in a digital world. There are entire industries that exist only in the binary existence of data. If you use the Internet and if you use devices, your life, too, exists in binary. Knowing how to be secure and tech savvy is the best way to protect yourself from the dangers of the Internet – in many cases, those dangers translate into your real life. Here is how to be more tech savvy in 5 simple steps:

1.      Go Through Tutorials 

When you are first starting out (and even if you’ve been using your devices for a while now) you should check out the tutorials. Often, there are so many tips and tricks for your device, website, or app that you don’t know about because they are not immediately obvious. Going through these tutorials can help a beginner or even an experienced user know how to work the device better.

2.      Increase Security and Privacy Settings

One of the biggest issues when you use an electronic device (especially if it is connected to the Internet) is security. Individuals, small businesses, and even large corporations get hacked regularly. When that happens, your privacy and security is at risk. Increase the security settings across all of your devices and have separate passwords so that you can be more secure.

3.      Store Your Data the Right Way

There are many ways to store data, and many ways to lose it. Know how to store your data correctly based on the storage system you use. Marking and categorizing it correctly from the get-go is how you’ll find the information again. If your storage system breaks, don’t fret. There are options for you whether you need RAID 1 data recovery or another solution. Always go to a professional before you give up.

4.      Keep Everything Updated

When you don’t update your devices and your apps, you open yourself up to security breaches. Technology is updated frequently in order to give users the best in terms of digital security. Hackers can find ways through old security systems, which is why developers constantly update and change their products. Keep your products updated for maximum efficiency, security, and the newest capabilities.

5.      Periodically Scan Your Computer

For the same reasons, you should always install updates once they are available, you should also run security scans. Security systems on your computer protect you from unwanted downloads and viruses continuously – but sometimes things can slip through. That is why you need to periodically run a full-system scan so that you can ensure that there are no viruses hanging around in your computer.

Being tech savvy means more than how to use a device. It means more than knowing how that device works. Being tech savvy means knowing how to operate and be secure online. Follow these steps so that you can protect your identity, your information, and keep your security high. You don’t want hackers to get access to your life, your work, and especially not your financial information. 


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