York Wallpaper Is Not Just Wall and Papers; They Are Colors of Your Mood

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Frankly speaking, we are now a little spoiled with the choice of wallpapers, as they again return back to popularity. When looking for some ideas about wallpapers, we consider floral patterns for bedrooms, geometry for living room, and folksy features for children room. There are so many unique variants for having York wallpaper in your interior! You may get inspiration from different wallpapers here in this article that we offer to your attention.

Sometimes wallpapers are really badly considered by people, who are too strict in their choice, wrinkling their noses and protecting advantages of the walls being painted with different colors. Well, if you prefer a pale minimalism, we don’t mind. But we truly believe that it’s the high time for bringing wallpapers back. Why should you relegate them to the downstairs loo? Why don’t you take them and decorate your bedroom or like your living room? Wallpapers can make small spaces look bigger, cozier and not cramped; as for big rooms, they look not so stark.

White York wallpaper

White York wallpaper and wallcoverings of light shades in modern interior: there are lots of shades of white color. For sure, absolutely white wallpapers don’t exist and applying such wallpaper doesn’t make sense; it’s better to paint walls than cover with wallpapers then. That is why white York wallcoverings have such a wide range of samples; they are various by their design and texture. White wallpapers with much darker patterns, different textures when manufacturing white and light wallcoverings – matte and glossy, smooth, textured and silk, and also white and light wallpapers with bright or monochrome pattern.

White wallpapers with bright colorific pattern look more so festive and create the atmosphere of holiday interior. White and light wallpapers with monochrome pattern or texture (light on the light) are soft-core and unassuming for perception and have a very stylish look. Light wallpapers with silver and golden pattern (or sheen) for halls higher the spirit, create effects of light, always different depending on the lighting.  

Black York wallpaper

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Black and black-and-white wallpapers will become an eye-catching decoration for interior; they look stylish and elegant. If you strive to create unordinary and impressive design in your apartment or house, don’t be afraid choose black wallcoverings for walls.

The choice on the Mahones Wallpaper Shop website is huge – glamorous black wallcoverings with gold, silver or silk pattern, a variety of black-and-white wallpapers and wallpapers with black pattern.

Black color perfectly harmonizes with lots of colors almost in any color gamma. Qualities of black are the such that it makes all other colors become brighter. Purple, yellow, white, light-green, blue and dark-blue, red, indigo, turquoise and cream colors are ideal colors-companions for the black color. And this list goes on.

Many consider that black makes the space look narrower. This is a mistaken opinion. Black wallpapers in interior will move the walls apart. You any use black wallpapers both on the separate wall that you want to emphasize, and in different variations, like on the whole wall surface.

Beige York wallpaper

Once a designer said, “Beige is a soup, an elephant ivory, a stone, and cappuccino. Beige is the magic”. Perhaps, beige and all its shades in interior is the popular and the most color in demand. Beige, cream-colored, golden and peach-like York wallcoverings are the mostly sold colors. Beige in interior creates a feeling of tranquility and peace.

Depending on combination with other colors, materials and textures, beige can turn to advantage and decorate absolutely any interior, no matter if it is classic, traditional or the most contemporary one.

Brown York wallpaper

Brown color is the color of coffee, cacao, chocolate, exotic tree and the earth color. If it is correctly fed and chosen, brown is not gloomy and depressing at all, as many consider it to be so. York wallcoverings of heavy brown shades make interior precious and exquisite, more luxurious. Brown perfectly harmonizes with cream and ivory, yellow and light-green; it ideally accompanies blue color, silver and gold, which will emphasize nobility of brown color.

Blue and dark-blue York wallpaper

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All shades of blue, from light shades of it to dark-blue and violet are referred to be cold colors. Blue and dark-blue make the interior fresher and influence mind in a calming way. Blue color gamma is popular among many peoples and cultures. For example, north people, including Scandinavian, often combine white and blue. Southern Mediterranean interiors or interiors of Mediterranean style blue and dark-blue in combination with white are in the highest demand. Besides, blue is characteristic for eastern cultures; also blue and dark-blue are considered as typical for Russian Baroque.

Thus, we may say, blue York wallpapers and wallpapers with blue patterns will decorate honorably many modern and classic interiors.

Red York wallpaper

Red wallpapers and wallpapers with red patterns are for brave, smart, energetic and beautiful interiors!

Green York wallpaper

Green wallpapers – from lettuce and lime green to deep olive color – are easy for perception and calms nerves. It is very popular for kitchen designs, as it is believed to raise appetites.  

Yellow and orange York wallpaper

Yellow wallpapers, wallpapers with yellow pattern or a small quantity of yellow gamma create a feeling of warmth and light in the house interior. Yellow is perfectly harmonized with many colors, like green, olive, violet, black and others. Depending on pattern and texture yellow wallpapers look perfect in interiors of various styles – country, the most contemporary and classic design variants.

Purple York wallpaper

As a rule, pink and purple colors are mostly used for creating romantic, girly and glamorous interiors. Pink and purple are referred to emotional, sensitive, tender and romantic colors. And depending on a person’s sensibility and emotionality the attitude toward these colors is formed.

In interior, pink and purple may be accompanied with darker or lighter gamma. Appropriate combinations of pink and purple are with green shades, white and grey, black and white, violet, red and burgundy, lilac, lavender and violet. There are lots of variants!


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