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Electronic Components Distributor, M.S. Hi-Tech, Inc provides electronic components, obsolete electronic parts, hard disk drives, production supplies or value added services.

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Need of hiring the right electronic part suppliers for smooth production

Posted by Mshi Tech, Thursday, 6th June 2013 @ 8:36am

  • Electronic industry is a typical example of industry which is evolving day by day. And to keep track with this constantly changing technology, the electronic manufacturers have to take care of a lot of things. One such aspect is keeping track with the changing electronic spare part requirements.

    The timely and uninterrupted availability of intermediate parts is crucial for smooth and efficient production. To ensure the same, all such manufacturers in the electronic industry depend on franchising stocking distributors who supply those parts and spares whenever they need. Suppliers take orders for the amount and types of parts required from their clients, and get them manufactured from the top quality electronic part makers, such as Johanson distributors for instance.

    So the choice of electronic components distributors is crucial for any company or firm that deal in producing electronic devices. Selection of right supplier is a major factor that can contribute towards improved goodwill for providing quality products to the customers. That is why, the selection of a supplier should be done after due considerations and through researches in the market.

    While choosing a distributor, multiple factors should be kept in mind. Prioritize those who take online orders so that you can place orders for the needed parts and spares with ease and comfort. Also, the distributor should be able to work on a short notice. For instance, if you need the components within a short span of time, the distributor should be able to do that. Inability to do that is a sign of incompetence. So make sure that the supplier you choose is quick and reliable.

    Make sure that the supplier is complying with all the rigid quality standards and constraints as prescribed by authorities for exercising quality standards such as ISO. Make sure to check all the necessary documents and certifications, authenticating that the supplier administers quality examinations before supplying the parts to their clients. Quality is the most crucial factors, especially in terms of electronic devices and products. Compromising with this factor is never a feasible option.

    Apart from all these, one common situation many production units face is the obsolete electronic components. Such components refer to those parts which are either at their end stage of production or have become outdated as a result of technological advancement. Due to their unavailability, such parts become difficult to find or may be overly priced. But if your supplier do offer you such parts, production will be easier. So choose that supplier who can offer you obsolete components for smooth production.

Electronic component suppliers – crucial aspects for improving the production quality!

Posted by Mshi Tech, Wednesday, 22nd May 2013 @ 6:59am

  • No electronic device and gadgets manufacturer can function properly without getting in touch with a quality electronic component supplier. Electronic devices are a complex mixture of a variety of different electronic components placed together in a circuited form to provide the general public with a desired result to make their lives better.

    What general public don’t know that electronics and its manufacturing goes through is a complex procedure. That is why the makers of these parts have to hire an electronic component distributor to help them make this process easier.

    The production company provides them with the details of desired parts for the product they specialize in manufacturing. They are provided with the specifications, and the distributor supplies them as and when they need it.

    The choice of these mediators is crucial since they can have a direct bearing on the quality of device a company manufactures. They can be the stepping stone towards the improved goodwill, because a quality product will bring good name to the firm. On the other hand, a substandard component can hamper the image of the firm. So the selection of electronic part suppliers is important. Have a look at the parameters of a quality supplier.

    Compliance with quality norm: various guidelines are issued by the authorities for monitoring quality of electronic gadget such as ISI, for the purpose of ensuring safety of end users. Compliance with their quality standards and guidelines are crucial for any supplier and producer of electronic parts. A quality supplier and distributor would always comply with various quality benchmarks. This is a key factor that defines the quality of a good supplier.

    Knowledge and skilled staff: Only a knowledgeable panel of technicians and workers would be fully able to understand your inventory requirements. On the other hand, a poor staff lacking knowledge and skills can be a reason of overestimation of underestimation of the required stock. This can result in either wastage or lack of required resources for the manufacturing process at the right time. So always make sure that the suppliers have a panel of skilled and intelligent technicians.

    Providing obsolete components: sometimes a production company required those components which may have become obsolete due to change in technology. Usually procuring of such obsolete products is difficult and they are hard to find in the market. A quality supplier would provide you with the service of offering the required obsolete electronic part.

    So for any production company that make electronic devices, it is crucial to find out only the best supplier in the market for enhancing the quality and image of their products and the company.

There’s a lot that must be kept in mind while hiring an electronic component distributor!

Posted by Mshi Tech, Thursday, 16th May 2013 @ 12:20pm

  • Like every other industry, electronics also require a huge fleet of machinery and staff members for their manufacturing process. This is evident if you ever have a chance to visit such an industry. There are machines that can weigh up to tons and staff members who work in equal mechanical disposition, towards placing each and every screw and wire in the right order, so that the gadget functions to perfection.

    A typical electronic component distributor is swamped with clients, who are usually manufacturers. They acquire specific components from these distributors, always striving to get the best deals in terms of price and quality. Another point that they like to keep in mind while making this selection is the continuity of services. It is essential for them to maintain a streamlined flow of products, in lieu of the ever growing demands of the market. This is what causes them to look for such a distributor, who can supply their requirements as and when they arise.

    Next comes the turn of obsolete electronic parts. These are those components that were previously used in the manufacturing of specific products. Even after technology changes and novel innovations take over, there are some obsolete components that were best in their line and can be used even today. When manufacturing firms require such components they opt to seek help from obsolete component providers, who still have these electronic components available.

    It becomes extremely essential for the manufacturers to make sure that they can rely on the service providers for their long term necessities. Hence they never miss out on researching so that the best possible options can be singled out.

    Machines work not only with the help of proper electronic settings, but also with guarantee that the products aren’t going to get spoilt, at least for certain duration of time. In order to justify this guarantee to the customers, the manufacturing firms try their best to make use of the most authentic and reliable components for making their products, so that people don’t face any sort of problems when they use them as their final result.

    The industry has evolved across the decades, giving way to novel technological developments which are not only working towards building an industry that is technically sound and advancing, but also towards creating happy clients who are satisfied with the quality of products and services they are being served.

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