Paint Your Own KEY!

So, we could use either a USB keypad or a makey makey to make a device that would let us litterally draw our own key cards.  Here's how it would work:

  1. We disassemble a usb keyboard for it's delicious circuit board. 
  2. We solder wires to where the key's wires go
  3. we solder the other ends of the wires to rows of teeth(perhaps we make them, perhaps we get them from an old ISA ribbon(we could nip off the ends to allow a card to slide through)
Though it doesn't mean anything, here's the schematic I made:

That's it for the card reader!  Yeah, it's going to be that simple.
Now stay with me on this: 

Here's how we make the key cards themselves.  Every member will be able to make their own card.

Find something flat and non-conductive that you wouldn't mind putting through your key chain.  (make sure it's light weight).  How about a slab of plastic from the free bin?  How about an old credit card?  How about a couple peices of cardstock laminated together?  The possibilities are endless!

Take the conductive ink sponsored byand

DRAW either a punch card on it:

or DRAW a slidey card:


Now we're done!  

So tell me what are things that can go wrong with this AND what might possibly be a solution to prevent it from happening.  I don't want a lot of nay-saying at this point so give me a possible solution with any problem you find.

Click here:  To see the full schematics and make edits to them.


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