What To Do In Case of a Boat Fire at Laguna Dock

The following is a notes summary of the instructions provided to the Laguna Dock Committee and the Riviera Dunes Marina staff by the North River Fire Department on 3/6/2013

WARNING: Be aware that boat fires develop very rapidly and burning fiberglass smoke is extremely toxic! Do not put yourself in a position to breathe the smoke or fumes. Remain calm. Walk, do not run excitedly on the dock.

  1. Call 911 to alert the North River Fire Department telling them to come through the Laguna security gate. They will notify all other agencies. Note: The Coast Guard no longer puts out boat fires. The North River Fire Department will dispatch fire trucks and their firefighting boat that is kept at Regatta Point Marina. Call the Laguna Guardhouse and let them know a fire truck is coming to fight a fire.
  2. If the fire is very small and in a location on the boat away from all fuel tanks and lines, then a person with authorization to board the vessel (the owner) may choose to use a hand extinguisher to fight the fire after alerting someone else that he/she is going on-board.
  3. If the fire is in an engine compartment or any location where there is fuel, DO NOT BOARD THE BOAT AND DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FIGHT THE FIRE WITH A HAND EXTINGUISHER. KEEP A SAFE DISTANCE.
  4. DO NOT CUT THE FIRE BOAT LOOSE OR ATTEMPT TO TOW IT. This should be left up to the Fire Department who will send their own firefighting boat to do this if possible. The fire boat must remain in the slip so that the fire department can fight the fire and so that a drifting fire boat does not endanger other locations in the harbor.
  5. Laguna personnel can best assist by moving neighboring boats out of danger on either side of the fire boat and both sides of the dock. DO NOT BOARD ANY BOAT THAT IS GETTING SO HOT THAT THE FIBERGLASS IS BUBBLING OR DISCOLORING. Skip it and go to a boat farther away. If it can be done safely, move boats for several slips in both directions beginning with those that are a few slips away and working toward the fire boat.
  6. Make sure the area around the fire hydrant and standpipe between the Laguna Clubhouse and Building 610 are accessible by the fire truck. Ask vehicles parked there to move if possible. The fire department will hook their truck onto the fire hydrant and standpipe. The truck will then pump high pressure water out to the standpipes on the dock. Firemen will carry hoses and buckets of foaming agent out onto the dock to the first standpipe before the fire boat.
  7. Except for persons assisting with relocating boats, all persons should remain off the Laguna Dock so that the fire fighters can move freely.
  8. Additional fire trucks and firefighting boats may arrive and they will begin wetting other boats to prevent the fire from spreading.

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