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NetSuite has been domineering in the development of cloud based EBR (enterprise resource planning) solutions. Being a leader in cloud based implementation, NetSuite has started targeting medium sized companies, which were not covered by other NetSuite competitors.

Nevertheless, NetSuite competitors are trying to catch up with NetSuite, which means that a larger selection of ERP solutions exists nowadays serving smaller and medium sized companies. Besides, customer feedback on NetSuite reflects some critical comments regarding NetSuite products. Some users are complaining about “Clumsy,” far from easy-to-use interfaces and high cost which makes it out of reach for small companies. Others are noting that it has some issues with reporting and that updates are scheduled to come out inconsistently.

The goal of this article is to give potential customers some useful information about NetSuite competitors that would help them make an informed decision when purchasing the software. We tried to put NetSuite competitors in 2 groups: some NetSuite competitors which are most commonly considered by potential buyers, and top rated NetSuite competitors.

Most Commonly Considered NetSuite competitors

The most highly sought products of NetSuite competitors have been identified by the methods of studying searches which are related to NetSuite and to its alternatives.

SAP Business One

A leader in its business segment, SAP has probably been one of the most sought after of NetSuite competitors. The customers of SAP are big business, but not long ago it started offering its products to medium size enterprises. SAP Business One is one of the most practical solutions for medium sized companies which sell their goods and extend their services to global audiences. Additionally, providing its usual ERP apps, SAP supports multiple currencies and gives extra options as far as abiding the rules and laws of foreign countries. SAP is advantageous to bigger businesses which advance quickly and need ERP for growth and development. One of the most significant of SAP advantages is the fact that it allows for easier upgrades to the medium sized company that has been already using SAP products for some time..


Intacct is one of most sought after NetSuite competitors. It is a cloud based ERP platform covering accounting, processing of product orders and keeping track of stock and other relevant company operational issues. One of the shortcomings is that the software of this company is not suitable for manufacturers, whereas NetSuite does provide functions and options for this type of industry.


NetSuite competitors with top rating

Now we are going to shortlist some of NetSuite competitors featuring high scores in customers’ feedback. Favorable evaluations and comments made to these companies have been studied by the leading software consulting company.


Sage provides a kind of ERP product that focuses on the needs of various companies as far as size and type. It caters to smaller or medium sized product manufacturers and distributors. Sage introduced a platform which is useful for businesses that are just starting their operations. This platform, called Sage 100, provides an edge to some of the best NetSuite competitors and as far as customers’ ratings over NetSuite.

Microsoft Dynamics

One of NetSuite competitors, Microsoft Dynamics features software programs that are focused on the needs of various types of organizations, and are inclined towards smaller businesses in all sectors. Clients often compare Microsoft Dynamics, one of NetSuite competitors with highest ratings, to NetSuite.

Similar to Intacct, this NetSuite alternative is not an appropriate choice for manufacturers, since some critical options have not been provided. Even though it is the case, there is a possibility of partnering with one of the companies which has Microsoft certification to develop various apps and features that may be required.

Oracle JD Edwards

Formerly one of NetSuite competitors, Oracle has lately announced its new expensive acquisition. Oracle bought NetSuite while remaining in competition with it. Many customers now need to make a choice and select one of these two companies. These two firms provide most similar software bundles. The clients of both companies are medium sized enterprises with global operations, featuring compound and multifaceted production and distribution.

If you want to choose between NetSuite and one of NetSuite competitors it is essential to have more information on software features and operation of primary processes, comparing advantages and disadvantages of each system. For example, many companies provide positive feedback about NetSuite ticketing system which was designed to improve client’s support.  It helps to record client’s requests in a log, and when a customer needs a response, his information is pulled out immediately speeding up the communication. Implementation of NetSuite ticketing system ensures improved corporate response to customers. Before, multiple data systems had to be searched to find data on a certain client.

If you still have questions and are not sure what kind of software system to pick and would like to get more information on this subject, please check out more articles on our site. Hundreds of NetSuite competitors can be found on the market today. Here is some info on more companies.

Foundation 3000

Foundation 3000 is one of NetSuite competitors providing smaller and middle sized companies with accounting services and other operations. Managing various business functions like work estimation, dealing with invoices and inventory, Foundation 3000 has developed an application for easy access to the company’s information and different options remotely. Mobile technology allows to track data with the help of this system and manage different areas of company’s operation.

Aquilon Software

Aquilon Software allows tracking data on the multitude of activities and is suitable for manufacturers and distributors. This software is particularly useful when working with inventory. ERP system dealing with purchasing and shipping provides the customer with standard information like transaction type and specific additional data concerning back ordering and drop shipping.


Another one of NetSuite competitors, the software called Adjutant, has been developed to provide services to a particular industrial sector dealing with metals, however other types of businesses like constructors, distributors, manufacturers can utilize this system as well. This system is good at alerting about modifications to timetables, and workers are informed about them to take measures and avoid mistakes. A single platform allows multiple employees to see the information. CRM, a customer relationship management, the software gives an opportunity to tap into client’s base and see their data for better customer service.


Choosing a software appropriate for your type of business can be a daunting task. You need to do a careful research and pick a suitable kind of system. We hope this short review of NetSuite competitors will help you make the right choice.



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