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Best Laptops for College Business Students 2016/2017

The best laptops for business students should have characteristic that support multitasking jobs. Laptop has certain characteristics such as versatile, lightweight, portable, and high-capability. Engineering student require high-performance devices that can be installed with many software. On contrary, business students do not need such devices as long as the mobility and versatility are fulfilled. Actually, you can buy any laptop, but it is not enough to get the best one. Manufacturers in laptop industry produce custom specification for the business laptop. If you want to be business people, start to think and do like them using business laptops.

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Here is Top Four Best College laptops in 2016 according to raja laptop
1. MacBook Pro 13.3

Business is not just functionality, but style. For such purpose, you should have product from Apple. MacBook Pro 13 uses Intel core i5 and RAM 8 GB to support every task you want to do. The design is sleek and lightweight to increase portability and mobility. This laptop is equipped with latest Wi-Fi teach to connect via internet faster. Internal storage is already SSD with capacity 128 GB and 256 GB, regarding your choice. Therefore, you can do more in business major with MacBook Pro 13.

2. Lenovo E460

As stated earlier, computer manufacturers have their own line of business laptop. In Lenovo, Edge series is part of ThinkPad specialized in premium and business device. One of them is Lenovo E460. With latest generation processor from Intel, this laptop understands what business student needs. In business, you learn how to create business with high sustainability to stand with competitors. Analyzing and collecting data are the part of it, so laptop should be powerful. E460 from Lenovo is able to do what you intend to without losing performance after more than four hour usage at optimum state.

3. Asus Zenbook UX305CA

Asus is prolific manufacturer in laptop industry. One recent product is Asus Zenbook UX305CA. It is designed to support mobility and portability. Slim design and elegant contour create stunning appearance. When you need laptop with good looking and high performance, Zenbook UX305CA should be on the list. Why this laptop fits for business student? Intel Core M becomes its processor with 4GB RAM. Internal storage is SSD to deliver faster response. Several features are USB 3.0, wireless adapter, and Windows 10.

4. Chromebook 13

Dell introduces Chromebook 13 to support business and education. This device uses operating system from Google. It is not Android in laptop because the OS is based on Linux. Goggle focuses to enhance portability, so you need internet to get full function of Cromebook 13.  Besides for education, it is one of the best laptops for business students.

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