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ChangeBuilders Handbook.pdfMember 2116d5217.55MbOct 23rd, 2017
Revised Engaged Civic Learning Course Design Workbook 12152014.docxThomas Dahan120.43KbDec 16th, 2014
Lynton Colloquium Grant - without budget.docxThomas Dahan65.7KbDec 16th, 2014
Grants for Engaged Scholarship. Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.docxSaul Petersen108.25KbNov 13th, 2014
Interrogating Assumptions Final.docSaul Petersen57.5KbSep 22nd, 2014
Stewards of Place.pdfSaul Petersen831.33KbSep 22nd, 2014
Narrative on the Issues.docxSaul Petersen15.59KbJun 5th, 2014
NJ CAMPUS COMPACT - ISSUES OF OUR TIME.pdfSaul Petersen1.16MbJun 5th, 2014
SP v6 NJ CAMPUS COMPACT - ISSUES OF OUR TIME.docxSaul Petersen3.76MbMay 22nd, 2014
public_work-Boyte..pdfSaul Petersen345.58KbMay 6th, 2014
boyte_Civic_public_work.pdfSaul Petersen704.78KbMay 6th, 2014
A-Promising-Connection. CE for access and success.pdfSaul Petersen551.19KbMay 6th, 2014
Civic Scholars Handbook Aug 2013_1.pdfSaul Petersen1.05MbMay 6th, 2014
jcc+keen+and+hall+final+nov+10+08.pdfSaul Petersen56.88KbMay 6th, 2014
Keen+&+Hall+JHE+Jan.-Feb.09.pdfSaul Petersen86.67KbMay 6th, 2014
CLDP_Civic-Learning-Dev-book.pdfSaul Petersen1.34MbMay 6th, 2014
Meisel_BSP+Four+Year+Model.pdfSaul Petersen36.23KbMay 6th, 2014
Widener cocurricular competency rubric.pdfSaul Petersen84.07KbMay 6th, 2014
Peters_educating_civic_professionals.pdfSaul Petersen90.34KbMay 6th, 2014
BM_YouthBuild. pathways to leadership.pdfSaul Petersen2.12MbMay 6th, 2014
Merrimack_core-competencies-in-civic-engagement.pdfSaul Petersen271.39KbMay 6th, 2014
Tufts_learning_outcomes_13.pdfSaul Petersen54.88KbMay 6th, 2014
All_VALUE_Rubrics aacu.pdfSaul Petersen492.74KbMay 6th, 2014
CELOutcomesRubric-weber state.pdfSaul Petersen52.76KbMay 6th, 2014
The_Degree_Qualifications_Profile lumina.pdfSaul Petersen4.57MbMay 6th, 2014
wagner CE cocurricular competency rubric.pdfSaul Petersen84.07KbMay 6th, 2014
ISSUES BRIEF - excellence - civic minded professionals.docxSaul Petersen61.44KbMay 6th, 2014
Civic minded professionals - Resources.docxSaul Petersen15KbMay 6th, 2014
Student Developmental Models - Resources.docxSaul Petersen17.18KbMay 6th, 2014
ISSUES BRIEF - excellence - student developmental models.docxSaul Petersen58.41KbMay 6th, 2014
ISSUES BRIEF - excellence - civic learning milestones.docxSaul Petersen33.62KbMay 6th, 2014
Civic Learning Milestones - Resources.docxSaul Petersen13.79KbMay 6th, 2014
CE and retention and success - Resources.docxSaul Petersen14.96KbMay 6th, 2014
ISSUE BRIEF - Civic engagement and retention and success.docxSaul Petersen26.97KbMay 6th, 2014
Report-on-2013-Presidents-Leadership-Summit.pdfSaul Petersen276.76KbMay 6th, 2014
Stanford_Inequality_SlideDeck.pdfSaul Petersen5.08MbMay 6th, 2014
community_schools.pdfSaul Petersen464.6KbMay 6th, 2014
WICHE_ nj projections for college graduates.pdfSaul Petersen549.7KbMay 6th, 2014
lumina_access and state finances.pdfSaul Petersen848.69KbMay 6th, 2014
SuccessAtEveryStep.pdfSaul Petersen1.72MbMay 6th, 2014
USDOE_predicting enrolment report.pdfSaul Petersen167.54KbMay 6th, 2014
Fairmount_Neighborhood_Plan-vcf.pdfSaul Petersen18.35MbMay 6th, 2014
nri_description.pdfSaul Petersen409.35KbMay 6th, 2014
PUPP_GSF_White_Paper_Opening_Doors_02-09.pdfSaul Petersen1.31MbMay 6th, 2014
RFSP Leveling the Playing Field of Opportunity.pdfSaul Petersen488.2KbMay 6th, 2014
mentoringpaper_FINAL.pdfSaul Petersen103.88KbMay 6th, 2014
(Brief)_Economic_Diversity_Among_Selective_Colleges_August_2012.pdfSaul Petersen1.07MbMay 6th, 2014
Update-on-national-progress1.pdfSaul Petersen240.5KbMay 6th, 2014
pew-global-disparity-among-millennials-ages-25-32-by-education-level-in-terms-of-annual-earnings-….pngSaul Petersen28.14KbMay 6th, 2014
ihep_testimony.pdfSaul Petersen811.11KbMay 6th, 2014
Sen.Merkley_BILLS-113s1884is.pdfSaul Petersen288.19KbMay 6th, 2014
Equity in Access - Resources.docxSaul Petersen14.6KbMay 6th, 2014
ISSUES BRIEF - social connectedness - equity in access.docxSaul Petersen33.38KbMay 6th, 2014
ISSUES BRIEF - social connectedness - career in the community.docxSaul Petersen57.51KbMay 6th, 2014
Graduating with a career in the community - Resources.docxSaul Petersen14.7KbMay 6th, 2014
Affordability of postsecondary ed - Resources.docxSaul Petersen15.3KbMay 6th, 2014
ISSUE BRIEF - social connectedness - affordabilty of postsecondary ed.docxSaul Petersen97.36KbMay 6th, 2014
ISSUES BRIEF - social connectedness - local issue networks.docxSaul Petersen24.74KbMay 6th, 2014
local issue civic networks - resources.docxSaul Petersen14.59KbMay 6th, 2014
ISSUE BRIEF - democratic engagement - commitment to place.docxSaul Petersen17.05KbMay 6th, 2014
Collective impact stanford review.pdfSaul Petersen514.42KbMay 6th, 2014
democratic-engagement-white-paper-2_13_09.pdfSaul Petersen614.01KbMay 6th, 2014
soft_skills_hard_data.pdfSaul Petersen892.53KbMay 6th, 2014
Paterson Promise Communities.pptSaul Petersen3.05MbMay 6th, 2014
kalamazoo_Promise Scholarship Programs.pptxSaul Petersen2.42MbMay 6th, 2014
Connecting-for-Good-program_brief.pdfSaul Petersen964.83KbMay 6th, 2014
CIRCLE.NCOC.civic health and employement II.pdfSaul Petersen1.02MbMay 6th, 2014
SP.bm4.10.CIRCLE.NCOC.civic health and employement II.pdfSaul Petersen1.02MbMay 6th, 2014
BM_Battastoni+longo_workforce_development.pdfSaul Petersen309.28KbMay 6th, 2014
STRIVE_carnegie-foundation-white-paper_2013_05.pdfSaul Petersen2.63MbMay 6th, 2014
StrivingForStudentSuccess-RELEASED.pdfSaul Petersen375.64KbMay 6th, 2014
SYTE_RebuildingCommunities_final.pdfSaul Petersen1.91MbMay 6th, 2014
Connecting-for-Good-program_brief_SP_bm.pdfSaul Petersen959.24KbMay 6th, 2014
promise communities camden.pdfSaul Petersen10.12MbMay 6th, 2014
Collective Impact Resources.docxSaul Petersen14.79KbMay 6th, 2014
ISSUE BRIEF_DE_collective impact.docxSaul Petersen112.67KbMay 6th, 2014

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