Sandoval County Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES) has been dedicated to providing emergency communications and related services to our served agencies since 1991.

Served Agencies include:

City of Rio Rancho (and other local municipalities)
Sandoval County
State of New Mexico
Federal Government


New members are always welcome.

For more information, please check-in to the Sandoval County ARES radio Net, held on the SCARES repeater system every Monday evening at 1930 local time (except the THIRD Monday of each month at 1900, which is our regular meeting night).

All SCARES repeaters are linked for the net. Repeater frequencies are:

147.10 MHz, 147.08 MHz, 443.00 MHz, 443.10 MHz
(All SCARES repeaters have a Positive offset with 100 Hz PL tone)
Our monthly meeting is held on the third Monday of each
month at 1900 MST/MDT.

Meeting location:

Rio Rancho
Fire & Rescue Administration

1526 Stephanie Road
Rio Rancho, NM

Note: We enter the building via the side door, behind the locked gate.
       Give a call on the 147.10 MHz Repeater (100 Hz PL) to be let in.

To join SCARES, please fill out the application form
and mail it along with your check for $10 to Sandoval County ARES, P.O. Box 44394, Rio Rancho, NM 87174-4394.

Sandoval County ARES Leadership

- Ben Glick - KD5DCN (District Emergency Coordinator) Email:

- Terry Breitenfeldt - N7EXB (Emergency Coordinator) Email:

- Ron Reder - NM5AA (Emergency Coordinator) Email:

Group News


By Tom W5THS on August 23rd, 2017


SCARES Officers

President - Ben Glick - KD5DCN Email:

Vice President - Chris Behl - K5KKW Email:

Seretary - Alex Fruland - KC7MQZ Email:

Treasurer - Ron Reder - NM5AA Email:

Board - Ben Glick - KD5DCN Email:

Board - Chris Behl - K5KKW Email:

Board - Eric Shockey - KF5DTR Email:

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7pm SCARE - Meeting
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September 2018
Monday 3rd
7:30pm NCS - K6TAA
Monday 10th
7:30pm NCS - W5THS
Monday 17th
7pm SCARE - Meeting (Joint meeting with BCARES, our location)
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Tour of the Rio Grande Valley
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A Few Clouds and 67 F at Albuquerque, Albuquerque International Airport, NM

A Few Clouds
Winds are Variable at 5.8 MPH (5 KT). The pressure is 1022.0 mb and the humidity is 57%. Last Updated on Sep 22 2018, 10:52 am MDT.

some time ago

NM Section News

Section Manager’s Newsletter – September 2018

GA from Albuquerque and the ARRL/TAPR DCC (Digital Communications Conference).  The has been great thus far!  I’m looking forward to this afternoon’s and tomorrow’s presentations.  I had the opportunity two weekends ago to visit the Alamogordo Hamfest when I got to meet some of you.  That was a fun event even though I didn’t find any treasures to bring home.  Thanks to Rick, KB7SQF, and his team for their hospitality.

Next Thursday evening, I and others will be setting up for the Duke City Hamfest/Rocky Mountain Division Convention at the Isleta Pueblo Convention Center.  We’ve sold all the hotel rooms and meals for which
we contracted which is a financial relief.  I won’t repeat all the information here; it’s  available at the event web site:

You can still make the early registration deadline (18 Sep) so go there and sign-up now, if you
haven’t already.

Four weeks after the convention at Isleta,  I will host the annual NM Section forum at the ARRL Section Convention at the Socorro Hamfest (Oct. 19-20).  You can register for it at:

We’ll also have the annual NM Section ARES meeting hosted by Jay, W5WHN, our Section Emergency Coordinator.  Preceding Saturday’s hamfest, I’ll present the annual Section awards at the Friday evening banquet.

It surprises me how few hams attend these events.  I’ve heard recent comments like:  “I don’t ever attend this or other events.” “There isn’t anything there that interests me.”  “It’s too, far, expensive…” or other reason why not to attend.  Without ever having attended, I would question how you know?

I encourage to find out why attending gatherings like these is valuable. The home page at the DCHF site provides a great explanation of why to attend any hamfest/convention.  It’s a long list of just some of the
things you’ll find.  While there is much to learn and do, I feel meeting old friends and making new ones is probably one of the best things to do.

I hope this encourages more of you to come join me and the rest of the crowd. I look forward to meeting you as new friend or seeing you again as an old one!

Not having enough to do this month (a joke, folks), I and a team of other ops have been operating W6H for Route 66 On-the-Air.  A nine-day event, this celebrates the USA “Mother Road” from Chicago to Los Angles.
Numerous stations along the route (W6A through W6U) offer contacts on all the HF, and some VHF bands.

Our group (New Mexico, not a single city like the others) has made as many as 8,000+ contacts in nine days during past Route 66 events. We won’t reach that this year for several reasons.  I assert the most valid is not enough ops calling us!  Yes, propagation is a factor, especially the G1 and G2 geomagnetic storms this week.  Probably worse is the “knowledge” that HF propagation is terrible which makes it impossible to contact us.

Well, after 2,835 QSO’s (as of 14 Sep), apparently some ops could contact us!  85% of our QSO’s have been on SSB.  We have had FT-8 in operation, but for far fewer hours than SSB.  I mention this to encourage those who have HF stations to get on the air.  There are stations to work, even as we approach the solar nadir!  With just a dipole, I’ve worked from JA to DL (Japan to Germany) on SSB and CW this.  Don’t give up on HF. Don’t believe the doom and gloom.

I’ll get just a few more hours this weekend due to my conference attendance.  Check your favorite DX cluster for W6H.  You’ll likely be able to work one or more of us since we do drop down to 75m/80m to work the locals.


ARRL New Mexico Section
Section Manager: Bill Mader, K8TE


on September 14th
Section Manager’s Newsletter – August 2018

While time is short, you can still plan to attend the Alamogordo Hamfest this coming Saturday.  You can find all the details at:  I look forward to seeing many of you from Southern NM there!

I’m am writing this edition from the 2018 Homeland Security and Emergency Management Conference.  I’ve already met a couple of other hams attending the event. I mention this because the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) has significant changes pending in its Strategic Plan.  Our Section Emergency Coordinator, Jay, W5WHN, and I are reviewing the plan, which is available at:  Your comments are important to us!  Please send your comments to us no later than Sept. 30.  Thanks!

Don’t forget to register for the Duke City Hamfest and ARRL Rocky Mountain Division Convention at:  This event will have everything you expect from a first class amateur-radio convention. This event runs Sept. 21-23.  I’ll be there, too, and look forward to meeting many of you.

On Oct. 18-19, the Socorro Hamfest will host the ARRL NM Convention.  The event details are found at:  This will be a busy weekend starting with a tour of the Very Large Array and an evening banquet with a full day Saturday.  BCNU!

I will announce the annual awards for the Section at this event.  I have received only one nomination to date.  I have extended the deadline to Sept. 30. Submission details are at:

The weekend prior to the DCHF/RMD Convention TAPR will hold its annual conference in Albuquerque.  If you have an interest in digital radio communications, I highly recommend you join me there!  You can see what they will offer and register at:

You may have heard the NIST budget request for FY19 called for shutting down WWV, WWVH, and WWVB.  However, on both the Senate and House sides, funding for the NIST will essentially remain the same.  Our watches and clocks will keep updating and we’ll still be able to HF check propagation with WWV and WWVH.

As always, you can reach me at with your comments and questions.  Section officials are always available to you too.  You can find the list at:

I look forward to receiving invitations to visit, even speak at, your club meetings!  My schedule is full in September, but I’ll consider visits in October.

Until next month, 73,

Bill, K8TE
ARRL New Mexico Section Manager

on August 28th

Sandoval County ARES

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