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A Beginner's Guide to Search Engines and SEO

If you have a website for your business, one of the most important things you can understand is how search engines work. If your site ranks at the top of the page or within the first few search results, your business will see a lot more website visits and a lot more customers. If you don't have the time or inclination to understand how search engines work, you should hire an SEO company in Los Angeles to do the job for you.

The Algorithm

Every search engine uses its own algorithm. These highly secret formulas crawl each page on the Internet and classify the page based on keywords, links, backlinks, and several other criteria. They also look at the amount of time people spend on a page, and how far they scroll down it. Word count can come into play. However, the most important things to know about these algorithms is that they are designed to deliver the most relevant websites to a person's query, and the search engines can and do modify the algorithms frequently. A page that ranked highly a week ago could find itself ranked on page 10 today. 

Search Engine Optimization

While the algorithms are kept secret and protected under proprietary business law, there are businesses who specialize in figuring out the algorithms and how they have changed. They use the information they gather to make their clients' websites more relevant to search engines. These SEO agencies are adept at creating experiments and understanding algorithms that they may never see, because that's how they help other businesses. Whether the changes have to do with keyword density or how many links come into the site, a search engine optimization company can help your website use the algorithm to its advantage.

Why It's Important

Using an SEO company in Los Angeles is important for your business if you want to get more people to your web page. All SEO starts at a single point: You have to have great content. From there, they can help you optimize the content and your product pages, which will help you rank higher in the search results. Ranking higher gets more people to your website because many people believe the first couple of results are better than later results. Most people won't go beyond the third page to find a business. When you have more people looking at your website, you'll have more people buying from it, too.

Los Angeles SEO Services

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