Cybex 750at: Painless Exercise That Burns Calories Faster

Friday, 22nd September 2017 at 1am - 1:30am Sunday, 24th September

Location: USA

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Who doesn’t want to burn calories the easy way? Everyone wants to engage in exercise that is painless, but still burn lots of fats and build muscles. That is why Cybex invented the Cybex Arc Trainer. This device will answer the prayer of every gym goers, may they be regulars or newbies.

Cybex 750at is a science-based equipment that promises efficiency and effectiveness. It also offers lower perceived effort and less joint discomfort. It is the only true cross-trainer on the market today that has 3-in-1 functions of a hiker, ski trainer, and climber. These variations can help you a lot in achieving whatever fitness goals you have.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Cybex 750at to tone those muscles and burn those fats:

Painless Exercise with Good Results

Cybex believes that being able to know the “right way to workout” is more important than following today’s many trends in exercising. The arc trainer allows users to burn more calories and tone muscles with less exertion. It also gives balanced forces at the joints, which means less stress on your joints. The users would not feel discomfort and overworked. It’s the least stressful workout in the market which everyone will love.

Customize Your Workout

Everyone hates monotony. Whether you are a first timer on cross-training or a professional, monotony will bore you out at some point. That is why this arc trainer offers 21 incline levels that allow knee and hip angle to change depending on what the user wants. You can choose from elements of a climber, hiker, and skier. This variety can definitely kill boredom and less boredom leads to greater results.

Do More in a Short Period of Time

With the wide variety of workout groups to choose from, the user can effectively target different muscle groups. It allows the user to have a progressive workout that could help you achieve fitness goals in no time. Research reveals that the Cybex 750at can burn 16% more calories in a 60-minute workout as compared to an elliptical one. That means you can burn 500 more calories in a week or 26,000 more calories in a year or 7 pounds of fat. All this for the same time and the same effort!

Work Your Upper Body Effectively

For the workout to be effective, workloads should be well-balanced in the lower and upper body. Most cross-trainers fail in this aspect; they have the hands and feet moving in opposite directions. In using this arc trainer, when the right hand moves forward, the right footplate follows in the same direction. When the right leg moves rearward, the right hand also does the same. This is the only arc trainer in the market that effectively workouts the upper body.

Durable and Requires Less Maintenance

Gym equipment is an investment. The Cybex 750at is surely a good investment. It is durable and the design requires no maintenance at all. Cybex used sealed bearings throughout to ensure a maintenance-free operation. Definitely a product that offers less hassle for your workouts!

When it comes to fitness, you should look at different factors before considering buying workout equipment. That is why Cybex 750at made sure that the users can achieve their fitness goals effectively and easily through added convenient features.



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