• KCFur Events and Issues Policies

KCFur Events and Issues Policies

KCFur Event Policy
KCFur Organizers and hosts work long hours and put in a lot of energy bringing the local furry community various events and activities throughout the year. But we are all here for the same reason you are: To enjoy ourselves and spend time with friends in a fun, safe atmosphere.

Unfortunately, no matter how awesome most people are, there are some that cause disruptions that distract the organizers from running a fun event and deal with them instead, or otherwise disrespect or take advantage of a host or attendees of such events. Because of this, we have instituted KCFur's Event Policy to help explain how we plan to deal with major issues, or inconsiderate/disruptive individuals attending our events.


"Problem Person"
KCFur Events are not the time nor place to air dirty laundry nor push interpersonal issues. We ask that you keep your drama to yourselves, avoid people you may have conflicts with, and keep your drinking moderate and yourself under control.

"Problem Person" is someone who creates a disturbance at any KCFur Event that requires the hosts to deal with them in some form, or generates significant complaints after the event due to behavior at the event.

This could be through overdrinking to the point of becoming belligerent or excessively loud or obnoxious; or bringing personal conflict or drama to the event, not showing discretion in your choice of conversational topics, or any other reason that the event hosts or security are forced to step away from the event and forced to deal with someone. 


At an event - 3 strikes:
1) First Warning - No real consequences, just a friendly request to keep your conversation appropriate, your problems out of the party, and to moderate any drinking you may be doing.

2) Final Warning - Cut off from any alcohol (if needed), and/or a recommendation that if you have any problems with another attendee, that you both go home to hash them out or that you avoid each other for the duration of the event.

3) Request to leave - No further warnings, and you are asked to leave. A cab will be called if you cannot drive yourself, and the problem individual(s) now fall under our 1/3/5 event cooldown policy.

NOTE: Cooldown Periods can be instituted even if you receive none of these warnings, depending on the circumstances of the problems involved.


Cooldown Periods - 1/3/5 Policy:
If asked to leave, or otherwise designated a problem individual, the event organizers may choose to institute a cooldown period during which the person is asked not to attend KCFur events.

(Events include any singular or combination functions that occur in the same relative timeframe - such as the BBQ and Party, or Boo at the Zoo and Howl)

Generally, the types of cooldowns are as follows:

  • (1) One KCFur Event (for a first or minor offense)
  • (3) Three Events (for a second or major offense)
  • (5) Five Events or 1 Year (for any subsequent or severe issues)

And finally, if a person continues to be a problem after all reasonable chances have been given or if extreme circumstances warrant, a Permanent Ban from any and all KCFur events may be issued.

The organizers can choose to institute harsher or more lenient consequences as required.


Theft/Vandalism: Theft or vandalism of any kind will not be tolerated and are one of the few actions that will earn you an immediate 5 event cooldown minimum, with no second chances if you come back. Being an accomplice to theft or vandalism will earn you the same consequence as if you stole/vandalized things yourself.

Felonious Behavior: Breaking any laws at a KCFur event that would earn you a Felony or Violent Offender/Sex-Offender status in the state of Missouri will be treated as a major threat to KCFur and its events, and will earn severe consequences based upon the infraction, up to and including the contacting of authorities and providing them with evidence of any alleged crimes.

Firearms: Observe all local and state laws regulating the carrying of concealed/open firearms at public events. Please request permission from the host of the event BEFORE bringing any firearm at all into a private venue - including licensed concealed firearms. Do not carry firearms of any sort, open or concealed, while consuming any alcohol at a KCFur event. Please contact the host of a KCFur event to request storage of your firearm in a secure area (if available).

Puke on the Floor Policy: You earn a cooldown period if due to overdrinking, you vomit on yourself, another person, the carpet/major walkway, or other place that causes the organizers to have to clean up after you. You may vomit in any sinks, toilets, trashcans or on the lawn if you must.  You may also earn a cooldown if you break household items or otherwise make a mess that you do not clean up.

External Issues: A person may be put under a cooldown period for specific non-event problems, such as direct threats made or other specific issues that makes the organizers believe they will become a serious problem or threat to the safety of KCFur events or attendees. However, as a rule, the organizers will not involve themselves in interpersonal drama that does not involve the event itself.  We will not forbid a person from attending just because someone else has personal problems with their attendance. We are not here to settle disputes nor referee conflict. Everyone is welcome unless there is a specific reason for them to not attend.

Complaints Made: If a person is the source of multiple complaints of specific behavior at the event that the hosts did not directly observe, they will be considered to be a Problem Person, as the event organizers still must deal with the person in their absence. Each complaint situation will be handled on a case-by-case basis, at the event organizer's discretion, and the merits of those complaints evaluated on their own evidence and severity.


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