• Jamaica. Around the island in 12 days

Jamaica. Around the island in 12 days

Why is Jamaica after all? In fact, if I stick into any part of the globe, I will say, “And why not?) 

So a couple of years ago I considered an independent journey to Jamaica. After I read online that it is not recommended to walk there alone, if you plan to travel around the island - I put the idea aside.

Because only a beach holiday doesn’t interest me, and there are places for that as well. But I've already sent my dream to Space, right?). 

Therefore, this was destined to come true. One of the wonderful days I find out that some good guys arrange a group trip to Jamaica. Rather, it was an expedition. Because no one had been there yet and were traveling to explore with approximately a pre-made route. 

Looking ahead - sometimes we deviated from it, but generally kept it.

So, come with us to Jamaica))

I do not like group tours, even though I have never been to them before, but I could assume that it would be like in the fable about a swan, cancer and a pike - you cannot please everyone. 

Actually, we prepared beforehand, we used Jacars local website to rent a car and appartments , it's much cheaper that applying to agencies.

Well, except that this is a company that has many similar interests, they are similar in temperament, etc. I love the freedom of movement, do not wait for anyone, go where I want and when I want - this is the beauty of independent travel.

Immediately, on the one hand, I had to sacrifice my free life, but on the other hand, it was interesting for me to get this kind of experience, to get on with almost 2 weeks with complete strangers about whom I know nothing. And I can not say that it was easy) 

Because I also took my lessons, as well as they did. Not a singуl person was accidental, I learned something from everyone. I don’t know where else we could meet - so different, from different cities, with different interests and views,  with such a difference in age. At first glance, it seemed that we had nothing to even talk about, but it turned out to be a big mistake, everyone turned out very interesting companions

And even if our views were diametrically opposed - it was all the same interesting to learn a different version and that it is also possible to live this way) We all were very different, but we had one thing in common - a great passion for travel. This is what united us and made a team.

Basic information:
Dates: February 14-25, 2014. There were 13 people in the group (11 flew a direct Transaero flight. The 2nd traveled independently with a transfer in London) We flew for about 12-13 hours because the airspace over the Atlantic Ocean was closed and we made a detour over Greenland Canada, America) We had only 12 days to go round the whole island, get to know it and love it. 

The island itself is only 220 to 80 km. During this time we changed 8 hotels. These were both villas and hotels simpler, and even a farm in the mountains where not only Wi-Fi was available, there wasn’t even light and we dined and played Mafia by the light of kerosene stoves and fireplaces (and these were probably the most vivid impressions of the whole trip ))
Step 2. We have fully occupied this building.
Step 3. Afternoon it's time to have dinner. We took a taxi and went to dinner in the embankment. I remember my first impressions when we were driving through the city where there were many local people and in our thoughts, it was good that I was in the car, I would not like to go to them. 

It was somehow scary. By the middle of the journey, we were already walking quietly around Kingston (the most terrible, according to the Internet), and by the end of the journey, we wanted to merge with the crowd and not be separated from it. Such is the metamorphosis.

Step 4. While preparing our order, the guys are drinking beer - I have time to walk along the embankment and take pictures of beauty.

About people. Local people eat a lot and everywhere. Basically any fast food. Proximity to American influence.

Police. One of the servants of the law threatened to call the police if we didn’t stop swimming (or rather, one of us, the bravest, was somehow fresh in the evening). Swimming after 17.00 is prohibited there because there are no lifeguards on the beach.
Day 2. On the second day, we had breakfast at the hotel and drove to the beach. Actually, we were there nearly for the dinner time, because the guys left in the morning for the cars that were rented and in one they changed the battery. Since they took the car for 10 days - it should have been in perfect order.


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