Top 5 Property Investment Options For You All Around The World

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Years ago, earning maximum income was a daunting task for people. However, these days, taking investment decision is even more challenging as it consists of various factors. One has to consider, the rate of return, market trend, the amount of investment, appraisal rate, pay-back period and whatnot.

Furthermore, you need to think where to invest and how much to invest as there are numerous sectors you would find fascinating to invest. Whether it is a stock exchange, gold, commodities or combination of all, you want to get assured for minimum risk and maximum return.  

Considering the criteria of less risk-more return, the best sector to invest in is real estate. Although you cannot call it an entirely risk-free sector, it indeed gives great returns over a period. As you have an enormous amount of investment, make sure to contact the professionals who have expertise in the field of real estate.    

In case, you are looking forward to investing abroad or have international investments, working with experts is highly imperative. You can consult Angus Reed for real estate tips and get best options of investment in the same. 

Here are some of the international property investment options you should consider.

1. Dubai

Dubai has transformed itself in few decades tremendously. Whether it is the skyscrapers or the palm island, it has made the world crazy about its fascinating spots. Considering the above fact, isn’t it obvious that you’ll get high appraisal investing in Dubai? The report shows that the market had hiked 30% only in the year 2013 that shows its potential of scopes. 

Taking into account the Arab spring, you may find it suspicious to invest in Dubai. Nonetheless, looking at the pace of ongoing developments in the country, you can expect stupendous chances of growth in the field of real estate. 

2. Spain

Which place hits you when you think of exploring buildings, designs, and monuments? Certainly, “Spain.” It is the best example of the fusion of art and architecture. When you are planning to invest in realty abroad, do not miss Barcelona, one of the best place to spend your vacations.

The government of Spain for the development of the country has started encouraging foreign investors. You can easily get a stylish two-bedroom apartment in the classic building for about £ 400,000 and expect potential returns on the same.

3. Turkey

It’s a country; you probably have not considered for investment. However, it is worth counting on it. According to reports, the number of the overseas property has increased by 78 % in just the first half of 2013. The country is developing rapidly that leads to the projection of significant returns on investments in the real estate sector.

4. Brazil

Who doesn’t like Brazil? The South American country known for its heritage, culture and beautiful scenery. Be it Christ the Redeemer or the Iguazu falls, every tourist spot is incredibly dazzling.   

Brazil may not cost you as low as some other countries; it’s undoubtedly a prospective country you should invest. You may encounter the question in your mind about its capabilities of return due to the pitfalls. Remember, a pitfall is an excellent opportunity to yield more in future. You can inevitably count on Brazil for property investments.

5. Manhattan, New York

Don’t get shocked. I know the prices of real estate in New York is probably it’s all time high. But if the amount of your investment is enormous, you should undeniably consider Manhattan.

The market there is booming. Thousands of employees at the World Trade Center shows how employment opportunities are increasing. The extensive development is in the pipeline having tremendous potential to yield substantial returns.

If real estate investment is your sector, then the options are endless. You can also count on Mauritius, Portugal, Austria and few more countries as well.

As recommended above, just make sure to hire real estate professionals before taking any investment decision. Consult Angus Reed for real estate tips so that you can make a wise and informed decision.

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