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All Mountain Social Ride Postponed.

Posted by Ian Humphrey, Friday, 30th May 2014 @ 12:32pm

  • Thanks for alll the interest but we’ve decided to put the 8th June Shuttle social ride on hold pending some very exciting developments coming out of Rock and Roll mountain biking. More news and details will follow but be assured Gunjin Shuttles are definitely coming!!!

    Thanks to all of those that already registered (watch your inbox) and we’ll keep you informed as this exciting development progresses..

    See you out on the trails.

Time to do your BIT!!!!!! Trail maintenance day

  • Sunday, 6th July 2014 at 8am - 12pm
    Location: Camelfarm shipping container

    This is the third weekend trail maintenance day of the season, and we will be continuing to…

    • 12 people attended

Scorpion Trail Maintenance

Posted by Ian Humphrey, Tuesday, 13th May 2014 @ 1:08pm

  • Trail maintenance works are underway on the popular scorpion trail. This is one of the busiest trails within the network and needs some upgraded drainage and an odd tweak to improve flow (to reduce braking erosion).

    Please use extra caution as the trail might be slightly different to your previous rides. Take it easy and maybe take a slower initial run down. Also be aware that they maybe people working on the trail.  

New Signs.

Posted by Ian Humphrey, Monday, 12th May 2014 @ 12:53pm

  • The  Black Stump Pump track and Shake Rattle and Roll signage have finally gone up. Many thanks to Perth Hills Department of Parks and Wildlife for helping with the deign and placement of these. The signs are instructional and help get the most out of the trail and/or features.

    You might also have noticed a few more extra directional and trail sponsors signs popping up around the network. Big thanks to volunteer member Chad Demidenko for stepping up and taking control of this. It's a big task and much appreciated. If you'd like to get involved and help out email us at: kalamundacollective@gmail.com

Ever wanted a personal clear run down an old favourite trail?

Posted by Ian Humphrey, Thursday, 10th April 2014 @ 5:52pm

  • We are excited to announce that we will be running a few “special” trail test/build days towards the end of the months of July/August/Sept (when no other races are on). These Sunday sessions will be on closed trails, and be used to see how the trail works have fared and where (if any) tweaking is required. This will involve individual runs over some of the older trails such as Camakarsi and Mercury Street, as well as some newer and recently improved trails such as Scorpion and Luvin Shovels. These trail build/test sessions will be sponsored by the guys at WAGE, who may also use the opportunity to test their timing equipment.

    Due to the predicted high demand to get involved with these trail build/test sessions we will be offering places to people who ratch up at least two volunteer sessions. This will include not only all the trail building sessions, but also to those who volunteer in the other areas, such as helping out (or convincing other family members too) at the Jorgenson 4HR and the Kalamunda 50/50 (carparking/BBQ), being a social ride leader/coordinator, chasing trail sponsors/admin etc.

    So step up, volunteer, and get your own clear run down an old favourite trail. 

Kalamunda MTB tops available online.

Posted by Ian Humphrey, Monday, 31st March 2014 @ 1:25pm

  • The Kalamunda MTB tops are now available to purchase on line.

    These high quality, MTB specific riding tops are available through NZO, but there is a limited number (and sizes) so get be quick:


    Big thanks to Gaz at NZO. These guys ride MTB and make suitable clothing that last.


Posted by Ivan Svenson, Friday, 28th March 2014 @ 4:28pm


    Dear Kalamunda Mountain Bike Collective Members,

    This year we are concentrating on improvements and maintenance for existing trails, plus there will be a couple of new trails built.

    We will be running regular monthly volunteer days on the second Sunday morning of the month from May through to Sept. However don’t worry if you can’t make these as there will be others that will be posted up on the website and via Facebook as a when required for the certain projects.

    Below is a brief list of works to be carried out during the rainy trail building season, from May to September 2014.

    The list is not complete – in addition there will be numerous other small maintenance jobs, from drainage to braking ruts.

    Thanks to everyone who said they would like to assist with trail building this year. We will be in touch with you when we get closer to organising volunteer build days.



    Realignment at top and corners in top section, remove some rock-overs, repair and clay cap some berms


    Clay cap lower berms, relocate wooden wall ride


    Extend and sleeper cap last wooden berm to around nearby corner, rebuild collapsed small dirt berms and jumps, cap run in to large sleeper berm below big log ride, small berm below fireroad on entering pines, fix corner on old section in the middle, where large stump causes braking ruts, fix drainage through pines, fix under road drainage an d remove tyres on fire trail after end of scorpion pines.

    Horney Devil-

    Fix ruts and exposed roots on corners


    Rebuild several sections where trail damage is bad, eg;

    chicane near the beginning, tight section between trees on second half, last berm on lower half, drainage, extend right hand berm at top of lower section, realign badly eroded corner at disused log-over, etc.


    Realign eroded section near beginning, improve drainage near middle section, realign lower link trail where it becomes flooded, etc.

    Feral Groove-

    A large program of improvement works for this recently built trail;

    Numerous corners to be adjusted for better flow and speed, berms to be extended or created and capped with sleepers for sustainability.

    Slippery When Dry-

    Finish drainage works


    Numerous drainage issues to correct

    Muffin Tops-

    Add table tops, repair brake rut sections and improve alignment where necessary to prevent in the future.

    Mercury St-

    Fix table tops and braking ruts


    Remove rocks near Lazarus corner, create bump berms


    2km Green trail on opposite side of firetrail from Accid Flashback

    New alignment for Highway to Dell

    Singletrack link trail from bottom of Mercury to beginning of Rocky, to replace firetrail climb

Sea to Summit and Camelbak Trail Sponsors

Posted by Ian Humphrey, Thursday, 13th March 2014 @ 11:59am

  • Most of you will have noticed that the Rocky Balboa and Judderbars trails have been kindly sponsored by the guys and girls of Sea to Summit and Camelbak. Here's a bit about why:

    Why you wanted to sponsor a trail:

    Sea to Summit sponsoring a trail made a lot of sense for us. We’re based in Perth and we’re always keen to sponsor people and organisations that assist people with getting out and doing stuff in WA. We think that the efforts of the Kalamunda MTB Collective in maintaining existing and developing new tracks in the area has been amazing and it’s definitely something we want to support. Almost all of our staff are active mountain bikers, and we feel the work of the Collective has been a big reason why the sport has grown so much in the last few years. Obviously the increase in users is going to create new challenges about trail sustainability, so we’re really happy to be able to help out with sponsoring trails and hopefully, helping everyone enjoy our local trails. 
    Our second trail is being sponsored with CamelBak, which obviously has a pretty solid history in hydration packs and bottles for Mountain Biking. There’s a nice reminder in there for people to remember hydration (particularly given the recent hot and dry days!) and importantly, remember that re-use able water bottles and bladders is a much better option for everyone.

    Why that particular trail:

    Rocky Balboa is a fun, technical uphill trail and heads towards the top of Mt Gunjin, the peak of all Kalamunda trails – so of course it has to be the ‘Sea to Summit’ trail!
    Judderbars starts from the top of Gunjin, the perfect place to have a quick breather and grab a mouthful of water from your CamelBak after the ride up. 

    How often do you (or your staff) get up onto the trails:

    In winter more than in summer, most of us probably once or twice a week. If it rains it’s a must to knock off early and head to the hills after work.

    Who has the best bike (and what is it) in the office/workplace:

    That would be Roland, one of the owners and creative head of Sea to Summit. He recently took possession of a Pivot Carbon March 4.29 with X0 running gear and all the fruit…

    Any rivalries or tales of victory/deceit:

    Rivalry in the office is a bit of a story of non-event these days. We all used to have ambitions of pushing Mat, one of our designers, and possibly even beating him down some of the trails. Ambitions that were crushed one morning when he turned up on his fully rigid single speed, wearing a Hawaiian shirt and riding in his thongs (as he’d somehow left his shoes at home, and this was thongs and SPD pedals…) and then proceeded to show us in no uncertain terms that the rest of us were chasing second. In a big way! So I wouldn’t say that there’s a lot of rivalry these days. We do still harbour ambitions of sneakily sabotaging his bike before a ride, but given that he’s the go to bike mechanic in the office, those ambitions might just remain that! 

    Which trails/locations do you dream about riding whilst at work:

    Moab in Utah or the Colorado Rockies in the US! Rotorua and Queenstown in NZ and Chile are high up on the list too. The only thing missing here is the views so any place with proper altitude, cool, fresh air and an amazing view on some snow covered mountain ranges, ideally with submontane ocean…

    The Kalamunda MTB Collective can't maintain the trails to a high standard without the support of these businesses. Please support the businesses that support the trails you ride, and if you're interested in sponsoring a trail please get in touch at  kalamundacollective@gmail.com


Posted by Ivan Svenson, Friday, 7th March 2014 @ 8:47pm



    Share your rides, win prizes, see what other Members are doing and participate in Collective social events.

    The Collective has kicked off its official Strava Club site.

    See where others are riding and how your times compare. You might find trails or routes you haven’t ridden before.

    Each month there will be prizes for certain achievements. These will vary from time to time. There will be prizes for randomly selected participants during the past month. Activity based prizes will be awarded, not just for the most distance ridden, altitude gain or fastest times - there will also be rewards for things like; results on specific segments, biggest gains over the previous month, most days ridden etc.

    The Collective is also planning to run some fun social rides which will use Strava mapping and times for recording.

    To Join:


    or login to Strava, click on Explore, Clubs, and search for Kalamunda Mountain Bike Collective.

    The Club is for KMBC members, so you will be asked to request to join.

    If you are not a Strava member yet, it's free and easy to join up. You'll need a smart phone to run the App and record rides.



Posted by Ivan Svenson, Saturday, 1st March 2014 @ 5:35am

  • Dear Members,

    The Department of Water is the government agency that manages drinking water source areas in WA. All of the trails in the Kalamunda area are in drinking water catchments.

    Last year the department released a new policy document “Operational Policy 13 – Recreation within public drinking water source areas on Crown land”.

    The short story is that the policy states that in order to effectively maintain drinking water quality into the future,  all recreational activities (not just mountain biking but walking, climbing, orienteering, bbq areas, off-road driving, etc..) will “be supported at September 2012 levels”. Effectively this means no new trails, activities or events beyond those existing in September 2012 (or already approved for construction at that time).

    Last year we didn’t see any significant change, but recently we have applied to build new trails and most of these applications have stalled.

    We at the Collective have had numerous discussions with the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) and other agencies to get clarity on exactly what the new policy means for Kalamunda’s MTB trails.

    All of the representatives have been extremely helpful and friendly, and they are great supporters of mountain biking and the Collective. However the Department of Water has the final say and it must determine our proposals in line with the new Policy. In addition DPaW is unable to support any new trails until a proposed regional plan is completed, early in 2015.

    The bottom line is that we are unable to get approval to build new trails in the water catchment areas this year, and it may be some considerable time before this will be allowed.

    This policy also affects competitive events in the area - no new events are being allowed in the area at the moment.

    The Kalamunda Mountain Bike Collective and DPaW will continue to work to develop the trail network.

    We have an extensive improvement and maintenance plan for existing Kalamunda trails this year – details are being finalised and will be posted soon. We aim to improve the older trails to the level of sustainability achieved with newer trails, in order to reduce ongoing maintenance, improve safety and make them more fun to ride, while not changing the nature of the trails.

    We are looking at trail connections to other areas near Kalamunda, where we hope to build “satellite” networks. As this progresses we will keep you informed of the outcomes.

    Thank you all again your ongoing support for the trails and the Collective. We are very optimistic about the future and we need your support more than ever to help the Collective achieve its goals. As a large, cohesive organisation representing mountain bikers in this region, we have the best opportunity to succeed.

    If you have any questions, please email kalamundacollective@gmail.com.

    Kalamunda Mountain Bike Collective

News from the Camelfarm for anyone interested!!!!

Posted by shane legend Williams., Monday, 24th February 2014 @ 7:41pm

  • On this Friday evening

    28th February at 5.30pm for a 6.00pm Start;

    John Hare, 78, who is visiting Australia, head of the Britain-based Wild Camel Protection Foundation and a champion of the critically endangered species; the double-humped (Bactrian) camels of Central Asia.

    Will be presenting a short talk, on the Wild Camel Protection Foundation projects;

    Interested persons are invited to attend,

    Please RSVP by return Email to

    camels@bigpond.com.au for catering purposes


    RSVP no Later than Friday 9.00am

    Regards Chris

    Please share with your friends

    John’s first job was as Britain's last recruit into the colonial service in northern Nigeria where he served as a magistrate, talked his way past the Chinese bureaucracy in 1985 to visit the Lop Nur nuclear testing grounds to conduct research on wild camels.

    ''For 45 years, no foreigner was allowed to go in there,'' he says with a smile.

    Lop Nur, is among the most inhospitable places on earth: summer temperatures can top 55 degrees; winter temperatures can plunge to minus 40.

    The Lop Nur sanctuary is nearly twice the size of Tasmania and devoid of fresh water.

    ''This remarkable wild camel lives on salt water with a higher content of salt than sea water,'' Hare says of the 600-strong population in China.

    Lop Nur is also the site for China's nuclear weapons tests. One might have thought the camels would have been bombed out of existence, but no.

    Fewer than 1000 wild two-humped camels survive, making them among the most precariously perched of large mammals in a global race against extinction.

    Wild camels are distinct from the double-humped (Bactrian) camels of Central Asia or the single-humped (Dromedary) camels of Africa and the Middle East, later introduced to Australia's outback.

    For more than a century, scientists suspected wild camels with their flat heads and small humps were a unique species, but this was only confirmed in 2008 through DNA testing at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna, courtesy of hair, bone and skin samples collected by the foundation.

    The discovery focused attention on their plight. Or, as Hare expresses it: ''That put us on the map, because a new species doesn't occur every day.''

    With money from Australian Peter Hall, the executive director of Hunter Hall International. Hare established a breeding centre in Mongolia in 2004.

    The foundation's fund-raising website (wildcamels.com) also shows Hare's ability to tap into England's aristocracy for what would seem an unlikely alliance with an animal renowned for tramping through dust, biting inattentive passers-by and expelling prolific, voluble, malodorous farts.

    The charity's life patron is chimpanzee researcher Dame Jane Goodall.

    Other patrons hold what seem anachronistic titles:

    the Marchioness of Bute, the Countess of Chichester (a trustee of London's Royal Opera House who owns two Bactrian camels), and the Dowager Marchioness of Reading.

    While Hare and a trustee, Queensland-born environmental lawyer Kathryn Rae, work for free, the centre racks up $2500 a month in expenses caring for the 28 camels there now.

    Simply feeding the animals through the harsh Mongolian winter swallows a further $12,000 each September and involves delivering hay from across 1500 kilometres of dirt track.

    It is one of two sanctuaries the foundation oversees, the other being in China's part of the Gobi Desert. That area, known

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/environment/the-king-of-camel-lot-20140124-31e37.html#ixzz2uCVZ9IS5

    There was a camel article in Sydney Morning Herald and the video link is: 


    or I think: http://goo.gl/udsJvR



    Regards Chris




    Calamunnda Camels

    361 Paulls Valley Rd

    Paulls Valley

    Kalamunda WA 6076

    PO Box 552

    Kalamunda WA 6926

    Ph:   +618 9293 1156

    E: camels@bigpond.com.au

    W: www.camelfarm.com

    ABN:  74060014024

Good Bad and Ugly...

Posted by Ian Humphrey, Monday, 17th February 2014 @ 1:20pm

  • Trail building season is rapidly approaching and this year we plan to be organised. With almost a doubling of the trail network last year, it’s time to put some love back into the old favourites and make sure the new ones are kept running sweet. We also have a few previously approved trails that we didn’t get chance to build last season. We will be running regular build days from April onwards (rain permitting), both at the weekends and throughout the week. Details are being finalised and will be posted soon, we will also be trialling a few different incentives this season so keep an eye out on the website and on facebook. 

    In terms of completely new trails, there will be little additional happening due to the restricting “Policy 13”. This policy from the Department of Water restricts recreational growth (including events) within public drinking water catchments, of which the Kalamunda trails are wholly within. In short the policy states that all recreational activities (not just mountain biking but walking, climbing, orienteering, bbq areas, off-road driving, etc..) shall not increase in intensity and that any new trails will not be supported. The committee are involved in numerous discussions with the relevant government departments to clarify what the policy means for Kalamunda’s MTB trails, but at the moment completely new trails are unfortunately off the table. Rest assured though, that the Kalamunda Mountain Bike Collective along with DPaW will continue to work to develop the Kalamunda trails.

    A key part of being involved and recognised at these discussions is a strong membership base. We are very optimistic about the future, but need as many people as possible to join up and show their support for the trails we all ride. As such please spread the word and encourage others to join up for free at www.kalamundacollective.com.au 

    As a large, cohesive organisation representing mountain bikers in this region, we have the best opportunity to be heard and succeed. If you have any questions, please contact us at kalamundacollective@gmail.com

Convert to tubless workshop

  • Saturday, 15th February 2014 at 10am
    Location: Camelfarm (on Rock N Rolls deck)

     Tired of getting flats, what more traction and control, like a bike that handles better? If…

Endurance Social Ride

  • Sunday, 16th February 2014 at 6:30am, Sunday, 16th March 2014 at 6:30am
    Location: Kalamunda Camel Farm

    Meet 6.30am Ready to Ride 7am Aprox 40km 750Elevation (3-4hrs) Depending on numbers 2 groups…

    • 6 people attended

Time to be tubless?

Posted by Ian Humphrey, Tuesday, 11th February 2014 @ 8:18am

  • Tired of getting flats, what more traction and control, like a bike that handles better? If you have answered "yes" to any of these them you need to convert your wheels to tubeless.
    The Kalamunda Collective in collaboration with Rock N Roll MTB are holding a free workshop to teach you this coming Saturday 15th at the Camelfarm at 10am (on the new Rock n Roll office deck).
    We will supply all tools, advice and help, and have a selection of tyres and parts required on hand.
    You may not require new tyres depending on your current tyres, but if you do Rock N Roll will also be having a special on complete conversion kits, at a great price of $160.00 - $180.00, depending on models. They will have 26/27.5/29 tyres in stock.
    So come along and see just how easy it is to banish punctures on your rides... 

What a great turn out!!!!

Posted by shane legend Williams., Sunday, 2nd February 2014 @ 2:57pm

  • Today's Sunday social ride was a huge success. With over 20 adults rocking up to ride out with the fast group. It was great to see the combining of KMBC and PMBC, with PMBC's President Martin Nugent  leading out the ride.

    Carine cycles had a huge selection of Giant Trance and Anthem demo bikes for everyone to try. Thanks must go out to Joe and his team for getting up at 430am to get everything set up in time.

    The true highlight of the morning was seeing 27 kids ride out with their parents behind Toni Burbidge and Penny Holmberg, making it a total of over 60 people riding together.  Thanks to all those people for coming along.

    Chris of the Camelfarm provided sauages and fruit platters to refuel everyone on their return. Chris is a YES man and always lets us use his facilities at no charge. Thanks Chris. 

    The next Sunday social ride will be on the 2nd of March and I'm excited to announce that Mark Wardle of Rock N Roll mountain biking will be assisting Penny with the Kids Ride.
    Mark will be giving out tips and sharing his experience along the ride on how to improve the kids' riding skills.

    Martin and Ash will be back next month representing PMBC and leading out the fast and medium paced groups. 

    Final thanks to Kevin Barry Ivan Toni Dean Scott and Penny for all their help setting it all up.

    Cheers  Shane

Social rides and Carine cycles demo's, Sunday 2nd.

Posted by Ian Humphrey, Monday, 27th January 2014 @ 6:35pm

  • This coming Sundays social rides from the camelfarm will be run in collaboration with Carine Cycles and Perth Mountain Bike Club (PMBC). So if you've ever thought about racing, come along and chat to the guys that host some of the most friendly club races in WA. Don't worry if you don't want to race as these popular social rides, will be just that... Social. With the usual refreshments being provided afterwards. 

    Carine cycles will also have the full range of their demo bikes there all morning, so come along, say hi and maybe take one of their sweet steeds for a spin. The socal rides start at 7am (fast and medium groups) and 8am (beginner/slow group). 

Thanks to social rider leaders and sweepers.

Posted by Ian Humphrey, Thursday, 16th January 2014 @ 9:28am

  • Great social ride last night, with a healthy turnout and plenty of laughs. Thanks to social rider leaders and sweepers, if your interested in helping with this just get in touch.

    There seemed to be a running competition for the “loudest brakes award” but I think it was taken out Mad snake Allen, with a highly commended given to the female “bird song” entry…

    The next one of these night rides is on the 29th Jan, with a new bigger and even better weekend social rides taking place on Sunday 2nd Feb.

    And yes we will have more beer/refreshments on the next night ride.

Dusk till Dawn 12hr

  • Saturday, 29th November 2014 at 6pm - 6am Sunday, 30th November
    Location: Marrinup

    Solos, Duos & Teams. Website:- www.wa12hour.com.au

2014 Mountain Bike Races

Posted by a GroupSpaces user, Saturday, 11th January 2014 @ 11:26am

  • There has been some discussions from members about various races that are coming up in 2014 so to assist you and us in planning for this year we have included races for 2014 on our club calendar. We have also added a printable spread sheet which you can access in our downloads section under 2014 Race Details.

    Most of these races are local and are a great opportunity to get more involved in our sport. I know many of you are regular or elite racers and have done these events before which is fantastic. We also have some who are thinking of doing races for the first time this year. Mountain biking is a great sport because at any of these races if you are willing to enter and can ride...you can race! There are different entry categories for elites and opens plus age categories. A number of the endurance races also allow you to team up with mates and race together. Whatever level you are at you can be involved!

    Included in the spread sheet is the website contact details for xc & downhill series run by Perth Mountain Bike Club & Peel District Mountain Bike Club for those interested in taking their racing to state level.

    Our new junior riders can even get involved this year. Single Track Mind Series are planning on including a free under 12's race at their events occurring after the main race starts and prior to the presentation. The Karri Cup also has a kids race.

    As some of these races involve longer distances than most of us do on our average weekend ride or the clubs social rides out at the KC we are considering starting a once a month longer (40 - 50km) social ride depending on the level of interest.

    There are many different reasons why people race. Some people are competitive and want to race hard, some are there just to do it and finish, some are there to have fun with their mates...whatever your reason just remember we are ALL here to enjoy the ride!

Kalamunda Mountain Bike Collective

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