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The Most Popular Universities for International Students

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Many countries welcome international students because they are ready to pay for education more than local students. However, international students also observe their interests and tend to seek better alternatives. You can find the names of several educational institutions offering the best conditions for international students not only in terms of money but also in terms of the internal environment, facilities and many other aspects.

Oxford University

Undoubtedly, you heard about Oxford many times because this is the most popular and old educational institutions in the world. Currently, one-third of all students came from multiple countries. This university is good for international students because many students stay in the UK after graduation. Also, Oxford offers multiple opportunities to conduct research both on medicine and humanitarian disciplines.

Kingston University

Another highly recommended for international students university is Kingston which is located to the southwest of London. This educational institution can be interesting for international students by its postgraduate scholarship opportunities. You will need to apply for a scholarship and write a scholarship essay to be able to use essay writing help uk. So, you may need a company offering professional essay writing services to receive this scholarship for sure.
ÐаÑÑинки по запÑоÑÑ Kingston University

University College London

This university is not that famous as Oxford, but it still presents interest for international students. University College London belongs to the top-ranked educational institutions in the UK. This educational institution is attractive for international students because its classes are small and they have an opportunity to study comfortably. It’s particularly important for international students because they have an opportunity to learn English well before studying as teaching is in English. Besides, many courses are focused on globally relevant topics.

University of Texas

The University of Texas is called the “Next Generation” University in the US because it offers a large number of modern courses offered and has vast experience in conducting research. Besides, a favourable environment for international students is welcoming. This educational institution accepts 9% foreign students from 120 countries annually. Also, it boasts a high acceptance rate roughly making 69%. Therefore, your chances to be accepted are high enough to get the best education in the US.

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Rutgers University

More than 3,800 international students are lucky to study at Rutgers University. Acceptance rate is lower than in the University of Texas, but still, international students from 105 countries study here. Education quality here is high because faculties include 15 American Academy of Arts and Science’s members and 35 National Academy’s members. If you need a scholarship essay to ensure you’re accepted to study here, you can apply for the services of professional writing service.

Syracuse University

Despite the acceptance rate in this educational institution is relatively low (51.3%) if compared to other international students-friendly educational institutions, the number of international students is more than 3,700 people. Syracuse University is good for those willing to study Arts or write a dissertation on Physics because the collection of art objects makes 45,000 items. Also, this educational institution has the collection of voices of famous people such as Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison.
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Brandon University (Canada)

We would like to recommend this educational institution as it offers extremely low average price to get an undergraduate education. One year here costs $9,500 on average. The cost of graduate tuition makes $6,000. Here you can study nursing, teaching, science, music and arts really cheap. Besides, Canada is a multinational country welcoming foreign students with open arms!

Canadian Mennonite University

This educational institution is one of the youngest educational institutions in the US offering strong programs in fine arts, theology and business. Canadian Mennonite University is one of the cheapest in Canada: annual tuition fee is $9,600 to get undergraduate education and $5,600 for graduate programs. To graduate from this educational institution, international students will have to complete various written assignments including term paper and a research paper. Various sports programs including volleyball, soccer and basketball are available.

Memorial University

This university is located in Newfoundland. It’s known for high acceptance rate of 66.8%. The vivid interest of international students to this university is conditioned by low tuition fees ($11,500 yearly to get undergraduate education) and teaching the most popular disciplines such as medicine and education. Besides, its geology department is the best in Canada.  

Simon Fraser University

This university is known for its strong curriculum d size. It can potentially accept a great number of international students. The tuition fee is $11,500 for undergraduate program. The fee for the graduate program is extremely low as for Canadian educational institutions - $2,500. Don’t miss the chance to get education cheap!

In this article, we listed several educational institutions recommended for international students for multiple reasons. Low tuition fees, the opportunity to conduct research and friendly multicultural environment are several of them. We hope that this information will help you get good education and stay in this country for work.


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Most Popular Universities

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