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  • Bay Alarm Medical Alert: Learn More About Its Product Lines

Bay Alarm Medical Alert: Learn More About Its Product Lines

The Bay Alarm Medical Alert System is one of the highly recommended medical alert monitoring service providers today; in fact, the top-tiered, 24/7 medical alert monitoring service provider has been delivering quality services for more than 70 years since 1946 – no wonder why the Bay Alarm Medical Alert monitoring service provider tops in the industry.

Key Product Line:

At Bay Alarm Medical, they offer three key product lines – the In-Home Medical Alert, the Mobile GPS Help Button, and the In-Car Medical Alert Device.

1. In-Home Medical Alert

The in-home medical alert system has two main devices – the base station and a necklace pendant or a wristband pendant.  The base station is designed with a big help button, a high-volume speaker, and a sensitive microphone where the device user can talk to a care specialist.

Product line features:

•    No phone line needed.
•    The base station is designed with a built-in battery, which can last up to 32 hours.
•    The pendant is waterproof and can work 1000 feet away from the base station.
•    Price starts at $19.95 per month.

How does In-Home Bay Alarm Medical Alert work?

The in-home medical alert has two main devices – the pendant and the base station – which will work indoors. If a senior needs immediate medical assistance, he or she must press the emergency help button; then, a signal will be directed to the base station, which will trigger to alarm the monitoring center. A skilled care representative will try to contact the device wearer through the base station; if the care representative didn’t get any answer from the other line, he or she will immediately contact nearby emergency response team. To get into details, click here.

2. Mobile GPS Help Button

The Mobile GPS Help Button is a lot sleeker than the former; the system is composed of all-in-one medical alert mobile device and its charging cradle. This device allows the senior to stay active both indoor and outdoor; since the device is designed with a GPS system, the seniors are well-monitored and protected, anywhere they are at. Check this website to get additional details.

Product line features:

•    Long-lasting battery life – up to 72 hours per charge.
•    Free lockbox for a semi-annual payment plan.
•    Compatible to fall detection alert system.
•    Price starts at $29.95 per month.

How does the Mobile GPS Help Button?

The Mobile GPS Help Button works almost similar to the in-home device; however, instead of talking to a care representative directly to a base station, the device user may talk to a care representative through the mobile device itself. If you need to know more of these, you can read a very thorough Bay Alarm Medical review.

3. In-Car Medical Alert

The new medical alert systems that the Bay Alarm offers are specially designed for seniors who are concerned with their safety while driving. It is a small plug-in device that is portable and is constructed with a crash impact sensor and a help button.

Product line features:

•    GPS tracking
•    Regular updates on driving data
•    Designed with automatic crash responses and a help button
•    Price starts at $29.95 per month.

How does in-car medical alert work?

In the case of a car incident, the medical alert system will automatically send an alarm to the monitoring center. Similar to the other devices, a care representative will try to contact the device user. Through GPS, the monitoring center will track the location of the device user.

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