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bp2-BrdPrey_26m.gpxMartin Roper89.81Kb2nd Nov 2020
oc1-OrchGor_27m.gpxMartin Roper123.21Kb30th Oct 2020
bp1_BrdPrey_25m.gpxMartin Roper92.63Kb29th Oct 2020
Bromsberrow30m.gpxMartin Roper70.2Kb5th Oct 2020
ah2-AshlHub_25m.gpxMartin Roper79.97Kb5th Oct 2020
ah1-AshlHub_27m.gpxMartin Roper90.29Kb5th Oct 2020
26m-TheLeaf.gpxMartin Roper98.58Kb24th Sep 2020
tr1-Trioscp_25m.gpxMartin Roper85.14Kb22nd Sep 2020
50 MILE Saul.gpxMartin Roper159.3Kb17th Sep 2020
27m_StauntonGC.gpxMartin Roper87.97Kb7th Aug 2020
a3R-AppOrch_27m.gpxMartin Roper95.35Kb31st Jul 2020
24m-The_Leaf.gpxMartin Roper79.06Kb1st Jul 2020
The Ladybird Book of COVID-19.pdf..pdfMartin Roper1.93Mb28th Mar 2020
Oxenhall Ford Bridge 4.jpgMartin Roper33.65Kb28th Mar 2020
Oxenhall Ford Bridge 3.jpgMartin Roper31.77Kb28th Mar 2020
Oxenhall Ford Bridge 2.jpgMartin Roper28.24Kb28th Mar 2020
Oxenhall Ford Bridge 1.jpgMartin Roper23.16Kb28th Mar 2020
Newent CG Wednesday rides April-May 2020.pdfMartin Roper411.99Kb11th Mar 2020
MF_Staunton_29mile.gpxMartin Roper64.64Kb8th Mar 2020
MF_Staunton_26mile.gpxMartin Roper57.33Kb8th Mar 2020
Copy of NCG accounts 2019.pdfMartin Roper30.57Kb18th Feb 2020
NCG accounts 2019.xlsMartin Roper87.5Kb18th Feb 2020
34 NCG AGM 9.01.20.pdfMartin Roper322.09Kb18th Feb 2020
IMG_20200129_143252.jpgMartin Roper2.29Mb31st Jan 2020
IMG_20200129_143236.jpgMartin Roper2.27Mb31st Jan 2020
Newent CG Wednesday rides February-March 2020.pdfMartin Roper412.92Kb19th Jan 2020
a3-AppOrch_27m.gpxMartin Roper92.03Kb8th Dec 2019
r1-RossEngSh_26m.gpxMartin Roper95.88Kb3rd Dec 2019
r2-RossEngSh_25m.gpxMartin Roper81.39Kb3rd Dec 2019
r3-RossEngSh_27m.gpxMartin Roper126.39Kb3rd Dec 2019
r4-RossEngSh_26m.gpxMartin Roper100.02Kb3rd Dec 2019
Newent CG Wednesday rides Dec 2019-Jan 2020.pdfMartin Roper412.64Kb14th Nov 2019
Gospel Pass ride on Wednesday 23-10-19.pdfMartin Roper463.37Kb25th Oct 2019
Gospel Pass for 2019.gpxMartin Roper121.55Kb21st Oct 2019
Gospel Pass.pdfMartin Roper519.11Kb21st Oct 2019
1 NCG newsletter(4).docxMartin Roper543.61Kb24th Sep 2019
Newent CG Wednesday rides Oct-Nov 2019.docxMartin Roper13.4Kb2nd Sep 2019
2019 - Entry Form Hereford.docxMartin Roper144.93Kb29th Aug 2019
Hereford Sportive.jpgMartin Roper571.13Kb28th Aug 2019
P-HomG-Llan-Mnth 15m.gpxMartin Roper43.6Kb30th Jul 2019
P-MonMth-Wye-Hom 10m.gpxMartin Roper36.13Kb30th Jul 2019
Paul location.docxMartin Roper2.05Mb30th Jul 2019
gpx and Bike Hike - Intructions.docxMartin Roper4.83Mb25th Jun 2019
Newent CG Wednesday rides Dec 2018-January 2019.docxMartin Roper13.45Kb12th Nov 2018
Winter Rides Gorsley Goff's.docxa GroupSpaces user11.3Kb21st Oct 2016
Garland Hut artists impression 9.6.16 copy.jpgLinda Cox154.49Kb14th Sep 2016

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