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2018/19 memberships now overdue

E-mail sent by John Cheyne, Sunday, 4th March 2018 @ 11:06am

Hi All,

Just a quick reminder that if you have not yet renewed your membership to the Lure Anglers Canal Club, then you can no longer fish our waters, as the new season started on March 1st.

If you haven't got around to reneweing yet then click the link below, and join up now. Despite the fact we have added yet more fishing with our new Hatton Locks stretch, the membership fee remains the same at just £20 per year ! We have said it before and we will say it again....membership of the LACC is the best value purchase you can ever make...A years worth of fantastic fishing on over 30 miles of canal for the same price as three packs of soft baits. It would be mad NOT to join.

If you have any problems signing up using our new system, please let us know by emailing

Tight Lines

The LACC Committee

NO Fishing at Lowsonford 15/02/18 - 14/02/18

E-mail sent by John Cheyne, Thursday, 15th February 2018 @ 8:43am

Dear Member,

To help to ensure a succesful end to our 2017/18 season, we have decided to close our Lowsonforf stretch to fishing between now and the last match of ther Pairs League/AGM on 24th February. We would ask that members fish our other waters during this period. 

I would remind you that if you would like to enter the final match of the pairs league or attend the AGM then you can register online HERE

If you still haven't renewed your membership for the 2018/19 season then you can also do that HERE

We would also remind all members that when fishing at the marina at Wootten Wawen that utmost care must be taken to avoid hitting boats and ropes with lures. If you do manage to hook a boat or a rope, please contact the marina staff who will give you access to retreive your lure, they have had a number of issues with staff and customers injuring themsleves on lures stuck in ropes and will be grateful that you have asked to retrieve your lure.

Tight Lines

The Committee


Final round of the Pairs League and AGM

E-mail sent by John Cheyne, Monday, 12th February 2018 @ 9:41am

Dear All,

Registration is now open for the final round of the Pairs League and the AGM which will both be held on February 24th.

Please go to our website HERE TO REGISTER

We would also like to remind those of you who have not yet renewed your membership for the 2018/19 season that you can now also do this via our website CLICK HERE TO RENEW FOR SEASON 2018/19

At just £20 for over 30 miles of fishing it's the biggest bargain in angling !


The Committee


Re-join the Lure Anglers Canal Club for the 2018/19 season

E-mail sent by John Cheyne, Tuesday, 30th January 2018 @ 2:37pm


We are pleased to announce that you can now sign up as a member of the Lure Anglers Canal Club for the 2018/19 season which starts on March 1st 2018.

What's more we have just received notification that we have secured a lease on the Hatton Locks stretch of the Grand Union Canal for the coming season, so all members will be able to fish between bridges 52 (Ugly Road Bridge) and Bridge 62 in addition to all our other waters. This takes our combined length of canal fishing to well over 30 miles. (Click HERE for a full list of all our other waters)

We will also be running a whole host of matches and events during the coming season, including our ever popular Pairs League, Our Individual Championship, The FA Cup style Matchplay Champs and our great fun Specimen Challenge.

So what are you waiting for ? Head over to our lovely new look website and sign up for the 2018/19 season today. It's the best value £20 in the whole of lure fishing !


Tight Lines !

John Cheyne
LACC Chairman

LACC Pairs League Round 4

  • Saturday, 13th January 2018 (all day)
    Location: Hatton Locks

    This EVENT is open to MEMBERS ONLY

Christmas Fish-In Cancelled

Posted by John Cheyne, Friday, 15th December 2017 @ 5:09pm

  • Christmas Fish-In Cancelled
    Unfortunately due to ice on the canal, towpath and surrounding roads we have taken the decision to cancel the Christmas Fish-In tomorrow. The committee are discussing the possibility of a new date.


  • Saturday, 16th December 2017 (all day)
    Location: Lowsonford Village Hall

    Every Christmas we hold a fun fish-in and get together for all members. This year it will be…

LACC Newsletter Autumn 2017

E-mail sent by John Cheyne, Wednesday, 18th October 2017 @ 12:46pm

Dear Member,

With boat traffic on the canals now slowing down and the perch and zander looking to get some nosh inside them ahead of the winter, now is the perfect time, to be getting out and casting a line on LACC waters.

In the last few weeks we have held some really succesful competitions.

Pairs League: First off was the 3rd round of the Pairs League which was fished at Warwick and produced a win for our Chairman and Secretary, John Cheyne and Steve Wilson, who bagged a massive 784cm final total, that was made up predominantly of good sized perch over 25cm. That pushed "The Worcester Wanglers" up to 3rd in the league behind "Team No Name" (Vidar  Thomassen and Alan Brown) and "The Canalmasters" (Richard Haines and Mike McGuire). Due to clashes with other events and the need to have more time to finish the Matchplay Championship, we have taken the decision to move the dates of the final two Pairs League Matches. They will now be as follows:

Round 4 - 13th January (venue to be confirmed)
Round 5 (and AGM) - 24th February - Lowsonford on the South Stratford Canal

Autumn Colours on the canal for the last pairs match..That's Steve Wilson in the distance !

Individual Championships

Our first ever Individual Championships were held on October 8th and provided some fantastic fishing, particularly for those willing to do a bit of walking ! LACC Pin Up Boy and "King of the Selfie" Richard Haines, put everyone to the sword and won handsomely with 18 fish for 450cm in total. The average size of the fish was excellent with plenty of perch over 30cm in his winning haul. The ever consistent Steve Wilson was 2nd and Alan Brown was 3rd from a field of 21 anglers.

Richard Haines picks up the stunning Kingfisher Trophy after winning the Individual Champs

Specimen Challenge:

Another new event for the club was the Specimen Challenge where teams of two anglers had the opportunity to rove right along all 26 miles of our canals over a 9 hour period trying to catch the two biggest perch and two biggest zander they could find. We all met up that the Leopard Pub in Bishops Tachbrook and then drove off in pairs to our chosen destinations to hunt for monsters. While there were a couple of tales of very big fish lost, no absolute beasts were caught but Dave Burgess and Tom Andrews netted two cracking zeds of 48cm and 59cm plus two chunky perch of 31cm and 33cm to take the victory. As we chatted, drank and enjoyed the buffet at the end of the match in The Leopard, everyone agreed that it was a great format for a comp and so we will be holding this again next year. 

Tom and Dave pick up their crystal tophies from club Chairman John Cheyne

Christmas Get Together:  December 16th 2017

Every Christmas we hold a fun fish-in and get together for all members. This year it will be held on December 16th at Lowsonford. Our intention is to hire the Village Hall and cook up some Bacon Butties for arrival in the morning and then put on a festive buffet when the fish-in comes to a conclusion in the afternoon. Traditionally we ask everyone to bring along a 'secret santa' lure fishing related present worth around £10 wrapped up in xmas paper. Then at the end of the match everyone takes turns in choosing a secret present from the pile.

Make sure you get along to our Christmas get together on December 16th

Tight lines.

The committee

LACC Matchplay Championship 2017

  • Sunday, 15th October 2017 at 12pm - 11pm Sunday, 18th February 2018
    Location: Various Locations

    The Lure Anglers Canal Club Matchplay Championship

    This is…

Predator Pairs 2017

  • Sunday, 19th November 2017 (all day)
    Location: Warwick

    Last year saw some changes to the layout and rules of this very successful lure fishing…

LACC Individual Championship (and Matchplay Qualifier)

  • Sunday, 8th October 2017 (all day)
    Location: Warwick Stretch

    This year we will hold the first ever LACC Individual Championship which will also act as the…

LACC Specimen Challenge

  • Saturday, 14th October 2017 at 9am - 6pm
    Location: All 26 miles of our canals !

    Introducing the amazing new

    This is a brand new pairs…

Parking at Navigation Inn on the South Stratford Canal

E-mail sent by John Cheyne, Tuesday, 9th May 2017 @ 11:05am

Dear Member

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that it is NOT acceptable to park in the Navigation Inn Car Park during pub opening hours when fishing then South Stratford Canal near Wooten Wawen. We have now received a number of complaints from the pub about persistent offenders.

Thank you for your help.

Warwick and Leamington Spa stretch of the Grand Union will be closed this Saturday

E-mail sent by John Cheyne, Wednesday, 19th April 2017 @ 9:56pm

Dear Member,

Please note that our Warwick and Leamington Spa stretch of the Grand Union will be closed this Saturday 22nd April as we are hosting the Friendly Cup match against the LAS. Thanks for your co-operation.

Pairs League 2017/18 Round 3

  • Saturday, 23rd September 2017 (all day)
    Location: Warwick

    The third round of the Pairs League will be held on our famous Warwick…

Pairs League 2017/18 Round 2

  • Saturday, 20th May 2017 (all day)
    Location: Knowle

    The second round of the Pairs League will be held on our Knowle…

Pairs League 2017/18 Round 1

  • Saturday, 1st April 2017 (all day)
    Location: Radford Bottom Lock

    The First Round of the new seasons Pairs League will be held at our Radford Stretch. We will be…

LACC Newsletter March 2017

E-mail sent by John Cheyne, Tuesday, 14th March 2017 @ 8:58pm

At the time of writing just over 100 members had renewed their membership to the club. As last season only finished a little over two weeks ago, we have decided to include members who have not yet renewed in the circulation list for this newsletter, but be warned you will not receive any further updates unless you.... RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP


2017/18 was a fantastic year for the club, with membership topping out at well over 200 members and some memorable fish being caught. Our Pairs League was as popular as ever and a big congratulations go to Vidar Thomassen and Alan Brown who dominated the league from the start and were very worthy winners.

Vidar and Alan recieving the Trophy for Winning the Pairs League

2016/17 was also the year we had our first ever FA Cup style LACC Matchplay Championship where members fished head to head in a knockout competition. The final was contested between our Secretary Steve Wilson and Vidar and although it was a very close run final, Steve came out on top and was crowned the first ever Matchplay Champ !

Steve with one of the Zander that won him the Matchplay Final.

Our Big Open Competition of the Year was once again the Predator Pairs and once again it was a sell out with 50 anglers signing up within a few days of the event being advertised. There were some great catches and it was brilliant to see that two LACC members Richard Haines and Mike McGuire lifted the Trophies on the day.

Richard and Mike ensured that the Predator Pairs Trophies stayed in LACC members hands.

The diary of events and Competitions for 2017/18 is as follows

Round 1 league - April 1st

Friendly Cup  - April 22nd

Round 2 league - May 20th

Sep 9th - Singles Championship

Round 3 league - Sep 23rd

Monster Hunt - Oct 14th

Round 4 league - November 4th

PRed pairs - Nov 19th

Xmas match - Dec31st

Round 5 and AGM - Feb 10th


We have been a little concerned about the catches we have have been having from a couple of sections of our waters in the last 18 months or so. It was therefore decided to stock the Stockton end of the Grand Union with around 400lb of silver fish and bream, hopefully this will not only provide our traditional coarse anglers with some good catches, but will also kick start the ecosystem and provide better predator fishing in the next few years. We have also recently stocked around 450 5"-7" chub in the canal around the Welsh Road area, it is hoped that these chub will thrive and provide excellent sport for lure fishing and general coarse fishing in seasons to come.

Our Head Bailiff Felix Hay helping to stock Chub in the canal.

A Close up of some of the chub that were stocked.


Ay the end of last year Felix Hay was appointed as Head Bailiff and Felix has since attended training run by the Angling Trust, Environment Agency and Police. He has also signed up to the Angling Trust Volunteer Bailiff Scheme. Felix is looking for volunteers to join his group of Bailiffs who check permits and keep a close eye out for paoching, poluution and any other issues on the canal stretches we lease. Our Policy is to take a softly softly approach to bailiffing our waters and bailiffs will only be expected to carry out their duties while they are fishing, so there is no need to commit to extra "patrols". If you are interested and would like to know more without committing yourself then please drop Felix and email on


Finally we thought we might finish this Newsletter with a few pictures of some nice fish that have been caught recently..just to encourage you to get out there and get fishing !

Carl Arcus with a belter of a zander

John Rimell with a lovely Zed caught from the South Stratford Canal

Felix Hay with a fat Chub from the South Stratford

Felix with his PB canal Zander of 6lb 2oz

Time to Renew Your Membership to the LACC !

E-mail sent by John Cheyne, Tuesday, 7th March 2017 @ 12:13pm

Dear Member

Unless you have already renewed for season 2017/18 you membership of the Lure Anglers Canal Club has now expired and you need to re-join the club before you can fish our waters. (If you have already renewed for 2017/18 then thank you and my apologies for sending you this email, but time was short and it's a pain of a job to go through the list and remove those that have renewed).

We have just taken on a new stretch of the South Stratford canal that is fishing very well indeed, particlularly for zander and yet we haven't increased the cost of membership, so you would be mad not to renew ! To sign up for another years membership, simply click the link below.


We have a host of events lined up for 2017/18 which will be announced soon, but in the meantime: get renewing..then get out there fishing !

Tight Lines.

Very Important Lure Anglers Canal Club News !

E-mail sent by John Cheyne, Monday, 13th February 2017 @ 10:49pm

Two Important things... 

Memberships are now available for 2017/18 season, so if you want to fish any of our waters after the end of February, get online and get your memberships now..Price held at £20 for another year !


The AGM Friendly Fish-In and Final round of the Pairs League is being held this Saturday 18th of February so sign up NOW !

  • Grab a bacon butty
  • Fish the friendly fish in or the pairs match
  • Eat the free buffet and have a good chinwag with other members
  • Hear how the club is progressing and have your say about comps, waters and stocking
  • See the club comps winners pick up their prizes


Lure Anglers Canal Club

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