Is it Safe to Make My Dog Vegan Like Me?

Monday, 18th September 2017 at 1am - 2am Wednesday, 20th September

Location: USA

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What does Vegan mean?

 A Vegan is defined as a way of living that attempts to exclude all forms of animal cruelty from their life that is for clothing, food or makeup products. A vegan diet is simply not eating anything that has animal derived ingredients like meat, eggs, dairy, etc. Is it safe for a dog to have a vegan diet? It’s a common question whether a meat-free diet is safe for dogs to consume. The answer is yes, it's perfectly safe and healthy. A vegan, free dogs diet isn’t just suited for those who follow a vegetarian diet themselves but also for all dog owners. The dog body can turn amino acids and protein into other amino acids, so they are able to access all the nutrition’s with the need for meat in their diet. The canine belongs to Carnivora, but in fact, they are omnivores, albeit with a carnivorous bias. As long as you have a variety of healthy ingredients to add to the dog's diet for the right balance of everything required in the dog's diet.

Making the switch to vegan

It's important to know while it may be safe to switch over to the vegan diet, remember all dogs, like humans, are different. Something might work for some but not for others. You can mix some vegan ingredients into his diet and try to give him bits and pieces throughout the day. Remember there are already plenty of fruits and vegetables your dog can eat. Get him used to the new scents and tastes of the food. You will need to make the change over time, not just one-day feed normal, next day feed vegan.

After making the change, be sure to keep an eye on them for any changes like rashes or irritation in case their new diet does not agree with them. For the committed vegan, its comfort knowing your canine friend can be healthy on a vegan diet, putting your mind at ease when preparing their food. For others looking for healthy eating for their pooch, it’s a beautiful way to help our canine companions be green healthy and happy.



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