KCFur HOWL! 2018 A Dark Carnival

Saturday, October 27th, 2018 at 6pm - 1am Sunday, October 28th

Location: Phoenix's Place, 3812 N. Bennington Ave., Kansas City, MO 64117

This event is in the past.

Pre-Registration Closed. Please register at the door.

KCFur presents

HOWL! 2018
A Dark Carnival

You are invited to a very special KCFur event! 

Phoenix's Place

3812 N. Bennington Ave.
  Kansas City, MO 64117

GUESTS UNDER 18 must leave by 8:30pm.

All guests are welcome 6:00 to 8:30pm.
Due to the adult nature of this party (alcohol), we ask that all guests under the age of 18 have a ride to leave the event by 8:30pm. After 8:30pm, the party is adults only!

Badges will be handed out and ID's will be checked at the door

 Register by RSVP'ing here on GroupSpaces.

All contributions fund KCFur activities throughout the year.

Registration is $5.
Sponsor registration is $10.
Super Sponsor registration is $20

Further contributions greatly accepted.

All levels will recieve a badge, Sponsors will recieve a goodie bag (we haven't gone shopping yet, so don't ask what's in it) and we will think of something for Super Sponsor.

A schedule of events is forthcoming as well as parking information.

Stuff to know/bring:

  • Games! Have an awesome party game? Please bring it! We are going to have some dedicated space to activities this year so you guys can play some Cards Against Humanity!
  • Snacks/Non-alcoholic beverages! Snacks will be provided, but we can always use some side dishes/snacky things as well as sodas. Please feel free to bring whatever you like in this realm! :) 
  • BYOL. If you want to drink alcohol you must provide your own! KCFur does not like: 1. underage drinking or 2. drinking and driving. Be aware that we will be carding you! Be safe out there! 
  • Crash space it to be determined. There may be crash space available this year. (we will update you) There are several inexpensive hotels near the venue and a thread has been created in the forums for hotel room sharing.
  • No Smoking or Vaping indoors. Nope. None.
  • Illegal drugs will not be tollerated anywhere on Phoenix's property.
  • Be considerate of others.

Attendees will have the opportunity to support KCFur at the door by upgrading to Sponsor or Super Sponsor.

Again, thank you all so much for helping us out! We are stoked to see you. Please email us at kcfurevents@gmail.com or call 816-94-KCFUR(52387) if you have any questions.


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at 10:15pm on Monday, October 22nd, 2018
Hello, homefurs! I'm writing this at work, so I'm tired...but I figure I should write some helpful advice about the venue, since we're a mere 5 days away from HOWL.

First off, my neighborhood has a lot of cars parked on the street. Please do not block any driveways should you park in the neighborhood. If you can't find any spaces around, some recommendations are:
*Community Clubhouse at neighborhood entrance (only a handful of spaces)
*Hidden Valley Park on Russell Road (Be aware the park closes at midnight)
*Stretch of Bennington between Parvin and Russell Roads (be aware of apartment complex, semi-cabs, and the narrowing of driving space with cars on each side)
*Bennington Ridge Apartments (The apartments and townhome communities merged since the last time HOWL was here. I believe any covered spots are for apartment residents only, but uncovered should be for any guests.)

Arrival: Please don’t plan to arrive much earlier than the posted start time. KCFur needs time to set up, I need time to tidy the house, and Aiden and I work night shifts, so you may not be let in if you are too early.

Games: I have a few board and card games. I have a card tabletop, but no table of which to lay it on at the moment...I may have a few boxes to stack it on. I also don’t have many chairs, so you might consider bringing one for sitting outdoors. I have a Switch, but I don’t use it much; you are welcome to bring your own.

Your stuff: On that note, anything you bring, please take with you when you depart. We had a few items that were left behind from the last time HOWL was here.

Our stuff: Please don’t steal anything that isn’t yours. Please.

Snacks/beverages: See original KCFur post. I have a couple of foam coolers that could be used to hold beverages you bring—though you may need to supply your own ice.

Smoking/vaping: Must remain outdoors due to property agreement, and a 'coon with a verrrrrrry sensitive nose. I have some ashtrays to use outside.

Outside: Speaking of which, the 2nd floor patio is limited to 4 people at one time. This is a property management rule. You are free to wander around the grassy areas between and behind the house, but please be considerate of other neighbors' property, and please do not leave trash laying around. We will have some containers for empty glass and other recyclables, in addition to a trashcan.

Inside: We would like attendees to not wear shoes in carpeted areas of the house; they can be left in the garage or near the front door, space permitting. The Master Bedroom upstairs is off-limits to attendees, except with permission by Aiden or me. The guest bedroom can be used as a Fursuit Lounge, and has a bathroom. The basement is unfurnished, and will function as the dance area. Also, if there are any spills that occur, please let me, Aiden, or KCFur know, so we can deal with them then, and not find them the next morning.

Crash space: Is limited—there may be some space in the living room, some space in the guest bedroom/fursuit lounge, and the basement (highly encouraged to provide your own bedding/pillows if you want to go this route). If more space is needed, I recommend looking into the hotels along Randolph Road & Corrington Avenue, near Worlds of Fun.

I hope that helps answer some of y'all questions. Please contact KCFur or myself if you have any concerns.

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