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  • Check Out The Process How To Back Up Kindle Books To A Computer

Check Out The Process How To Back Up Kindle Books To A Computer

Amazon Kindle is just a platform to read eBooks. Having eBook in Kindle device does not mean you became the owner of book like a physical one. Instead, the book is still belongs to seller and Amazon and they can do anything with it. Imagine the situation where one of your favorite books replaced with its new edition that you don’t want or all the important things you highlighted in books get republished. You will lose it forever. This is the reason why you should go with back up of your Kindle books and you should also know how to back up Kindle books to a computer. 

Moving eBook from Kindle to computer is simple and takes just few minutes. There are two methods of importing eBooks to computer. 

Connect Kindle To Computer 

This is the easiest process and similar to exchange of files between Kindle and computer. 

Open Kindle and computer and connect both with USB cable. 

The Kindle will appear in computer as an external device. So, locate device and open it. 

Go to folder that contains eBooks. You can do both, directly copy the folder and save it to computer or you can open folder select book that you want to backup and save it in computer. 

The good thing is you can even move these books to Google Drive and other cloud service you are using in computer. 

Now, the eBooks is very much in your PC and you can use it anytime synching it with Kindle 

Get Kindle Desktop Application 

To import Kindle eBooks in desktop in absence of Kindle this is one of the best method.  

Here just open Kindle desktop application in PC 

Now, go to Kindle’s library and download it to desired location in desktop 

Now, copy folder to disc 

Kindle desktop app not only allow you to create backup copy of your loved books but it also allow you to read it on computer. 

Though Kindle books can be backed up in computer but it cannot be read. Reason for same is eBooks (Digital Rights Management) DRM. 

This is how to back up Kindle books to a computer. To have more information as how to backup Kindle books in computer you can contact Kindle technical support team.They are accessible round the clock for Kindle user’s assistance. 

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Kindle Technical Support

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