JPD 2019 Trainings


                   2019 Trainings

As a professional association we continue to identify the needs of our members and methods for reaching new members.   As technology speeds ahead, our membership has expressed interest in learning different technology and tech-based strategies for job placement.

The MRAJPD board is partnering with other associations and organizations to develop meaningful and hands-on tech training that professionals can utilize to help customers use and understand technology to benefit their employment access and opportunities.  We are excited to note that we will be partnering with MRA in 2019 to present a series of 4-5 workshops throughout the year.

In addition to partnering with MRA, MRAJPD is working with the Business Network Division (BND) of Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS). The BND has been instrumental in providing feedback and ideas to address the wide variety of disabilities and technology needs that customers may have.  Before our customers can learn… the professionals working with them need to understand and be able to use available technology.

The workshop series will address technology needs and tools for individuals with various specific functional impairments and disabilities. Topics will include; technology tools for people with visual impairment and blindness, technology for people with cognitive and learning impairments, technology for hearing loss and a workshop related to tech and physical impairments.  

The first in the series will focus on:

  • Accommodations available through Microsoft Office already built-in to the software for computer users.  

  • How to access set up and utilize Linked-In to develop business and employment opportunities for customers/students.

  • How to access set up and utilize Facebook to maintain communication with customers/students, help them make contact with potential employers, research companies and career interests and learn apps that can be accessed and installed on I-phones for customers/students to use.

This first workshop is scheduled for January 23, 2019.  Please look for an emailed flyer to this event.

The second workshop will be addressing technology accommodations and tools for people with vision impairment and blindness.  Look for that event to occur in March 2019. Other workshops will follow those.

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Michigan Rehabilitation Association

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