The Biggest Mistakes When You Join The Gym For The First Time!

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First time at the gym? How not to make an ass of yourself.

I remember too well how hard it was when I first started. Despite working as a personal trainer now and dedicating my life to helping people fall in love with fitness, it didn't come easily to me either.

Perhaps you will need this, or maybe you know someone else who could use some advice and encouragement. If so, please read on for the biggest mistakes people do make when they join the gym for the first time.

So here are my top lists to make sure you are not one of those who drop out, but instead, makes exercise part of your lifestyle for the rest of your life. These are the biggest mistakes beginners make and how to avoid them.

Mistake 1: Having a Limited Vision

On the off chance that the gym is new to you or even if it’s just been a while, you’re doing yourself an enormous damage if you don’t take a minute to look around and see what your options are.

Take the membership advisor up on her offer for a guided tour or ask a trainer to show you around. Plus, once you know where everything is, you can get down to business more efficiently. “Do a bit of a walk through in your workout center." You’ll feel more confident by being prepared.

Mistake 2: Lacking a Purpose

It’s pretty simple: no plan, no progress. Simply saying, I wanna lose this fat is not a plan. If your aim is weight loss, you’ll need an excellent program designed to help you lose the weight.

It’s probably better not to rely on YouTube as your trainer, YouTube is a great resource, but not everyone who posts a video is demonstrating exercises that are safe and efficient.

Also, when you're in the gym, don't hesitate to approach a real-life trainer for some suggestions. It’s ok to admit when you are clueless, I know it hurts the ego, but it's better than damaging the arms, shoulders, or back.

Mistake 3: Dissing the Trainers

When gym instructor’s converse with you, they are most likely planning to make a sale, they also genuinely want to help you. So rather than blowing them off, make friends with them!

Many gyms offer a complimentary session with a new membership, so you got to do it. At the very least, you’ll learn a few new exercises. At the most, you’ll make a fitness pal.


Mistake 4: Being a Copycat

Just because that dude looks how you want to look doesn’t mean that what he or she is doing will get you there. Our bodies are all different, and your goals need to be based on the realities of your genetics.

The person could be doing things that may not fit in with your current fitness level, or even things that are dangerous.

Mistake 5: Trying to do too much

Your first day in the gym is all about getting back the second day!

I get it: You’re excited to be there and want results right away, but the result you’re gunning for with a too-intense first workout is some pretty severe soreness or even an injury. Go easy, stick with simple exercises, and use light weights that you can reasonably do 10 to 12 repetitions with. After those initial weeks, you can bump up the weights or the cardio level and see yourself excel.

Mistake 6: Neglecting to Keep Track of Progress

It’s best to keep a log so you can have some tracking system for your workouts. It doesn't require excessive effort, and it will make it more visible when you need to work on certain muscle groups over others and whether or not you should be progressing to the next level in certain exercises. This will help you greatly in having a more set plan and focus on your workouts.

Mistake 7: Ignoring Personal Hygiene

You’re excited; you’re in a hurry, so you grab those already-worn gym shorts and T-shirt off your bedroom floor and rush out the door. And then you wonder why everyone at the gym is giving you a 15-foot distance. Workout clothes are to be worn and then immediately washed, don't be the guy with a smile on his face who smells like a pet store. Remember, you’re breathing heavily while you work out, which causes the entire club to smell your stank.

Mistake 8: Doing Static Stretches Before Your Workout

In a previous couple of years, there's been a lot of proof, on the prevalence of dynamic stretching over static stretching as a warm-up to exercise.

In case you're hoping to push your muscles as far as possible, it's been found that static stretching can hinder your strength and performance by a bit, but more importantly, dynamic stretching helps your transition into a workout by putting your muscles through their greatest motion. Rather than simply holding your muscle in an elongated state for a period.

Mistake 9: Overusing the Treadmill

Somebody gets into the exercise center, sets out straight toward the treadmill, and doesn't get off it for another hour. This isn't the way you're going to get fit and active.

Using the Treadmill is an excellent way to train, but it’s worth taking the time to explore other programs available and not just pressing Quick Start.


Mistake 10: Advertising Your Vanity

Some new folks seem to think that a workout isn’t real unless they post it on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter. It’s fine to share your gym session with your friends but be discreet with your selfie-taking when you’re at the gym.

And never use a selfie stick at the fitness center. Earn the results of your workout and measure them afterward.

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So I hope these mistakes will help all you beginners out there.

Exercise doesn't have to be scary, hard or annoying. Check yourself and right your wrongs with this expert advice.

Avoid these beginner mistakes to master your fitness.


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