Youzign 2.0 Review Wonderful Bonus Discount

Youzign 2.0 Bonus is a product of over 24 months of intensive development and 

improvement work based on indepth research and passion for art and design.

The result?

A graphics software app you can use to create and save designs for over 30+

graphics formats including facebook, twitter, infographics, kindle covers, 

flyers, youtube channel arts, business cards, headers, banners, ebook covers, 

and more online... all within a single platform.

Youzign 2.0 is a cloud-based grapics app that also comes with desktop versions

for Mac, Windows, and Linux, and mobile apps for your Android and iOS devices.

It is also integrated with some of your favourite marketing apps like Funnelkit,

Wordpress, Smartmember, etc.

You can be rest assured there’s nothing like this “game changer” anywhere else online.

Plus now you can create over 30 different graphics formats with this drag & drop

game-changer, and its packed with all the amazing features you never really thought of.

Here are some of the new features you will enjoy in the 2.0 version:

[Yes] desktop version (mac, windows, linux), android and iOS apps, as well as online

[Yes] fully open API and powerful integrations (wordpress, funnelkit, smartmember, and others)

[Yes] over 100 templates to kickstart your design projects... just point, click & customize

[Yes] dashboard folders: organize all your designs from the dashboard

[Yes] now you can design over 30 different graphics categories and formats

[Yes] new one click design previews: Macbook screenshots, tee spring, ebook covers, etc

[Yes] team features so that you can collaborate on designs with your staff and clients

[Yes] insane support: helpdesk & community forum

[Yes] weekly training webinars: free live webinar training for all youzign customers

[Yes] gfx mastermind: video training by Martin Crumlish/Bertranddo on selling graphics as a service

... And so much more!

When I say this is the most advanced graphics tool I really do mean that. I have used

my share of graphics apps and honestly, nothing comes close to the features and functionalities

you get with Youzign.

There are well over 1.5 billion people on facebook, and millions

of people on other social channels like twitter.

These are all potential customers for your business, products and


But there is one problem... It is becoming increasingly hard to get

and hold the attention of people on social platforms.

And this is where youzign comes in.

Youzign empowers you to create irresistible, attention-grabbing

social marketing graphics.

I am talking about facebook headers, facebook banners, coupons

for your fans, twitter headers, youtube channel arts, and

basically any social marketing graphics you can use to motivate,

show humor and convert targeted audience.

Wondering the kind of results you will get with this?

According to a recent study by HubSpot, using graphics on facebook

increases ‘likes’ by 53%, comments by 104% and gets 84% more link clicks.

Finally, you can dress up your channels like a pro and speak

authority with your social presence. Create your facebook ad graphics

and basically convert your social channels into traffic and conversion


Today I wanted to address some of the questions I have been asked

about this all-in-one graphics tool.

Q. What does youzign 2.0 do?

A. It allows you to create any kind of marketing graphics by either using

the cloud based app online, or the desktop version for your Mac,

Windows and Linux. It also comes with mobile apps for your iOS and Android


Q. How many graphics categories can I create?

A. You can create 30+ different graphics categories and formats

Q. Does it come with templates?

A. Yes. You get over 100+ templates to get started. 

Q. What are some of the new features in 2.0?

A. They are too many; desktop version, powerul integrations, dashboard folders,

one-click design previews, team features and much more than I can list here.

Q. Is there any customer training to help me get started?

A. Yes. There are training videos to help you get to speed with Youzign 2.0. However

the software has no learning curve... if you can copy and paste, you can use it!

Q. Is there a place I can see what others are saying about Youzign 2.0?

A. Of course, there are over 100 user comments on this page about this app [Aff Link]

Q. Is there any guarantee?

A. Yes. 30 days money back guarantee. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Beautiful social graphics = high engagement = conversions, Youzign 2.0 Bonus clicks and sales.


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