How To Activate My McAfee Antivirus Using Product Key?

McAfee Activate! Activation may begin with the product entry code or key at McAfee Website using 3 easy steps.

Enter your code. Complete your essential 25-digit McAfee activation. (Look for this on the card you have purchased)

Please log in. Select "My Account" and order your email address and password to log in. Create a new account in case you haven't already done so and log in. Choose the purchased McAfee item to reach your PC. After the download is complete, run the McAfee setup program.

Get Shielded Scan your PC. Once scanned, your computer is protected (no action required).

Always keep this in notice

  1. Please read the Composite Schooling on the Mcafee Retail Card before redeeming / activating McAfee security.
  2. If you purchase your products on the formal McAfee website, you will not have to activate your applications.
  3. If you purchase your products through your spouse from McAfee (such as HP, Dell, or even Acer), you must shoot after installing your products.

Today if you buy any McAfee product. This retail card allows you to activate your security software that is downloaded by using and instead of installing from the global network.

DVD or A McAfee CD is excellent in circumstances where downloading your merchandise may be debatable and where Internet connections are slow. They are also great as they have the documents in 1 area, if you want to reinstall your products for some reason. A DVD does not give you the advantage of updating the content and its programs by itself. 

McAfee installation with product key

To activate and receive your retail card, follow the site address below as Product Version

Here, you will need to enter all the required details. Create a new account or log in to your McAfee account. Opt for and then click on it to download it, and on the product whose card you need to redeem.

How To Find If It Is Activated or Redeemed?

 It is easy to understand that your McAfee / Activate secret is redeemed or not. 

  • Check McAfee Website
  • Enter your merchandise code and other required details.
  • In case your subscription code has been used, it will show you the message about it using all the email address you used to redeem. If you are currently receiving, do not redeem. And not to install on your accessible accounts.

If you want to help you with your phone or live chat together. 

Common Solution And Fixes While Installing McAfee

What If McAfee not working?


In case you have a McAfee product code, it can also be you if it doesn't work because you're not reading it correctly or not on the correct page being redeemed. 

It's not really too difficult for the page that is Redeem, but browser add-ons, security conflicts, and pop-up ads don't allow you to put the subscription key on the site first.

 We are here to enable a setting and activate your own online antivirus security if you are sure it is correct and does not work for you. Or, you can contact McAfee Customer Service. 

How can we help you with activating McAfee?

Your web browser problems will be corrected by us. That means the hyperlink McAfee Website is easy to access without pop-ups or ads.

We will eliminate the problems of the security program to install mcafee using product key.

We will allow you to redeem your activation code.

Tuneup we will optimize your own PC / laptop performance.

We will update your windows to avoid antivirus configuration errors like "Incomplete McAfee Configuration". 


McAfee subscription Expired

You want a McAfee subscription to have the ability to use your product. You can check whether all the products you have purchased through your McAfee subscription interval account.

At the peak of this 'My account' page, then click on 'My account' and then 'Subscriptions'. Choose 'All' expired 'to determine which products have died and' View assets' to determine which ones are legitimate.

If the McAfee security subscription is dead, you want to 'Renew it' and also activate it.

Our McAfee configuration specialists can also help you through live chat to diagnose and correct configuration difficulties, and remove any conflicting security programs.


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