This is where I want to collect all feedback on the site. please comment on:

  • the registration process
  • event management
  • email communication
  • overall design
  • features you like / don't like
  • features you would like to see but are missing

Thanks again!


Retyping feedback (!@#)
* Registration process - it's actually a double process -- first to groupspaces then to the LROM space so this could be explained in an introductory email.
* When emails are displayed in the profile, is that available to the web (not desirable) or just to the members of the forum? If it is available to the general audience, there should be the ability to opt-out of having the email made visible
*  Had some fiddly typos that could be cleaned up but they were in the first iteration of this post and I am too lazy to look through again right now....
* I do prefer the older site - it was more fun and yet professional but I do understand that this is probably more functional and easier to maintain and update. So two comparisons to the existing site:
* The current design won't place much visibility to individual articles (not as much as in the old design) - perhaps if 'news and announcements' were at the top and information currently in 'about' could be integrated into the 'interested in joining' block since the information is almost the same ? 
* There doesn't seem a way for members to 'show case' their beloved landies next to their names.

That's it, I can look at the text for typos at another point if you want.


thanks, Jen, I will look at your points and revert. 


Land Rover Owners Club of Malaysia

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