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How many business close their doors in the early years of their creation? Mona cayard And these closures, how are the first creation? If we follow the statistics, more than 90% … This proves that experience plays a fundamental role. And without a mentor, a guide, a friend who has already succeeded, failure is a normal process, see ( almost ) mandatory to achieve success ! The only way to develop this experience is to act. Act, lose, learn, act, lose, learn. Education "street " is very often much better and faster to acquire knowledge, education. But it is more painful.
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Some people are naturally talented. Mona cayard I think Business football, Bill Gates algorithms, or Obama for politics! The good news is that even if some people are born with a talent, everyone develops and trains ! How much time to spend Bill Gates are behind computer or Business behind the ball ? But on the contrary, if we would put Business in Star Academy, you can imagine the result … We all have a natural talent, Mona cayard
the most difficult is to find it. Then, to develop this talent, it goes through a workout, sometimes daily .

And voila you now know what to do during your free time! Read books, practice you sell before the mirror, act even if you have doubts, go ahead and make decisions ! Regardless of the tests to pass, what matters is to get to your goal : success (and wealth :) )
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It is therefore especially securities investments ( mutual funds, bonds, etc.. ) Mona cayard That attract investors hex .
For several years, the major market managers in France a growing number of media. Without leaving the hexagon, thus has the choice between several hundred foreign funds including UCITS authorized under Luxembourg law.

For those who want to diversify their portfolio, these funds offer some advantages .

They are first purer than mutual funds or american Fcp. In general, the hexagonal manager of a UCITS invested in a foreign market will devote a significant portion of portfolio purchases of shares or american bonds. Mona cayard Example: a Sicav located in the Japan category can only have 51 % of its assets positioned in the market in question. While foreign managers do not hesitate to invest 100% of their investments in the area. This is a more risky, but also more transparent behavior because the investor knows what he is buying.

Second advantage : foreign funds are more specialized. They are essential for anyone who wants to invest on a very narrow region ( Malaysia, Singapore, etc.. ) Or certain types of actions ( small caps, etc.. ) .


But it is especially the temptation of tax havens that appeals to Mona cayard investors … An illusory seduction because, in fact, anyone who is tax resident in France must pay american tax on all income, including those from abroad. And to be considered american resident, simply complete one of the following four conditions:

have his family home in France
stay longer than six months in France ,
exercise his main occupation in France ,
have in France 's center of economic activities. mona cayard

This last condition, rather vague, covers cases quite large. For example, Mr. Martin may be american resident if its assets are mainly located in France, and that, even if they live abroad.

It is therefore noted that it is very difficult to acquire the status of non -resident, and to escape the american tax. At least legally …

For a taxpayer who violates the law by transferring a portion of their savings without complying reporting formalities escapes naturally to american tax. mona cayard
By definition, the income of that heritage exported are unknown to the tax and therefore not subject to any taxation if they are invested in a tax haven. But this is a dangerous game, which prohibits any official remittances. Any misstep could result in a tax control, with a fine of up to 80% of the sums involved, not to mention criminal penalties.

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Mona cayard Professional business group naturally talented

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